Number of Posts Passes 10,000

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Number of Posts Passes 10,000

#1 Post by apollos0fAlexandria » 7 years ago

It's amazing to me that a group can come together like this and share such great conversations, often with common interests and yet differing viewpoints. We've had some come and go since our inception, but we've also had a great core of contributors who have made this site very valuable to many of us. If I starting listing people then I'd undoubtedly miss some important members out, so better that I just say .... you know who you are :)

As we pass the mark of 10,000 posts I just wanted to say a big thank you for really engaging in conversations in the Christians spirit just as we hoped people would. It's not always easy to do so online, but you've shown it can be done without the need for excessive moderation, and for that I personally applaud you, and thank you for not making our workload heavier than it needs to be :clap:

I've learned so much through your comments and conversations. Even though we don't always have time to engage in every topic there is a great deal to ponder here, and by the way, our visitor figures reflect that the number of people who just come here to read are many times greater than the actual membership as you might expect. For those of you who do just read we'd also like to say thanks for taking an interest. And if you ever feel like having your say too then we'd welcome you onboard.

Christian love to you all,


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Re: Number of Posts Passes 10,000

#2 Post by MeletiVivlon » 7 years ago

I concur most heartily! Discuss the Truth has given many of us something we've rarely if ever experienced: the opportunity for a free and frank sharing of ideas and research to enhance our understanding of God's Word.

A special thanks to Apollos who shoulders the bulk of the moderating workload!

And thank you to all for promoting and protecting our virtual safe place.

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