AIDS Testing Next

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AIDS Testing Next

#1 Post by Marina » 11 months ago

It looks like AIDS testing is coming next.
The Covid19 narrative is broken, that battle is over. Yes, there are still pockets of token resistance, little embattled squares who aren’t ready to give up the ghost just yet, but for the most part the establishment are letting it go.

Country after country after country are “relaxing” their Covid restrictions, abandoning vaccine passport plans and attempting to “get back to normal”.

It seems every week some new “expert” who spent the last two years predicting we’re all gonna die turns up on the news claiming we should “treat Covid like the flu”.

But just because they’re giving slack on Covid does not mean the agenda behind Covid is gone. Far from it.

In fact, even as they seek to dump this pandemic in a shallow grave, they are already prepping the public for the next health scare – AIDs.

In December Joe Biden claimed it was the aim of his administration to “end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030”. A similar campaign, launched in the UK at the same, uses the same exact phrase, word for word.

Then, just last week it was suddenly reported there was a “new variant” of HIV circulating in Europe, this new strain is allegedly “more virulent”, “more transmissable”, and “progresses to AIDS faster”.

At the same time, papers are reporting that for the first time in years heterosexuals are more likely to contract HIV than homosexuals, and they are “more at risk of AIDS” because they’re “diagnosed late”.

On the back of this “news”, a Guardian opinion piece claims we need a “new strategy” for dealing with AIDS.

Following hot on the heels of this fresh wave of fear is a push for everyone to get AIDS tested as soon as possible, from politicians and celebrities and everyone in between.

Prince Harry is leading the charge, in a video that caused the press invoke the spirit of his mother Princess Diana, Harry insisted we all have a “duty” to get HIV tested “to keep other people safe”, comparing it to the COVID outbreak. ... -pandemic/
BBC admit HIV in vaccine

How many people know HIV is in the vaccine? Yes it is old news, the information has been out there but mainstream media has not made it clear. Instead, intense pressure has been put on people to take it. What happens to people who protest the vaccine? Take a look at what's going on in New Zealand.

Utterly shocking and heart breaking

What exactly were all these people doing wrong? They all seem pretty healthy and would like the choice not to get involved in a medical experiment relating to a flu-like illness which has a 99.9% recover rate. Unlike AIDs which is a fatal illness or chronic condition.

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Re: AIDS Testing Next

#2 Post by Bobcat » 11 months ago

All this misinformation is easily refuted by Googling, "Is HIV related to COVID vaccines?"

I guess the people who are purveying these lies see that they've gotten about as much mileage as they are going to get from COVID, so they have to create the next wave of fear-mongering. Misinformation is a never ending business.


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Re: AIDS Testing Next

#3 Post by Marina » 11 months ago

Bobcat if it proves to be misinformation, that's great. I would be very happy if this is wrong. You will be able to tell yourself whether or not you see encouragement to get tested for AIDS. If you do see such things, you should know that a clip exists from the BBC saying that a small amount of HIV is in the vaccine. There are other documents explaining this but I do not have any links to them.

I found this which explains a little about what the ACE2 Receptor is.
The membrane-associated carboxypeptidase angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) is an essential regulator of heart function. Now, Li at al. identify and characterize an unexpected second function of ACE2 as a partner of the SARS-CoV spike glycoprotein in mediating virus entry and cell fusion.
I don't know if it is this but it maybe is a useful link to gain understanding. ... tein_GP120

But do you get the point of what it was I was saying? Covid had a 99.9% survival rate. Why were people not allowed to choose? Why were people, who have reasonable concerns and do not wish to get involved in a medical experiment man-handled? These are not conspiracy theorists, they are people who are being threatened with losing their jobs, their ability to travel freely, plus other. Some feel this is leading to the mark of the beast. And whether or not it is, it is a reasonable concern for a Christian to have.

I don't think you will easily find this video. So I will put the link here. It is a doctor, Dr Ryan Cole, explaining what happens to heart cells plus other useful clinical information. Virology is what he does. He makes the point the fact checkers say "it isn't true, it isn't true" but Dr Cole says, "I am a scientist. Don't ask the journalist, ask the scientist."


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Re: AIDS Testing Next

#4 Post by Bobcat » 11 months ago

Here is what I found about Dr Ryan Cole.

All I Googled was "Dr Ryan Cole." And I didn't have to look past the first page of results. (There are several "Ryan Coles" around the USA so that he is not the only person that shows up in a search.) And, it is interesting that this Dr Ryan Cole is from the NW USA (Idaho/Washington state). Why doesn't that surprise me? That seems to be somewhat of a hotbed for conspiracy ideas.

But the pattern is becoming increasingly evident. First, there was a lot of noise about COVID itself. 'It don't even exist!' After that, 'Well, OK, it exists, but the vaccines are deadly.' Now, as the evidence against the vaccines fails to materialize, we are on to something else. Vaccines causing HIV. And, of course, as always, the governments are about to round up everyone and force them to get tested for HIV. Or place them in internment camps. It's always a changing story. But always the same theme.

I hate to say it Marina, but, from what I can see, you've made yourself into a stool-pigeon for the conspiracy theorists. You should at least make them pay you for your advertising services.

As an aside, I notice that many of the videos originate with BitChute. Besides just the questionable content of the videos, one only has to look at the comments below the videos to see the type of people that are attracted to that venue. Haters of Jews, Blacks, Asians, the government (as always). Anything outside of what they consider to be their divinely given rightful place is subject to their vitriol. Anything that is 'establishment' is always evil, and always trying to curtail their 'freedom.' Yet, the very fact that they can post such garbage to the web site is evidence that they have way more freedom than if they had been in a traditional communist society. They are the dregs of Western Society. I reckon they are part of the evidence that democracy among sinful humans can never be successful. The more freedom that sinful humans get, and this is what you get.

End of rant. Marina, you should probably direct your replies to someone else. I'm a lost cause. I really only reply to these things because I don't want visitors to the forum to think that this is what the forum is about.


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Re: AIDS Testing Next

#5 Post by Marina » 11 months ago

Bobcat wrote: 11 months agoNow, as the evidence against the vaccines fails to materialize
It depends what your information sources are.
Bobcat wrote: 11 months agowe are on to something else.
There are new developments every day on every matter. What was an acorn one day becomes a new tree.
Bobcat wrote: 11 months agoVaccines causing HIV.
No, containing HIV, possibly being the cause of a new variant HIV and people being entitled to informed consent about the vaccine.
Bobcat wrote: 11 months agothe comments below the videos to see the type of people that are attracted to that venue.
And what of those who didn't comment? The content was there to help anyone who wanted to to understand. If the content had reflected prejudice about a person due to the shape or their head, the color of their hair or skin etc I would not have posted it.

The world lies in Satan's hands. That is not a conspiracy, you know that. And Satan keeps disguising himself as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14-15) For this reason we have to be careful and there is cause for concern in relation to the vaccine for Christians because of the aborted child.

If anyone starts to see increased AIDS testing they may be interested to know that HIV is in the vaccine and the BBC gave a clip confirming it. BBC programs are made by a diverse range of people, not defined by race or coming from Idaho/Washington state. The values of these diverse individuals have at times not only been questionable but utterly disgusting. That's the people making the programs not the people watching them. Is it reasonable to believe that all BBC transmissions are wrong because of Jimmy Savile?

Obviously it is up to you what you believe. As for me, I am just trying to help. Sorry if I have caused any offense but when you care about people and see something that could hurt them, even if it risks annoying them, you still try to warn them, if possible. But I know there comes a time when it is not possible.

(Psalm 141:5)

By the way, your link to the information about Dr Ryan Cole just said 'Access Denied'. So I tried to figure out what the criticism of Dr Cole might be and came across this article -

How a rogue doctor who called the vaccine ‘needle rape’ was made an Idaho public-health official in its worst COVID crisis yet

It said "Dr Ryan Cole, a pathologist with no public health experience, was championed by the GOP." So he is a PATHOLOGIST. A pathologist is someone whose primary area of expertise is in the study of body tissues and body fluids. The fact that he did not work in public health does not mean he could not work in public health. The criticism of his appointment to a public health role is political not clinical. The video he made was about clinical matters and keeping the public healthy. He was sounding an alarm based on his clinical judgement and insight into autopsies as a pathologist.

The article further states "Cole’s specialism is dermopathology – a discipline focused on diseases of the skin which has little relevance to respiratory conditions like COVID-19."

But if you look here the British Journal of Dermatology you find this - references to ACE2 which is very relevant to Covid-19.
We recently read with great interest the research letter by Tembhre and colleagues1 in which the authors describe that while expression patterns of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) and other cofactors of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) have been characterized in the skin during homeostatic conditions, they have not been examined in the state of pathogenic inflammation. To follow up on the hypothesis that ACE2 is an interferon-stimulated gene (ISG), the authors evaluated psoriasis skin biopsies and performed in vitro experiments with cultured keratinocytes. The rationale for the experiments is reasonable, though we feel some additional commentary is warranted
I know you read the comments beneath the video, but did you actually watch the video? As may not answer me, I may never know. But if you didn't - Dr Cole is talking about inflammation and what it does to cells. At one point he speaks about damaged to the cells in the heart and how the cells of the heart never recover. Instead the damaged cells become scar tissue.

There are reports of people suffering from myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination. The long-term consequences of this condition secondary to vaccination are yet unknown.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the myocardium - the heart muscle.
Pericarditis is inflammation of the pericardium, the protective sac that surrounds your heart. The pericardium has two layers (inner and outer) and can become inflamed if blood or fluid leaks between these two layers.

People have been hospitalised with these conditions after being vaccinated and at least 5 have died. I cannot imagine Jesus approving the forcing a medical procedure on someone where there is even a small risk of them dying. Further Corona Virus has a 99.9% chance of recovery.

We may disagree on some things. I appreciate you may not even be reading this reply. But if you have, here is a point we can both agree on.

(John 14:6) . . .Jesus said to him: “I am the way and the truth and the life. . .

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Re: AIDS Testing Next

#6 Post by goghtherefore » 11 months ago

Hi Marina

Thank you so very much for your comments.

Regarding Myocarditis after vaccination; I found this video presentation informative:

It is sad most affected by this (post vaccination) condition are young ones from ages 13 to 18. (Some brands of vaccines are worse at causing this than others.)

In Christ

“This is My Son, My Chosen One; listen to Him!”
Luke 9:35

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Re: AIDS Testing Next

#7 Post by AmosAU » 11 months ago

Hi Marina and everyone,

I agree with your summation Marina.
Freedom of choice has become fear not to have freedom of choice. This whole vaccine campaign has been systematically thrust upon the world. Freedom of choice has all but been denied in almost every nation. We aren't permitted to make an informed decision as there is absolutely no evidence been provided, and adverse reactions are being suppressed. I know this as I've checked the big pharma's website. Anyone can do this.

Now here's a real life situation. A relative of mine was illegally forced to have the Pfizer shot, otherwise they would be refused entry to a medical clinic for specialised treatment.
Well, a couple of days after getting the first shot, they developed many of the classic symptoms to the vaccine. They were eventually admitted to hospital three weeks later. Guess whast they were told on discharge? "There is nothing wrong with you! It is all in your mind!"
This person saw their own doctor (different clinic) the next day, who told them that the hospital report showed classic adverse reactions to the vaccine!!! This contradicted what the hospital had told the patient.

This is NOT a conspiracy theory, the facts are being supressed by most of the medical establishment. They are too afraid to tell the truth.

Regards, Amos.

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Re: AIDS Testing Next

#8 Post by Orchid61 » 11 months ago

Hi Marina,

I appreciate very much your sincere want to help and inform everyone, thank you 🥰

Your information has made us think about what is happening in this vaccinationcampagne.

Amos: its the world upside down isn’t it. first an injection and then we will research your medical complaints ??????? And become more ill afterwards.

(John 14:6) (John 14:6) . . .Jesus said to him: “I am the way and the truth and the life. . . . . .


Love to all
Maria 🌷

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Re: AIDS Testing Next

#9 Post by Bobcat » 11 months ago

I appreciated the reasoned (read non-sensational) approach to the video (from post # 6) on Myocarditis after the vaccines.


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Re: AIDS Testing Next

#10 Post by Marina » 11 months ago

Not a lost cause then.

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