Open Letter/Plea to Jehovah's Witnesses | "It's still the Truth because..."

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Open Letter/Plea to Jehovah's Witnesses | "It's still the Truth because..."

#1 Post by Proselytiser of Jah » 1 year ago

This is an open letter I wish to write to Jehovah's Witnesses who may be aware of the flaws of the Organisation and/or the Governing Body, but feel that "it's still the Truth" or "it's still Jehovah's Organisation".

I write to you as a brother in the most genuine and heartfelt way. In the spirit of Acts 17:11 I had to do serious thinking about the Organisation, and so I wish to encourage other Witnesses to do the same and read this open letter with an open mind, and trust that the Truth can defend itself if challenged. I do not ask you agree with me or disagree with me, but only to come to a conclusion through deep critical thought and prayer.

Many brothers and sisters may have disagreements with the Organisation and its leadership, but they remain where they are because they genuinely feel it's still "the only true Organisation" or "Congregation" of Christ and Jehovah God. These reasons stem from: "The Governing Body is appointed as the Faithful Slave to be God's spokesperson and so must never be questioned, even if they get things wrong, we must not be like Korah who rebelled against Moses (Jude 1:11, Numbers 16:1-2)". Others may reason that "we are the only Christians who preach the Good News door to door, and we are the only ones free of pagan doctrines, this proves that we are God's Organisation and no other group is (Matthew 24:14)".

These are the two most common reasons, besides the fear of being disfellowshipped and shunned, that many stay in the Organisation. I wish to go into detail of why these reasons should be closely examined critically with the Bible as our tool of truth and reason. I'm going to address each one by category.

"We are God's Organisation because only we preach the Good News of God's Kingdom, as Jesus foretold his followers would in Matthew 24:14"

On the surface this is one of the most convincing reasons for many JWs of why the Organisation must be the only group of true Christians on the planet. However, closer examination of scripture of holistically reveals some flaws in this line of thought.

1. The Definition of Preaching
Most JWs believe that "preaching" refers exclusively to door-to-door ministry. Whilst this certainly can be a part of preaching, and is a trademark of the Organisation, it is not the only definition of preaching. The apostle Paul made a habit of teaching in Jewish synagogues (which by that time could have been seen as "false churches" by some Christians, Acts 18:1-4), other verses tell us that merely by openly practicing the Lord's Evening Meal can be a form of preaching God's Kingdom (1 Corinthians 11:26). Make no mistake that preaching is an important feature of our duty as Christians, and I do not attack the door to door method, I commend it, but rather I wish to open your eyes to the fact that many churches are preaching God's word (perhaps not perfectly, just as it is with ourselves perhaps, but more on that later) in many different forms. Be it church service, TV evangelism, YouTube videos, websites, radio shows, podcasts and more...

If it wasn't for Christendom spreading the faith world wide since the beginning, we would not be here today, and Jehovah's Witnesses, beginning with Charles Taze Russell and his Bible Students, would never have formed. Indeed, though in a false and imperfect form, the gospel is known world wide and has been known world wide for many years, at first through Roman coherence, but later through genuine missionary work from the Reformers (such as the ones the Organisation often praise as part of its history and lineage, the Lollards, Martin Luther, John Calivin, and many others right down to the Second Great Awakening and American Restoration Movement). All that can only happen if someone tells people about the faith in some form. Therefore, laying claim to door to door ministry is not in itself a unique claim to "being the only ones preaching" God's word.

I myself now preach as an independent Christian, and I teach many similar things to the Organisation in absence of paganism. My own website and the message of the Good News has reached 17 countries around the world and 101 people so far in its short lifespan of a single month! That's enough people to form a whole Kingdom Hall congregation.

Preaching has been done, and is still done in many ways by Christians. JWs do not have a monopoly on this, rather, they have a monopoly only on "a single method".

2. Other door to door preaching religions
There are other Christian groups who do door to door witnessing, street witnessing, and cart witnessing. A quick YouTube search for Christian missionaries and street preachers will reveal many of them. A group that goes door to door that comes to mind may be the Mormons (Church of Latter Day Saints), Pentecostal Pastors, and Seventh Day Adventists. They, like JWs, make a practice of going door to door. One may say "that doesn't count because they only do it for one year each", or "they don't preach the Truth so it doesn't count", however this is not heart of the argument I make, for "Christian Truth" is subjective to the interpretation of those who read and study the Bible, and not one of us, not even the Governing Body (as they admit) are inspired in our interpretations... the point here is that.. yes other people do also go door to door and preach the word of God.

Some poor souls even die for this, such as missionaries sent to the Middle East only to be beheaded, or the man who with good intents lovingly tried to reach an isolated tribe, only to be pierced by an arrow and died, and to then be mocked by whole world. Instead of commemorating the poor man, they persecuted him and spat on his memory (Matthew 10:22) . ... entinelese

So bare in mind, the Organisation is not the only group of Christians who preach, be that door to door, or in any other method.

Leadership, Powerful Works & The Table of Demons and the Table of God

For brothers and sisters who know there are flaws in the Organisation, or know that there are some issues with leadership, or perhaps just feel not all teachings are quite right, but feel justified in that "it's still the best thing out there, we have abandoned Pagan beliefs, and we still do the most preaching of all, so it must be God's Organisation", I wish to draw attention to 1 Corinthians 10:21.

The Bible tells us that we cannot be at the table of truth and the table of falsehood at the same time.

Now, it's not a crime to not get everything right all the time, because nobody is inspired, so we all can make mistakes in Biblical interpretation, even the Governing Body admits this. And I agree. However, the problem lies here, that the GB demands loyalty to 'them' as men, because they believe they have been appointed by God himself without divine proof....

"Follow those taking the Lead"
Whilst I won't get into the logistics of 1914, 1919, 607 BCE, etc, as I'm sure you can find plenty of materials on that, I will point out the main flaw in the logic of asserting oneself as God's unquestionable chosen spokesperson.

In the Bible, the Apostles, even when inspired, were open to criticism by their brothers, and had to be told when they were going against the written word of God (Galatians 2:11,14). The elders of the early Congregation also were not self appointed, nor were they appointed by other Elders, but by the whole congregation by vote (Acts 6:5). In fact the only Christians in history to be put in place without a communal agreement were the ones directly appointed by Jesus face to face, who inspired them with infallible holy spirit, and yet even they were subject to the correction and confrontation of their brothers, even by newly appointed brothers such as Paul (as seen above in Galatians).

I wish you to really think deeply about this now.. does what we read in those cited scriptures resemble the Governing Body today? Can a Christian walk up to him and say to their faces "you are wrong, let me show you in the Bible"? Or even to an Elder in general? I think we all agree, (and we're lying to ourselves if we don't) that you'd be taken into the backroom and would be told to keep such thoughts to yourself or be disfellowshipped.

But you might argue back... "we must follow those taking the lead" (Hebrews 13:7, 17). You are right.. Christians should try to cooperate with Christian shepherds who take the lead for it makes organisation and arrangements for worship smoother, but no scripture gives Elders, not even the GB, authority to tell others what to do, or any kind of divine unquestionable status.

As seen above, when it's seen that a Christian, even an Apostle, may be doing something against the Bible, or one's understanding of the Bible, they can be challenged openly! But the Organisation doesn't even closely allow such arrangements. The most one can do (as I'm sure some of you may be familiar) is send a letter to the Branch, which usually gets a reply along the lines of "don't question the FDS", or "maybe, but keep such thoughts to yourself".

Does this resemble the candidness and humility of the 1st Century Christians? Does it make sense that "uninspired" men can't be questioned, but the "inspired" Apostles of Jesus Christ himself in the flesh could be?

The Bible tells us that Elders are not leaders or masters of the faith (Matthew 23:8-21, 1 Peter 5:1-5). This means Elders, not even the GB, do 'not' have rights on deciding what is Biblical truth or doctrine, nor do they have the power to disfellowship anyone who disagrees with their "uninspired" opinions.

Remember, the only ones disfellowshipped in the Bible over disagreements were the Christians who promoted non-Christian religions, sects (that is; worship of men over God, or Christians who "falsely claimed" to be inspired like the Apostles) and people who opposed the "holy spirit inspired statements" of the Apostles, but never was anyone in scripture disfellowshipped for not going along or disagreeing with non-inspired statements, not even of the Apostles. Quite the opposite is recommended in fact (Revelation 2:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:21, 1 John 4:1, Revelation 18:4).

This is what has justified the very creation of the JW Organisation and in fact, every other denomination of whom broke off from the original church, the ancient Catholic church, who were the original ones to "take the lead" after the Apostles died! Should we not be Catholic in that case? To "Follow those taking the lead and wait on Jehovah?" If not, then the reasons we apply to them, must also be applied to everyone and everything else. We must examine our own beliefs and Organisation with that same critical measuring stick that we do with the rest of Christendom.

So, it begs the question, what unquestionable authority can the GB claim, other than their own personal interpretations of the Bible, seeing that they are not inspired? For even the interpretations of prophecy (such as the "Faithful and Discreet Slave", 1914, 1919) are all imperfect uninspired opinions, no? Without divine evidence via holy spirit, miracles, accurate prophecy (which has not been the case over the years, 1914, 1925, 1975... etc), then neither is there evidence of accurate Biblical interpretation that the GB and the Organisation was chosen by God himself, and therefore, there is no authority they can authentically lay claim to, and to "assume" such is haughtiness on our part.

In this sense, it is not honest Christians who disagree with the GB who are being like Korah, but it could be argued that it's the Governing Body themselves who are being like Korah, who try to claim the divine authority of the Lord Jesus as their own, claiming to be guided by him, to be his spokesperson though uninspired, just like the Catholic Pope. Korah was swallowed by the Earth for trying to rebel against Moses.... who is the greater Moses today? Christian leaders of the Congregation? Elders? The Governing Body? According to the Watchtower, it's Jesus! ... ter-Moses/

So to claim that one cannot be questioned without proof of divine holy spirit, and to speak on Jesus' behalf without him confirming this to us, is to in fact be like Korah is it not? Assuming authority and power presumptuously, based upon one's uninspired subjective interpretation of the Bible? It is something worth deeply considering my brothers and sisters. Please consider that those of us who disagree with the GB are not being like Korah, rather, we seek to be like the loyal ones of Moses' day, to seek Moses (in this case Jesus) and to "stay away from the camp of Korah" (Numbers 16:24), in this case, which may be the Governing Body....

The success of the Organisation
One might argue, "if God did not approve, how did it become so successful? We have translated the most languages in the world, we are ran by donations, we preach world wide!"

These are all good things yes, they are a form of "accomplishment", but does this show God's approval? Or is it "assuming" God was behind it? We are warned in 2 Thessalonians 2:9 and Matthew 7:22, that there would be many "powerful works", "signs", "miracles"... yet Jesus says to many of these ones "I never knew you".

The churches of Christendom likewise are very powerful, and reach the ends of the earth.. but does God approve of them?

Ask yourself honestly, if the Catholics, Protestants, or any other church began to preach door to door of the Good News.. would you join them? If not, why not? They after all, give to charity, run soup kitchens, fund hospitals, and do many other good works... perhaps it's the false doctrines, covering of child abuse, or other traditions of men you do not approve of... brothers and sisters, can we not say the same about our Organisation? Bans on beards, pay outs to courts for child abuse victims, the withdrawing of the names of pedophiles from the authorities? Membership with the United Nations and a signed contract to agree with everything it stands for, simply to gain a mere library card?

This is why I brought attention to 1 Corinthians 10:21. This scripture tells us that it doesn't matter "how much good" we do,it doesn't matter if we are "the best out of all the Christian denominations", if it contains falsehood, or evil, then Jehovah God does not approve of it and He wants us to get out of her, and not promote her works.

He will always approve of our efforts as imperfect as they are, but He will not approve of those who knowingly lie, who spread doctrines they know in their hearts are wrong, or men who presumptuously claim to be His mouthpiece, and who beat their fellow slaves who point out their flaws and mistakes ( Matthew 24:48-51).

Brothers and Sisters, I pray for you all, to see what is happening, and I pray that you pray on this, and be honest within yourself and before Jehovah. I realize it's scary, with the threat of disfellowshipping, but your brothers out here await you. Whether you leave mentally and not physically by no longer promoting, or by refusing to donate, or if you want to disassociate, take steps to meditate on this and try to do what is right within your own abilities.

Do not listen to "me", find the proof for yourself on the doctrines and practices of the Organisation, do not fear truth, study the Bible, be like the Beroeans, be open to arguments and proof that is against the Organisation, to information that exposes its hidden crimes, and take to heart the Proverb that promotes seeking truth. (Proverbs 14:15, Acts 17:11). Be critical and fair, not biased for or against, and take action my brothers and sisters (Matthew 7:7).

You are not alone and you never will be.
"The fruitage of the Spirit is; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control..." Galatians 5:22-23

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