Am I Forgiven?

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Re: Am I Forgiven?

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First of all, based on these verses in Romans alone it should be rather clear that the Bible is ultimately speaking of more than one kind of death, and by extension more than one kind of resurrection. What is more, the deeper one would earnestly and prayerfully delve into the scriptures the more they would discover that they are ALWAYS much more focused on this more figurative or SPIRITUAL death and resurrection being addressed here in Romans than any literal ones. This in turn means that WE should be much more concerned about it.

This particular death is not literal in any manner whatsoever, even if it at some point RESULTS in a literal death. Rather it is all about falling out of favor with Jehovah, or otherwise no longer being recognized as part of his family. THIS is how one is removed from the "scroll of life," and as scriptures like Matthew 8:22 and Revelation 13:8 make perfectly clear, ones are alive in a LITERAL sense when this death occurs. In other words, just as is clearly indicated by scriptures like Hebrews 11:4 or Luke 20:38, in the case of those ones who experience a literal fleshly death while being in a favorable standing with Jehovah, the only question now is when exactly they will experience a LITERAL resurrection, regardless of whether it will be in the flesh OR spirit. Conversely, upon falling OUT of divine favor, the issue now is whether or not one will at some point do what is necessary to RETURN to an approved standing with Jehovah, and even if (as indicated by the scriptures below) experiencing a LITERAL resurrection in the flesh is what would be necessary to be given that opportunity. (Joh 5:28, 29) (Ac 24:15)

However particularly in view of the way we have always been taught or even deceived, the question that scriptures such as Revelation 13:7, 8 or Hebrews 9:26-28 should bring to our minds is how exactly is it possible for the entire population of the earth to suddenly be recognized by Jehovah as having their names removed from this "scroll of life."? Yes regardless of how thoroughly and effectively we have been conditioned to understand things differently, the fact is these are merely two of SEVERAL scriptures that take what we have always been taught about salvation or forgiveness of sin and turn it directly on its head. (2 Ti 4:3) What is more, I am currently referring merely to scriptures that do so in a much more overt or straightforward manner. Now particularly in view of the fact that prophetic utterances like these were written well AFTER the renewed and inaugurated kingdom covenant that occurred in or around 33 CE, the only question here once again is what exactly do the scriptures ACTUALLY teach about forgiveness of sin. Based on merely the passages we have considered so far in this discussion, it should already be EXCEEDINGLY clear that in OUR case at least, we have never been taught the whole truth on the matter, and we can be certain it is absolutely impossible to truly comprehend accounts like Romans 6:1-7 WITHOUT this complete or more accurate knowledge.

Once again, genuinely confronting rather sobering scriptures such as these compels us (in turn) to actually come to terms with accounts like Daniel 11:30-32 and Leviticus 4:3. As I will continue to confirm with the scriptures, regardless of how thoroughly and effectively we have been programmed to simply ignore or disregard such accounts, this of course does not invalidate them. (Mt 5:18) In the case of what is being conveyed in scriptures like Leviticus 4:3, many people would undoubtedly argue that it does not apply to us since we are no longer under the Mosaic Law. But this argument falls completely flat and for reasons that go even well beyond the fact that EVERYTHING about this ancient law code served as a "typical representation and a shadow"… of what would eventually be manifested with SPIRITUAL or even "heavenly" Israel. (He 8:5) (Mt 5:17) (He 12:22) (Ga 4:26) In fact with regard to what Jesus at Matthew 24:15, 16 pointed to there in Daniel 11:30-32, he himself made it clear that its fulfillment was destined to occur sometime AFTER his death and resurrection, which in turn means- AFTER the priestly act of atonement that he was in the process of furnishing at that very moment. (Mt 24:15, 16) So what then might these additional scriptural teachings actually be, and for emphasis, what exactly is being conveyed to us in such accounts in the first place in connection with this topic?

Well as is ALWAYS the case in a setting in which Jehovah recognizes the need to reinstall his holy nation or kingdom on the earth along with its commensurate true worship, the answers to these questions lie in examining (once again) what the SCRIPTURES actually teach as opposed to what organized religion does. When it comes to questions such as-"am I forgiven," we would do quite well to prayerfully consider accounts such as Matthew 24:15, 16, and by extension the account there in the book of Daniel that Jesus is referring to in this case, namely (once again) Chapter 11:30-32. At that point it is really just a matter of now applying the command found in accounts like Romans 12:1, namely that of …"rendering our sacred service with our power of reason."

What we would do very well to understand here in this case is that what John the Baptist and Jesus (the "two witnesses" or "faithful stewards" of their day) were doing there in the early part of the first century was essentially the exact OPPOSITE of what is being referred to there in Daniel Chapter 11. (Re 11:3, 7, 11, 12) (Mt 24:45) The renewing and inaugurating of the holy kingdom or marriage covenant with the more repentant or "discreet" ones of what in these settings are ALWAYS spiritually "sleeping" anointed "virgins" and "widows" of a BROKEN covenant, is of course precisely what is involved in removing the "disgusting thing that causes desolation" from the "holy place" or "sanctuary," and installing or RE-installing the "continual sacrifice" in its place. This is of course the exact opposite (once again) of what is being described or foretold there in verse 31 of Daniel Chapter 11. (Da 11:31)

As accounts like Hebrews 8:5 and Romans 15:4 make rather clear, these "continual sacrifices" that were always occurring in Jehovah's temple or "holy place/sanctuary" with ancient FLESHLY Israel were of course serving to point symbolically and prophetically to the fact that the sins of Jehovah's people were "continually" being atoned for by means of this priestly service and the TRUE worship of Jehovah that these priests themselves represented. But do we imagine for even one moment that divine forgiveness for sin was occurring in ancient Israel when this true worship was replaced with something like Baal worship, as of course was often the case? And in fact when this false worship would be introduced, was it not most often gradually mixed in with the things that were widely regarded as TRUE acts of worship, and to the point where most people actually believed they had never STOPPED engaging in such? Would the situation with the scribes and Pharisees of the first century not serve as even a perfect example of this?

Once again, what we are dealing with here is a …"copy of the reality that belongs to the Christ." (Col 2:17) (He 9:24) With that in mind, rest assured it was no coincidence that the "ark of the COVENANT" was always synonymous with this "continual sacrifice" in Jehovah's "sanctuary' or "holy place," any more than the fact that this ark (just as was also the case with NOAH'S ark) was yet another way of SYMBOLIZING this divine protection or salvation. Yes just as is explicitly pointed out there also in Daniel 11:30-32 and in fact also in accounts like 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8, it is an "apostasy" on the part of Jehovah's appointed shepherds which extends to the point of "LEAVING THE HOLY COVENANT" that ALWAYS succeeds in "removing the continual sacrifice" from Jehovah's "sanctuary" (which of course INCLUDES the removing of its atoning value) and "putting in place the disgusting things that causes desolation" which of course DOES NOT furnish forgiveness of sins or divine salvation. Scriptures such as 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17 6:15, 1 John 2:18 and Luke 12:39 are simply additional ways of referring to this same phenomenon, and clearly this exchange occurring in Jehovah's temple was ALWAYS something foretold to be associated (for three of the "seven" foretold "times" at least) also with the SPIRITUAL manifestation of Israel. (Da 4:23, 32) (1 Th 5:1-3) (Jer 15:9) (Lu 21:24)

Rest assured the more we would prayerfully ponder scriptural passages such as these, the more we would come to appreciate that it is PRECISELY the spiritually adulterous violation of Jehovah's holy kingdom covenant that qualifies as this "thief in the night" Jesus speaks of that "breaks into Jehovah's house" and STEALS away the Christ or "continual sacrifice" from Jehovah's holy "sanctuary" along with its atoning value! (Lu 12:39) (Mt 24:43) Do we understand it is no more a coincidence that this Christ or "continual sacrifice" is directly associated with the concept of "sanctuary/refuge" (salvation) than the fact that this "holy place" also contained the "ark of the COVENANT"? Scriptures like Galatians 4:24-26 make it perfectly clear that the very EXISTENCE of JERUSALEM ITSELF (or lack thereof), a name that literally means—FOUNDATION of two fold peace," is BASED on this holy "COVENANT."

Is it really so difficult for us to wrap our minds around the fact that the moment this holy marriage covenant is violated with spiritual adultery on the part of the shepherds it is formed with, this Jerusalem or more specifically the divine salvation it represents is once again in dire need of …"coming down from heaven as a bride adorned for her husband"? (Re 21:2, 9) This is simply another way of saying that this figurative "bridegroom" or "man of noble birth" has yet again found himself in desperate need of in effect …"traveling to a distant land to secure kingly power for himself and to return." (Lu 19:12) (Mt 25:1-10) This broken covenant utterly DESTROYS the holy nation itself, and by extension the salvation or forgiveness of sin it always furnishes for repentant humans! What is now always in line for a LITERAL destruction is NOT Jehovah's nation OR people, but rather the great spiritual "prostitute" they transformed themselves into with this act of spiritual unfaithfulness. (Isa 1:21) (1 Cor 6:15) (Eze 23:1-4) Basically the only question now is who among this "great harlot" will begin demonstrating the humble repentance and "discretion" illustrated for us with prophetic dramas such as with "Rahab" of ancient Jericho when "two spies/inspectors" ("two witnesses") began relaying divine instructions to her, or otherwise began in effect giving her what proved to be the "food" she needed "at the proper time." (Jos 2:1) (Lu 19:44) (Mt 24:45)

In other words, EVERYTHING about the symbolisms here we are considering in ALL these accounts pointed NOT ONLY to the fact that it is most directly the blood atonement furnished by the "two witnesses" that PRODUCES this "sanctuary" or divine protection from the death dealing effects of sin, but also that this same "ark/covering/temple/house/sanctuary" etc. is based on the holy COVENANT that this priestly sacrifice was intended to inaugurate or otherwise make official in the first place! As scriptural passages like Revelation Chapter 11 and in fact the entire history of Jehovah's nation should make perfectly clear, the ministry of the "two witnesses/son of man/prophet to the nations/faithful stewards" etc. along with the renewed and inaugurated holy covenants they accomplish ALWAYS serve to re-establish Jehovah's nation and people on the earth, along with its commensurate true worship and salvation. (Eze 2:1) (Jer 1:5) (Mt 24:45) Conversely, what scriptures such as the ones we are currently considering are making exceedingly clear is that when the theocratically appointed shepherds of this reborn nation "LEAVE the holy covenant" with an act of spiritual adultery against their heavenly "bridegroom," they have just destroyed the very thing that this divine refuge/sanctuary or salvation from our sins is BASED on! This in fact is the VERY REASON that what is now "PUT IN PLACE" of this Christ or "continual sacrifice" (the very DEFINITION of the word- "antichrist") (Strong's #473) is assigned names such as the "son of DESTRUCTION" or "disgusting thing that causes DESOLATION"! (Da 11:31) (2 Th 2:1-8) (1 Cor 3:16, 17 6:15)

The reason this same entity is also assigned names such as the "man of lawlessness" is to confirm or help us thoroughly understand that the divine nation and its commensurate true worship and salvation NO LONGER EXISTS on the earth. The very EXISTENCE of ANY nation is based on its attainment of legal authority and power. The holy marriage or kingdom covenant is of course also a LAW covenant, even if its law could now be referred to as the "law of love" rather than the "Mosaic Law." (Ro 13:10) When the appointed shepherds of Jehovah's nation "LEAVE the holy covenant," they are now "law-LESS," which is another way of saying- NATION-less. What WAS Jehovah's nation or even a "faithful town" is now nothing more than a great spiritual adulteress or "prostitute." (Isa 1:21) It is now yet again "ABANDONED" by Jehovah. (Mt 23:38) Rather than a "body" of "many members of the CHRIST" that "continually" serve to furnish a kind of "ark" or "sanctuary" of divine refuge or forgiveness for the sins of repentant humans, we are now yet again dealing with many "members of a HARLOT," or what the Apostle John announced at the end of the first century as "MANY antichrists!" (1 Cor 6:15 12:12) (1 Joh 2:18) Is it really so difficult for us to understand that the antichrist does not furnish mankind with salvation or forgiveness of sin?

The vigilance that ones like Paul was commanding at 2 Thessalonians 2:5-10 is simply an additional way of reiterating the necessity of "keeping on the watch" for this figurative "thief" of Jehovah's salvation. There is of course no need for us to "FLEE" from Jehovah's "holy place" when it actually QUALIFIES as such. If anything we of course want to flee TOWARDS Jehovah's means of salvation, which is precisely the definition of the name -Jesus. What we need to appreciate here however is that in the foretold settings in which Jehovah's holy marriage covenant has been violated with spiritual adultery on the part of his appointed shepherds, the "continual sacrifice" and its corresponding atoning value no longer EXISTS, and this is precisely the MESSAGE being conveyed in accounts like Leviticus 4:3.

There is of course never any NEED for another foretold "birth of the barren woman" or "coming of the Christ" and its commensurate "sanctuary" from the death dealing effects of our sin if an act of spiritual adultery on the part of Jehovah's shepherds HAS NOT resulted in another emergence of the "antichrist." Rest assured it is no coincidence that the literal definition of "anti" is precisely what is described for us both there in Daniel 11:31 and 2 Thessalonians 2:4. (Strong's #473) This broken holy marriage covenant is exactly what qualifies as the "sin of the PRIEST that brings guiltiness upon the PEOPLE." (Le 4:3) This is (once again) because it effectively transforms the "many members of the body of the Christ" into "members of a HARLOT." (1 Cor 6:15) Just as Paul mentions there in 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17, this broken covenant "DESTROYS" Jehovah's temple, and the "disgusting thing" that is now "put in place" of it certainly DOES NOT furnish ANYONE with forgiveness of sin. Do we perhaps imagine it is merely a coincidence that yet another foretold "conquering of the holy ones" at the hands of the "dragon" and the "wild beast" is directly associated with all of humanity suddenly being removed from the "scroll of life" there in Revelation 13:7, 8? Do we still intend to disregard the fact that these words were not only prophetic but were written well AFTER the blood atonement that was furnished for humanity around 33 CE? (Re 1:1)

Are the words of Jesus found in accounts like Matthew 24:15, 16 beginning to suddenly take on new meaning for us? We want to bear in mind that we once again find ourselves in a setting immediately prior to another foretold restoration of true worship on the earth which is also referred to with terms like a "coming of the kingdom" or "birth of the holy nation." A kind of "ark" or even "house/temple" that furnishes divine protection or "COVERING atonement" for our sins is ALWAYS being reconstructed in these prophetic time frames, and this is largely the reason Jesus himself foretold that this time period would be "JUST as in the days of Noah." (Mt 24:37) There is of course no need for a reconstruction of this figurative "ark" or "temple" mentioned in accounts like 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17 if it and the divine forgiveness of sins it always furnishes HAS NOT once again been "destroyed." Moreover just as accounts like Revelation Chapter 11 clearly indicate, this "coming of the Christ" ALWAYS begins with a ministry of at least ONE "faithful steward" (if not "TWO witnesses") who are actually "appointed" to produce spiritual "food at the proper time" for their fellow anointed "virgins" or spiritual "widows." (Mt 24:45 25:34-40) (La 1:1, 4)

As is ALWAYS the case, the reconstruction of this figurative/spiritual "ark" or "temple" of Jehovah's salvation will be recognized by Jehovah as having been completed the moment this ministry is completed with yet another priestly act of atonement on the part of this "faithful steward." The only question in this case is if ANY among the "sleeping virgins" will actually pay heed to this ministry and thus be INCLUDED among what will now be NOTHING BUT the heavenly kings and priests of this final foretold manifestation of Jehovah's kingdom on the earth? (Mt 25:1, 2, 5) (Re 5:10 20:6) (1 Cor 15:51-53) Since Jesus directed our attention specifically to the ministry of ancient Noah in the case of this final foretold "birth" or "coming," obviously the fact that basically NOBODY took his preaching message seriously does not bode well for us. (Mt 24:37) The animals that were gathered onto the ark after it was completed actually represented the people who comprise the "flock" of this reconstructed shepherding entity, or otherwise the "great crowd" of "other sheep" who would have an earthly hope and thus not be included among the "LITTLE flock" Jesus spoke of at Luke 12:32. (Joh 10:16) (Re 7:9, 10) Compare (Zec 11:14-17)

We would all do very well to understand that basically the entire purpose behind an anointing of holy spirit upon what qualify yet again as mere "sleeping" spiritual "virgins" and "barren widows," (as opposed to "BRIDES of the lamb") is to help then "catch sight" of the fact that WHATEVER they formerly recognized as true worship is now something that they should even be "FLEEING" from! (Mt 24:15, 16) (Jer 15:9) (Isa 54:1-4) (Re 21:2, 9) While the TRUE prophets of Jehovah and the "MOUNTAIN"-like authority and power they represent have ALWAYS been associated with "mountains" throughout the entire history of Jehovah's nation, in a setting of a broken holy covenant this divine authority and power exists only in a "lonely" and "isolated" place that is often represented as a kind of "wilderness." (Re 12:6, 14) (Matt 3:1-4) Compare (Mt 24:15, 16) (Mr 1:45 6:35 8:4) (Lu 9:12)

In other words a divine command to "flee" specifically the "mountains" in this setting is a command to begin doing exactly what was demonstrated for us with examples like the disciples of John the Baptist and Jesus in the early part of the first century. A true prophet of Jehovah is ALWAYS to be found in these more isolated places when they obey the command to "get out from among and separate themselves" from what is now NOTHING BUT false forms of worship. Moreover it should be clear that their target audience would basically consist of the ones they FIND in these "lonely places." But of course merely identifying or "finding" a true prophet is in some sense only the first step. (2 Cor 6:17) (Joh 1:41) (Am 3:7) (Mt 16:24) (Lu 22:28, 29)

Yes it's extremely important for us to recognize that in these settings of a broken holy marriage covenant "EVERY table" of spiritual food among organized religion is "full" of NOTHING BUT "filthy vomit." (Isa 28:8) The scriptural terms such a "those in Judea" or "Jerusalem" serve as a symbolic reference to these newly anointed "virgins" and "widows," ones that were MADE such BY MEANS of a broken holy marriage covenant and the condition of spiritual death or "sleep" that this ALWAYS creates among them. (Mt 3:5 24:15, 16 25:5) Once again, a broken holy marriage covenant removes EVERYONE from the "scroll of life" mentioned in accounts like Revelation 13:8. This is largely the very REASON Jehovah is always determined to reconstruct the "ark" of his sanctuary or salvation with yet another ministry and "prophesying" of his "two witnesses" and the renewed and inaugurated holy covenants that always re-emerge from them. (Re 11:3, 7, 11, 12)

The good news here is that the "reaping" or "harvest of the firstfruits" (spiritual rebirth or resurrection both in a figurative sense and ultimately/eventually also in a literal one) that we are currently experiencing is the FINAL one that is foretold for the earth. (Re 14:15) (1 Cor 15:23) Since ALL of the appointed theocratic shepherds involved in it will now comprise the "incorruptible and immortal" ones that Paul speaks of there in 1 Corinthians 15:51-53, they will simply be UNABLE to violate Jehovah's holy covenant with spiritual adultery from this time forward. There will now in some sense ALWAYS be an ark of Jehovah's holy covenant available for repentant ones to turn to for salvation or "sanctuary" from the figurative global floodwaters of his impending judgments. This is simply another way of saying that the "continual sacrifice" and its atoning value that these renewed covenants always restore to the earth will now NEVER be "removed" by a kind of "disgusting thing." (Da 11:30-32) The moment we truly begin to understand this is the same moment that we find ourselves in a position to begin fully appreciating how this very thing was illustrated in prophetic/symbolic dramas such as found in accounts like 2 Kings Chapter 5. How exactly was this?

The "seven times" that this cycle of foretold spiritual births and subsequent deaths of Jehovah's nation would unfold prior to the Millennial Reign was in this case illustrated as seven baptisms or spiritual cleansings and rebirths that would be experienced by a kind of foreign leprous army chieftain. (2 Ki 5:1, 10, 14) (Da 4:23, 32) (Jer 15:9) (1 Sa 2:5) (Le 26:23-25) (Mt 26:31) (FOREIGN due to the fact that a broken holy covenant DISQUALIFIES people as belonging to Jehovah) (Ex 19:5, 6) We might notice that the unclean spiritual condition (disapproved standing with Jehovah) being represented here was pictured as in some sense not being cleansed AT ALL until all seven of these foretold "births of the barren woman" or figurative "plantings and harvests" were completed. (Ge 41:22-24) (Mt 3:11) Regardless of whether these renewed holy covenants would be violated by "anointed shepherds" like the ones that ruled the Medo-Persian Empire for a time or the "holy ones" that the priestly atonement of 33 CE placed right amongst the "household of Caesar" for a few decades, we can be certain it would largely be due to how quickly these holy covenants would be broken that things would be pictured in this manner found in 2 Kings Chapter 5. (Isa 44:28 45:1) (Php 4:22)

So just in case we have not already grasped the answers to this question; what exactly then would this information have to do with accounts like Romans Chapter 6:1-7 and the way we would want to understand what it has to say regarding our being "acquitted from sin"? Jehovah willing, let's by all means pick up the discussion with this question beginning with my next post.

Agape love;

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Re: Am I Forgiven?

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The first thing we need to do in order to even BEGIN to understand what is being conveyed in Romans 6:1-7 is to factor in its setting. This is a setting that simply DOES NOT APPLY to us in the time period we find ourselves in even also at this very moment. In stark contrast with the situation WE currently find ourselves in, Jehovah's nation or kingdom actually EXISTED on the earth at the time the book of Romans was being written, which by extension means that true worship with its accompanying forgiveness of sins existed for any and all who would repentantly AVAIL themselves of this "acquittal." (Ro 6:7)

Once again in the case of this fifth of the "seven" foretold "births of the (figurative) barren woman" which ones like Paul identified (on this occasion) with terms like the "kingdom of the son of his love," it AS ALWAYS was made possible with a ministry of two prophets of Jehovah ("two witnesses") identified or even distinguished with terms such as "son of man" or "prophet to the NATIONS." (Col 1:13) (Eze 2:1) (Jer 1:5 15:9) (Da 4:23, 32) Regardless of whether this "coming" or "birth" of Jehovah's nation would manifest itself with ones like the prophet Daniel and his Hebrew companions ruling over ancient Babylon for several decades or the placement of "holy ones" right amongst the household of "Caesar" after the ministry and priestly sacrifice of John the Baptist and Jesus in 33 CE, these are ministries that ALWAYS culminate in a renewed and inaugurated holy kingdom covenant. (Da 2:48, 49) (Lu 22:28, 29) (He 9:16-18 26-28)

For emphasis, the reason these rather unique prophets are distinguished also with the term "prophet to the NATIONS" is because there is simply NO SUCH THING as Israel (whether fleshly OR spiritual) when the holy kingdom or marriage covenant it is FOUNDED on is violated with spiritual adultery on the part of the appointed shepherds it is always formed with. (Ex 19:5, 6) No true holy nation in turn means- no true worship, which in turn means- no true salvation or "acquittal from sin." Once again this extremely alarming situation is largely the REASON Jehovah recognizes the need for another "coming of the kingdom," and there is NEVER such a need if true worship and its commensurate salvation or "forgiveness of sin" already exists on the earth!

It was somewhere around the year 56 CE that Paul performed this particular writing found at Romans 6:1-7, which was of course right about 23 years after the fifth foretold "birth of the barren woman" had on this occasion been accomplished with the renewed kingdom covenant that followed the ministry and subsequent priestly offering of John the Baptist and Jesus. (Jer 15:9) (1 Sa 2:5) (Re 11:2) (Lu 22:28, 29) (He 9:16-18) Once again we want to bear in mind that basically everything we are considering in the case of ancient FLESHLY Israel was ultimately a "copy of the reality that belongs to the Christ" or otherwise was designed to point prophetically and symbolically to what would occur in the case of SPIRITUAL Israel. (Col 2:17) (He 8:5 9:24) The reason there would be a series of four foreign world powers that would rise and fall in conjunction with renewed and subsequently broken holy covenants involving FLESHY Israel is because ultimately or at least BASICALLY the same would occur with true Christianity. However just as is being pictured here in this seventh Chapter of Daniel, in the case of SPIRITUAL Israel all four of these foreign world powers would be recognized by Jehovah as springing from the very same Roman world power (like "horns") or otherwise basically as new manifestations of it. This is regardless of how mankind would choose to identify these foretold "births" over the next two millenniums. (Jer 15:9) (Isa 54:1-4 66:7, 8)

The reason I continue using the word- "basically" however is that in the case of the final and unusually blasphemous/presumptuous horn here in Daniel 7 or what is identified as the "EIGHTH king" in Revelation 17, it was NEVER foretold to enter into a covenant relationship with Jehovah. (Da 7:8, 11) (Re 17:10, 11) In other words both its rise AND subsequent destruction would NOT unfold in the time frame associated with the "seven births of the barren woman" or otherwise the period of time associated with the foretold foreign exile and captivity of Jehovah's people. (Lu 21:24) (Da 4:23, 32) (Jer 1:3 15:9) This same chapter of Daniel in fact points out that this final horn would not bear even the temporary authority granted to satan in the Garden of Eden when our for-bearers chose him over Jehovah as their father. (Da 7:12) (Lu 4:6) (Re 13:2) Yes there are four horns pictured on this fourth wild beast that are used to convey meanings which are rather different from the initial "ten horns" found on it. (Which we will not get into at this time) But what exactly does this all have to do with how we can attain a much more accurate understanding of accounts like Romans 6:1-7?

Well even if the Apostle Paul himself was informing the Christian congregation right around this same time that the spiritual overthrow of this fifth foretold manifestation of Jehovah's kingdom was "already at work" among them by this time, nonetheless the words of the Apostle John in accounts like 1 John 2:18 and Revelation 17:10 make it clear that it would be another four decades or so before Jehovah would officially recognize his holy "covenant" and by extension the "ark" of its divine protection as actually having been broken on this occasion. (2 Th 2:1-8) Once again this is precisely what Jesus himself was foretelling or even warning his followers about in the symbolic spiritual language found in accounts like Matthew 24:15, 16. (Da 11:30-32) So until the moment that this fifth foretold act of spiritual adultery or "harlotry" on the part of Jehovah's appointed shepherds would occur, this holy covenant and the "ARK" of refuge or salvation it always furnishes for "acquittal from sin" would REMAIN on the earth.

To word this differently, what this essentially MEANT therefore is that at least for the time being, in the case of all the ones who would choose to in effect climb ABOARD the "ark" of divine refuge from the death dealing effects of sin that this renewed "covenant" afforded, Jehovah would in their case recognize their SIN and it GUILTINESS as having effectively experienced a death INSTEAD of the ones actually COMMITTING these sins. (Lu 22:28, 29) By means of humbly and repentantly SUBMITTING themselves to the genuine theocratic power and authority that this renewed covenant ALWAYS re-establishes on the earth, these ones would actually AVAIL themselves to the figurative "ark" that this "covenant" ALWAYS places on the earth in these time frames. (Ga 4:24-26) Just as Paul himself says here in Romans, these ones have now experienced a "death with respect to SIN." Being imperfect this of course did not mean they would no longer commit sins, rather it meant that as long as this renewed covenant remained in good standing with Jehovah, these sins were now atoned for. A more careful examination of even of just this one account in Romans however begins to expand even further on this information.

We might notice additional terms or phrases here in this 6th Chapter of Romans such as …"no longer being SLAVES to sin" or even this notion of …"impaling our old personality" by means of a formal submission to this renewed power and authority. (Ro 6:6) In Galatians 5:24 Paul elaborates on this when he speaks of …"those who belong to Christ Jesus (as having) impaled the flesh together with its passions and desires." Once again we are being furnished with increasing insight not only on a form of death that is by no means literal, but simultaneously a REDEMPTION from this death which ones like the Apostle John made clear would ultimately place LITERAL death in a figurative "lake of fire." (Re 20:14) Compare (1 Cor 15:51-53) (Re 20:6) Coming to a better understanding of such terms however would involve factoring in scriptures like Colossians 3:11, Galatians 5:16 and Hebrews 10:26. Why exactly is this?

Once again in a SETTING of yet another foretold manifestation of God's nation on the earth with it commensurate true worship, it is actually EASIER for ones who AVAIL themselves this divine redemption from a spiritual death to subsequently AVOID sinful conduct. As scriptures such as the above help us to appreciate, Jehovah's Holy Spirit is able to flow or operate MUCH more freely in such an environment. Yes once again the word –Christ simply means –anointed or –anointed one, and until if or when we can manage to actually recover from an entire lifetime of false teachings on subjects like this, scriptures like Colossians 3:11 will only continue to appear as rather mysterious and confusing to us. Compare (1 Cor 12:12) (Rom 12:4, 5) In ANY time frame in which a holy covenant remains in good standing between Jehovah and repentant mankind, his Holy Spirit is all to eager to assist people with "impaling the flesh together with its passions and desires," and in fact to the point in which if one were to …"KEEP walking by spirit, they would carry out no fleshly desire AT ALL." (Ga 5:16, 24)

The mere fact however that this holy covenant could and even WOULD continue to be violated by EVEN Jehovah's appointed earthly shepherds until the time when ALL of them would qualify as the "incorruptible and immortal" ones Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 is a testimony to what is spoken of there in Hebrews 10:26. Due to the incessant "tickling of the ears" (2 Ti 4:3) unfortunately that these broken covenants always result in, the following is what we VERY MUCH need to come to terms with and in a very expedient manner at this point in time:

Scriptures such as Hebrews 9:26-28 and Revelation 11:3, 7, 11, 12 13:7, 8 make it EXCEEDINGLY clear that what the "sleeping" anointed virgins" and "widows" of the LATEST broken marriage covenant should be focused on at the moment is identifying the ministry of Jehovah's prophets that are ALWAYS occurring in these prophetic time frames immediately prior to another full manifestation of divine power and authority on the earth. (Mt 25:1, 2, 5, 10) (La 1:1, 4) (Am 3:7) If they are not so much as even "on the watch" for such a ministry, then what are the chances of them actually paying heed to what one of these "prophets to the NATIONS" has to say to them? (Mt 24:37-39, 42) (Jer 1:5) AMONG these messages is the fact that if anything one of the foremost REASONS for another foretold "coming of the kingdom" is to RESTORE divine forgiveness of sins to the earth for repentant ones among mankind.

Agape love;

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