The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#41 Post by Stranger » 1 year ago

RR144 wrote: 1 year ago Mind* you I did research the old fashioned way. There was no internet, no google.

Hi RR,

Yeah, dictionaries, encyclopedias, religious material, the entire WT library that was not on CD Rom. Many Bibles, at least that's what they were called on the cover. Most of it I'm ashamed of but there is some words I trust and a lot that I don't. (Ps 55:21 KJV)

RR144 wrote: 1 year ago Too often, some leave or get kicked out and then need to replace it, so they look for something similiar, like Robert King, or others like him.
I don't know the guy but from what you have said I know many like him, and yes, many that leave or get kicked out carry with them the Armageddon syndrome. It's been implanted in many of minds and by the way they were taught to keep out of the sheepfold of the Lord Jesus Christ they will continue to have an up hill battle until they can come to terms with the Real Truth!

Stranger, (Amos 3:3)

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