Kevin McFree WT Subpoena Quashed

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Kevin McFree WT Subpoena Quashed

#1 Post by Marina » 6 months ago

There has not been much news on this so you might not have seen it. If not here's the news about Kevin McFree and his fight against WT because of his Dubtown videos. ... a_quashed/

If you don't know Kevin's site here it is

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Re: Kevin McFree WT Subpoena Quashed

#2 Post by Proselytiser of Jah » 6 months ago

Heard about this.

Sounds like they're getting more and more desperate for money.
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Re: Kevin McFree WT Subpoena Quashed

#3 Post by FWillow » 6 months ago

This is wonderful news. I love Kevin McFree's lego videos.

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