The Problem of Mark 2:26

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The Problem of Mark 2:26

#1 Post by FriendlyDoggo » 1 year ago

Decided to share, it's a very interesting video.

Quite frankly, that's why I don't like the inerrancy doctrine, this makes people paranoid for nothing.

My english isn't very good, sorry any inconvenience.

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coccus ilicis
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Re: The Problem of Mark 2:26

#2 Post by coccus ilicis » 1 year ago

FriendlyDoggo wrote: 1 year ago Decided to share, it's a very interesting video.

Quite frankly, that's why I don't like the inerrancy doctrine, this makes people paranoid for nothing.
A good video FD. Any apparent problem is caused by translation, from Hebrew to Greek to English.

Get out of her
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Re: The Problem of Mark 2:26

#3 Post by Get out of her » 1 year ago

Scriptures such as Mark 2:26 will actually begin to make perfect sense to us the moment we come to factor in the following things:

First of all as per usual what we are actually considering in the 21st Chapter of 1st Samuel that Jesus is referring to is a prophetic/symbolic drama of at least a portion of PRECISELY what is occurring yet again for the fifth of the "seven" foretold "times" also there in the early part of the first century. (Da 4:23, 32) This is namely all the things involved with yet another spiritual cleansing and rebirth of God's nation after its appointed shepherds have once again violated the holy marriage covenant with spiritual adultery or otherwise fallen into spiritual "harlotry." (Joh 19:15) (Isa 1:21) (Re 17:1)

AMONG the things involved in this is that ALL of the anointed ones in these time frames are required to partake of what was always being SYMBOLIZED by these loaves of bread which only the priests were allowed to eat. This is of course the "unleavened bread" or even "manna" which in turn was used to signify not only now AVOIDING what in turn was represented by the "leaven of the Pharisees" (all their literature, false teachings and practices/festivals/observances etc.), but also at the same time exclusively partaking of the "LIVING bread that comes down from heaven." (Joh 6:48-51) (Zep 3:18) (Mt 16:6)

In other words as would always be the case in these settings, the anointed "virgins" who would "repentantly" and "discreetly" seek out a true prophet of Jehovah in these periods and humbly "listen" to them or actually conform themselves to their teachings would in fact be performing PRECISELY the steps required to BECOME or QUALIFY as priests! (Mt 3:1, 2 25:1-10) (Joh 1:41) (Hag 1:12) Let's not forget that the heavenly reward for these ones would constitute them not ONLY as kings but also as priests. (Re 5:10)

You see while the figurative "wedding garment" that these ones would receive for their humble and repentant obedience was of course comprised of having the broken holy kingdom covenant renewed with them personally by one of these prophets, there are actually two additional things involved here that would FULLY accomplish the "clothing" of them that Jesus speaks of in accounts like Matthew 22:11-14 and 25:35, 36. (Lu 22:28, 29)

The most CRITICAL aspect of this spiritual "clothing" would of course be comprised ultimately of the COVERING OVER of sin or blood atonement that would subsequently come from the fleshly sacrifice of the prophets who would RENEW this covenant with them. Let's not forget that these renewed covenants were always made official with a subsequent "blood inauguration." (He 9:16-18, 26-28) (Re 11:11, 12) Even more however, the "discreet virgins" who would experience having this covenant renewed with them would of course eventually be required to essentially perform the exact same priestly sacrifice as the prophets who ministered to them. (Re 6:11)

So what Jesus is actually saying there at Mark 2:26 is that his disciples were really the only ones actually OBEYING the law, or more specifically what this Mosaic Law code was "typifying" in a symbolic /prophetic manner. (He 8:5) In fact rest assured it was no coincidence that the cornels of wheat that they were eating in the fields were just as "unleavened" as the ancient priestly show bread that David and his followers partook of. It is also no coincidence that this was pictured in a time which was marked with the apostasy committed by King Saul. In the first century this same role was of course filled with characters like the apostate "scribes and Pharisees." In this case however we are of course dealing with something that was far more than merely a prophetic drama; namely one of the foretold FULFILLMENTS of what was being "typified" by such dramas.

Agape love;

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