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Re: Change on Adultery

Posted: Tue May 31, 2022 4:54 am
by Vintage
PoJ wrote:
“JWs do a lot of wrong things, but on this one I'm not seeing anything that contradicts Jesus. It's just a technicality, adultery is adultery, whether that be marrying someone else whilst married, or divorcing them and then getting married to someone else, both are acts of adultery which end the original marriage. So... no big deal?”

Just “reading” this quickly, it can look like “no big deal”. But elders who are “in the know” have been manipulating the sequence of events, time factors, timing of their confession, what they confessed to, and the financial desperation of the spouse they are trying to ditch, so that everything comes out with the best possible outcome for said elder. And I say “elder” because females and run-of-the-mill JWs have famously not had access to the Shepherding book, so females couldn’t defend themselves from the machinations of an elder-husband who wanted to get rid of her and come out of it almost entirely unscathed. (It’s exhausting just remembering it all. Sigh.)

Re: Change on Adultery

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2022 4:34 pm
by Proselytiser of Jah
Vintage wrote: 2 months ago females couldn’t defend themselves from the machinations of an elder-husband who wanted to get rid of her and come out of it almost entirely unscathed. (It’s exhausting just remembering it all. Sigh.)
I heard recently that some Elders, this probably not being official, but who knows where this is coming from, that certain Elders have been telling women to divorce their ex-jw husbands, because they are committing "spiritual adultery", which is the "same as physical adultery".

There was one Elder who said this to a sister, and added "then you can marry me".

I think Matthew 23:15 applies here.

Re: Change on Adultery

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2022 6:14 am
by Vintage
I think it was a little over ten years ago that elders told a friend of mine that she should divorce her husband. She was a pioneer, while her husband was having some mental/emotional problems and wasn’t handling finances very well. I’d watched him build an addition onto their house, intending to have a place for any of their grown children who might need help. He looked like a pretty good guy to me. But soon, the elder’s advice influenced the “pioneer wife”, discord worsened, and the wife followed the elders’ advice to file for divorce. Her husband stopped in front of my house one evening, some days after his committee meeting, distraught, to ask, “What should I do? I don’t want a divorce, and I don’t want to be disfellowshipped.” I was telling him to “appeal”. But then he sadly told me that AFTER the elders disfellowshipped him, he did sin,... but he that he hadn’t sinned at the time of the committee meeting when they accused him of immorality and disfellowshipped him. He told me he had he told the elders he was not guilty, but that they wouldn’t believe him. He was very torn up over loosing his wife. He didn’t appeal the decision to my knowledge, and, I believe, he married the other woman. This was all years before I woke up, of course,... probably over ten years ago.

Re: Change on Adultery

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2022 10:29 pm
by Get out of her
Experiences like the one you shared here (vintage) seem to be increasingly common with the organization, even though I have not had any direct contact with it for around 8 years now. Every time I hear of them I'm reminded of scriptures like Jeremiah 8:11 that speaks of this ..."breakdown of the DAUGHTER of my people."

In stark contrast with the figurative "SON" that is always born from divinely authorized ministries of Jehovah's true prophets and subsequent inaugurations of a renewed kingdom covenant (cited below), the more one would begin cross referencing this symbolic spiritual language the more they would come to realize that this "daughter" it is with reference to what is always born from the spiritually adulterous relations involved in violating the holy marriage covenant. (Re 12:5) (Da 11:30-32) This covenant and the blood inauguration of it that always follows is of course the very thing that always ESTABLISHES Jehovah's nation as such. While we of course have been heavily programmed to understand things rather differently here, this "daughter" or even "daughters" "of his people" we are now yet again dealing with are/is precisely what is spoken of in accounts like Ezekiel 23:1-4 or Isaiah 1:21. Compare (Re 17:1,18) (La 1:1,4) (Mt 25:1-10)

For these very reasons it should come as no surprise to us that this same prophetic pattern of a ministry and subsequent priestly sacrifice of "two witnesses" or "faithful stewards"/"son of man"/"spies"/"inspectors" etc. foretold in connection with "births" of the holy nation AFTER 33 CE are essentially ignored outright by all of organized religion at this time. (Jer 15:9) (Re 11:3, 7, 11, 12 12:5 14:15) (He 9:16-18, 26-28) (Mt 24:45) (Jer 1;5) (Eze 2:1) (Lu 19:44 22:28, 29) (Jos 2:1) (Am 3:7)

Agape love;