The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

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The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#1 Post by Strazh » 1 year ago

This is the open letter to one of the followers of Robert King aka e-watchman. Please read to the end. I received this information, and it confused my heart. I was forced to take this step, because if there is no love in the (web) congregation than the fans unconsciously parody their icons. But sometimes it crosses a red line, and a dishonesty begins that is used by both icons and their followers.

E-Watchman and The Open Letter to Genco Giuseppe

Dear friend!

I want to help you, and since I have no other way to contact you I have to do it in this open letter. In this PDF file I got your public page on the Disqus website. It contains your comments on the blog of the so-called e-watchman aka Robert King. I was surprised to see the discussion feed of your omments contains a lot of direct (or translated into English) my site’s quotes that you posted on Robert’s blog. Like the prophet Daniel, you have done a great job in order to translate my entire website for yourself (by using an online translator) to understand the prophecies better. I am pleased how you wanted to help his readers in this way, and it seems to me you are a kind person. So I want to tell you more.

Full PDF -

I am sure Robert King is aware of the existence of my website and its contents. You can ask him about it directly. Perhaps he will deny it, but not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. It is an amazing coincidence because the thoughts that he began to write in his articles over the past year were like a response to my articles. The main things in which he was wrong is clearly seen from my articles. Besides, about a year ago I wrote a letter to Robert King in the contact form of his website. You can see this in the screenshot by clicking the Spoiler 1 below.

Spoiler 1 -

In my letter, I showed him that he was wrong systematically. Also click Spoiler 2.

Spoiler 2: The System Mistakes of E-Watchman…

Also I gave him a link to this article (English edition) and I thanked him for making a contact form because I didn’t have a (discuss) account that was required to leave a comment on his site. He ignored my letter.

Soon he received a comment (which had a link to this article) on his blog again. (Click Spoiler 3 ).

Spoiler 3 -

But Robert quickly deleted this comment (Spoilers 4, 5).

Spoiler 4 -

Spoiler 5 -
(Read carefully!)

Yeah, Robert quickly deleted this comment and referred to the ban on advertising other people’s blogs on his site. He was right technically, but it was an unchristian act especially if you take into account the number of questionable links on his site. By the way, what about the censorship of the media resources which Robert King condemns?

It was stupidity. The spirit flew out to freedom and it can’t be returned. The information was fully corresponded to the Scriptures and the Spirit of truth exposed the main e-watchman’s mistakes. I didn’t insist anymore – Titus 3:10. It didn’t make sense. He continues to direct people’s attention to ‘God’s organization’ and preaches conspiracy nonsense. God knows, I just wanted to help him and his readers, but I didn’t expect such an unchristian reaction from him and from people who consider him ‘a prophet’.

Yeah, I think e-watchman understood everything perfectly. Initially, he was indoctrinated by the Watchtower, now he should have understood the ‘life-saving’ preaching of Jehovah’s Witnesses had nothing to do with the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus Christ, Matthew 24:14. This is the main reason why the preaching of Jehovah’s Witnesses has stopped now. This is 1914-year’s preaching of a man of lawlessness. As I have already written, the real preaching of the real holy ones is ahead. It is impossible to stop it.

(This is the best visual example that will help you to understand system the Watchtower and e-Watchman errors of is the sci-fi thriller Time Lapse (2014). Don’t watch with the kids, 18+)

Why didn’t God reveal the simple truth to this ‘prophet’? Perhaps e-watchman fell asleep? When? For almost 15 years he preached the times of the Gentiles did not end in 1914. But he did not give a clear explanation of what the times of the Gentiles are. For the first time this explanation was given on my website and was repeatedly quoted on the Russian-speaking Internet. All this can be found in the web archive. I do not take the glory for myself, because this explanation is completely consistent with the Bible, and it had understood by all faithful Christians before me. But since there were no networks for the exchange of information, perhaps few people knew about it.

Anyway, I am sure e-watchman realized that he was wrong. He just had to humble himself for God and not to repeat Saul’s sin in order to run ahead of Jehovah. I was hoping he would accept it, but a whole year has passed, and what do I see?

After my messages Robert began to plaster his past interpretations. The sly ‘prophet’ began to do what he had denounced the Watchtower for earlier. The modest ‘e-watchman’s post’ site became a proud ‘Jehovah’s Watchman’. He and his adherents mock and expel anyone who understands the Scriptures better than Robert or does not praise him. Also they sometimes talk about the appearance of a ‘new understanding’ of their idol. And it started appearing on his website in this way – in your posts and in the change of his ‘prophetic’ rhetoric, at least. But God knows I’m telling the truth. And I know the true source of these changes in rhetoric and new ‘revelations’.

Robert got off to a good start, he did a lot in order to expose the secret deeds of the Watchtower and helped to look at their evil deeds from the point of God’s view. Everything was fine until he began to think about himself more than he needed to. This was the main reason why he stopped growing in love, growing in understanding, growing spiritually. Of course, you know the word ‘anointed’ means Christ. If Robert calls himself the anointed one, I think it would be right if we’ll call him Robert Christ. He claims to believe Jehovah’s Witnesses are ‘God’s organization’. But does another Christ named Jesus believe in this? If it’s true then Jesus should be responsible for all the false teachings of the Watchtower. This is the price of the beliefs of Robert Christ and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Unfortunately, today the e-watchman is no a prophet. This is a project like a Watchtower where his entourage incessantly gives him glory. What about Luke 6:26? Therefore, it is not surprising that over time Robert began to make presumptuous statements, unnecessarily escalating the situation around himself and his conspiracy ‘revelations’. What is the price of this unfulfilled prediction of his:

Because of my unique understanding of this fascinating prophecy I can say with the certainty of a prophet that the Watchtower’s intended move will not occur – that the “altar” and “pillar” by the border of Egypt represents the present Brooklyn Bethel. The reason the project is doomed is because “Jehovah is riding on a swift cloud and is coming into Egypt” – soon!

(c) Robert King, February 24, 2014.
Regardless of Robert’s statement Warwick’s Bethel was completely built. How can you believe a man who has declared himself a Jehovah’s prophet whose prediction did not come true? What about Deuteronomy 18:22? Because of he considering himself inspired like Ezekiel, Robert used the prophecy of Ezekiel 13:3 to call the Watchtower stupid prophets. But perhaps this prophecy applies to Robert more than to them?

And the problem is not a mistake, because each of us can make a mistake. The problem is that one dоes not admit it. Any attempt to justify this as ‘imperfection’ is just guile. The religious teaching about ‘imperfection’ has nothing to do with the real Biblical teaching. If you invert Paul’s statement about perfection, imperfection is the absence of love, primarily the love of God. (1 Corinthians 13:8-10).

As you can see, everything is becoming known. So I also received information that during the year you transferred almost all the main thoughts from my site to Robert King’s blog. I don’t mind. But why do you give glory to the ‘excellent Brother Robert‘, not to God? ( - page 3 & 42 of the PDF file)

You make sure it below.

For example: Your post ( (page 36 of the PDF file and my original message. These are direct quotes from my site
and from

Another examle ( - page 27 of the PDF file) and the my original article 'The True Goal of Christianity'' in English.

This post ( of yours and this one ( - both at the page 48 of the PDF file) is a complete rout of the non-biblical terminology of the e-watchman and the watchtower. The original message is on my website, in English.

Another example ( - page 44 of the PDF file) and my original article.
Amazing! For almost twenty years, the e-watchman has been engaged in divination about how the prophecy about ‘peace and security’ will be fulfilled, and Genco comes to his website and gives the simplest and clearest understanding from… my website! At the same time, I am not ashamed to say that one brother helped me understand this by asking the right question. This is the way the collective Christian mind works.

Incredibly, there are many such examples in your message feed, because I and the site’s readers know my articles very well. But I don’t consider myself special, because all Christians make up a ‘body’ in which everyone performs their functions for the benefit and joy of others. Each of us can make mistakes, but only by recognizing this can we fully cooperate with our brothers. This is the only way the Christian “body” can unite in love.

I have no objections when people cite my research, and I am glad when someone uses my materials to glorify God and His plan. However, my website does not exist to glorify a person. The terms of use of the site require basic honesty, no more. And they ask readers not to quote the site in isolation from its context. In accordance with this, I do not want my pure biblical studies to be quoted on the dark conspiracy website of Robert King, especially to glorify him, not God. Jesus and the apostles never engaged in conspiracy theory.

If you are afraid Robert King will ban or disfellowship you, then won’t it be persecution for the truth? – Proverbs 29:25. Isn’t it better to suffer for the truth than to sin by glorifying a man who preaches questionable things? What does light have in common with darkness?

It’s hard for me that I have to tell you about this, because it seems to me that you are a kind person. Therefore, I will pray for you, and I ask you to correct the situation and no longer use the materials of my site to glorify a person and without specifying links to the original source. If you like the information from this site and if you are sure that it is completely consistent with the Scriptures, please act honestly for God, not for me.

Be honest and may God bless you!

2021, october 14
I don't speak English, so sorry for the mistakes and style.

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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#2 Post by Bobcat » 1 year ago

Hi Strazh,

I'm trying to understand what is your part in this. Are you the one the letter is addressed to?


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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#3 Post by Stranger » 1 year ago

Strazh wrote: 1 year ago What does light have in common with darkness?


Stranger, (Job 24:15)

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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#4 Post by Stranger » 1 year ago

wrote: Strazh wrote: ↑21 hours ago
What does light have in common with darkness?

Stranger wrote,

Stranger, (Job 24:15)

Did anyone look at the twilight chart or give it a prolonged examination?

Perhaps if you did, you may have noticed a sequential numerical pattern, forced by nature, that's commanded by the Architecture of God's Word and Will. (Rev 12:12)

Stranger, (Rev 13:18)

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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#5 Post by Bobcat » 1 year ago

It was a very neat chart Stranger.


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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#6 Post by Proselytiser of Jah » 1 year ago

No offence to the man, but I always had a bad feeling for a long time about Robert when he began to describe himself as a prophet sent by God without divine evidence. It's the same complex the Governing Body has about themselves.

What's unfortunate is that many JWs will see that plain as day and will be put right off with those kinds of vibes, and they may retreat back into the arms of the WT's false prophets, as they'll say "wow he thinks he's a prophet from God, and he's attacking WT, they're right! ExJws and Apostates are crazy and mental!".

It's why it's so important that Christians of a similar mindset who see the WT for what it is be overt and try to be a light beacon to one another and gather, share our thoughts, and preach in unity, whilst being careful not to make the same mistakes ourselves. We've seen this pattern generation after generation since the beginning. Those who are "in" need to see that they are not unique, that indeed, faithful, Good News preaching, truth loving Christians similar to themselves absent of pagan influences, but free of the influence of the totalitarian rule of uninspired men, exist because that is their measuring stick.

Someone reveals the truth about false Christian practices and develops a complex about being "the one". Miller, Russell, Rutherford, Robert....

It's a pattern of thought passed down one to the other, it just transforms, shapeshifts. Only by realising that none of us is inspired or god-like can this terrible cycle end. But I suppose the wheat and the weeds will grow together until the harvest of Christ's return.
"The fruitage of the Spirit is; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control..." Galatians 5:22-23

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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#7 Post by Marina » 1 year ago

2005-2008 was the time I realizing things were seriously wrong with WT. During this time I came across Robert King's site. He was putting up videos of UK and cows. I emailed him and explained my situation but he was really harsh about WT in a sarcastic, ridiculing way. I could understand him having that attitude and assumed he was someone who had suffered badly. But felt strongly it wasn't the right attitude. After all the GB are set against Jehovah. Now anyone going against Our Father, Jehovah and His Son Jesus Christ is a loser. And that's sad, I mean really, really sad. God does not want to destroy anyone. He gave His Son to buy them back from sin and death, that includes the GB.

(Matthew 5:43-44)
(Luke 23:34)
(Acts 7:60)

Ray Franz never displayed a harsh sarcastic attitude towards the GB. But he told me in a kind and dignified way that my hope that they (WT/GB) might reform was unrealistic. Most I know who have a deep insight into matters express a similar view. Some get angry and we laugh about some of the super crazy stuff. But it is all very different to how Robert seems to be.

A lesson we have all learnt is:-

(Matthew 23:10)
(1 Peter 5:3)
(Matthew 23:8-11)

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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#8 Post by Strazh » 1 year ago

Marina wrote: 1 year agoA lesson we have all learnt is:-

(Matthew 23:10)
(1 Peter 5:3)
(Matthew 23:8-11)
Thank you, Marina, these are brilliant words. Right on target.

Regarding Genco to whom this letter was addressed, this story has a good ending. He wanted to help Robert's readers, but the problem is that Robert does not accept good advice and is obsessed with a competitive spirit. Anyway, Genco and I found a way to communicate and understand each other.

In general, while the brothers are sleeping on their forums, Robert discredited the biblical prophecies and stumbled many who are looking for understanding. Unkind behavior has already become habitual. And I don't want the correct understanding of biblical prophecies from my site to be published on Robert King's dark conspiracy resource.

Marina, you write correctly, if a person takes on too much, God makes him a loser. This explains why the obvious things from the Scriptures were closed to Robert until the moment when I wrote him my first message.

But this man with cold eyes did not accept us and does not accept other Christians to this day. This is a sectarianism. Unfortunately, in this way he shows he is outside the congregation of Christ. I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do. The arrogance of the Watchtower is a disease of all orthodox JWs. They are all asleep...


There are a couple coincidences in Russell's story.

Pay attention to this text:

Now we beg you, brethren, by the [1] COMING (parousia) of our Lord Jesus Christ and our [2] GATHERING together to him, 2 that ye be not soon shaken in mind, nor troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter, as [if it were] by us, as that the day of the Lord is present. 3 Let not any one deceive you in any manner, because [it will not be] unless the apostasy have first come, and the man of sin have been revealed, the son of perdition (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3, DBY).

I specifically highlighted two points. Paul writes to the holy ones about the [1] COMING (parousia) of Jesus Christ and about "our [2] GATHERING to Him”. He writes to the elect ones, and all faithful Christians are waiting for this event. But it is the expectation that serves as a weak point for the enemy who can try to seduce all potential chosen ones. Therefore, Paul warns them of the imminent danger of the appearance of a man of lawlessness in connection with their expectations of the coming and gathering to Christ.

And now an illustrative example of a prophecy that happened in real history:

At the end of the 19th century, Charles Russell founded a group of so-called “Bible Students". He announced that the invisible “coming” (1) of Christ had already taken place in 1874, and that “we will be gathered to Him” (2) in 1914. Nevertheless, in 1914, Christ did not come. This fact proved the lawlessness of Russell's message.

I will not say that this is a 100% fulfillment of the prophecy. Because similar cases have also happened in history. But it is the fact that it was 100% lawlessness described by Paul.

Moreover, Russell directly indicated that in 1914 the “sons of God” (the anointed ones) would be gathered to Christ. It is obvious that this person voiced the purpose of the Almighty to gather the anointed ones. But Christ and His angels should have done it, not Russell and the Watchtower. Thus, Russell's activity didn`t served for the fulfillment of God's plan, but for the purposes of the enemy. Surprisingly, Robert's book begins with the glorification of Russell. But at the same time, I do not pass any sentences on Russell, because the Almighty must do it.

Obviously, Russell wasn't a prophet. Robert King is not a prophet too. The real prophets directed people's attention to God, not to the Watchtower and conspiracy depths (Revelation 2:24). Besides, like Russell and the man of lawlessness, Robert also preaches about the future "invisible presence" of Christ.

Today Russell's grave is destroyed. And Robert also removed Russell from the main page of his website...

But it is my personal opinion and I don't insist for these things.
I don't speak English, so sorry for the mistakes and style.

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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#9 Post by Strazh » 1 year ago

It became a system. A new quote from the conspiracy oracle:
There is reason enough to believe that God “planted” the Watchtower to serve His purpose. As a publishing corporation that Watchtower has been hugely successful. It has certainly taken root and grown and produced fruit in the form of millions of religious adherents. As a result, the good news has been preached throughout the world—even as Jesus foretold.

Source: ... l-schemes/
It turns out that the preaching predicted by Christ has already come true. Yeah, "already." What about the preaching of Jehovah's Witnesses, for example, in China or in Afghanistan? One and a half billion people have already heard the real good news? Is the preaching over there already? Or didn't it even start? And what is the preaching about? About the Kingdom of God or about the mythical presence of Christ in 1914? The e-watchman is not tormented by these questions. His task is to shout loudly, attracting attention to himself (Acts 20:30). It turns out that Jehovah Himself "planted” it Watchtower? Really? And I was thinking, who should be responsible for the deeds of a man of lawlessness? Who is guilty of broken destinies of Christians, lost faith, and deceived children's souls? The One Who "planted" the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses?

This is the result of the fact that a person is focused on the VISIBLE organization, not on the invisible God, Whom he offends with his interpretations.

It is precisely because of the stubbornness of such "teachers” that the name of God is blasphemed among the nations (Romans 2:24, 2 Peter 2:1-3).
I don't speak English, so sorry for the mistakes and style.

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Re: The Open Letter to e-Watchman follower(s)

#10 Post by Get out of her » 1 year ago

Really appreciated you sharing that rather interesting letter with us Strahz. Took me some time to stumble upon it unfortunately.

I hope you understand I do not presumptuously and pridefully assume that you or for that matter ANY of my dear brothers and sisters value my input on the spiritual/scriptural issues that are raised in it, but that doesn't mean I won't do my best to help them genuinely put these things more in perspective regardless. Here are just a few things I would encourage you to prayerfully and scripturally ponder in connection with all this at least for the moment. Let us please begin by taking a closer look at a few scriptures here:

But you, do not be called Rabbi, for ONE is your teacher, whereas all you are brothers. Moreover do not call anyone your father on the earth, for ONE is your father, the heavenly ONE. Neither be called leaders, for ONE is your leader, the Christ." (Mt 23:8-10)

I took the effort of highlighting even further the very same word that Jesus actually highlighted in this scripture and obviously in a rather repetitious manner. When we are considering this passage in the koine Greek writings, the word-"one" is actually to be found FOUR TIMES within just these three verses. The question here really should be why is this word ALREADY highlighted rather strongly in this scripture? In fact we might also ask ourselves the question of whether or not we ever even NOTICED what is actually a rather GLARING facet of this scripture, and if so why not?

Well other than the fact that its among the things could go a long way in helping us to appreciate the message that is ACTUALLY being conveyed in ANY given passage, attaining a habit of paying closer attention to such things should help us realize just how thoroughly and effectively we have all been programmed our entire lives to NOT SEE what in reality has always been right in front of our faces and SHOULD be rather clear and obvious. This spiritual darkness or blindness that ALL of us currently suffer from to at least some extent is also referred to as a kind of "veil" by Jehovah, and it is among the things that would repeatedly envelope the ENTIRE earth on each of the foretold occasions in which the holy kingdom covenant would be violated with spiritual adultery on the part of Jehovah's appointed shepherds. (2 Cor 3:15, 16 4:3) (Isa 42;19) (Ro 11:25)

As I've stated many times before, at ANY time in which we would rightly be anticipating another foretold "coming of the Christ" and its commensurate/subsequent full manifestation of Jehovah's holy nation, we very much need to understand (once again) that among the primary REASONS for this "coming" is that up until this point we are dealing with the ANTI-Christ (once again a fake or counterfeit replacement anointing) here on the earth as opposed to the Christ, or otherwise precisely what always PRODUCES this spiritual "veil" when granted the opportunity. In other words there would of course be no NEED for a "coming" of Christianity if it were in fact already here. Has this "veil" of Satan really been so effective over us that we cannot discern so much as the fact that if or when Jehovah's nation actually exists on the earth, it would as always BE the world power! But how exactly has this "veil" manifested itself in connection with this specific scripture here in Matthew?

Well even despite the fact that Jesus here cannot even make it through ANY of these three sentences without directing our attention to "ONE" as opposed to himself, and by extension what that "ONE" actually represents, our thoughts seem naturally inclined to move in a somewhat different direction, don't they? So the real question here as always is what is it in this particular case that satan and the demons feel so threatened by and be so terrified about us actually coming to understand that would move them to subject us to such intense and relentless false programming? Could this possibly be all about what the CHRIST actually is, and the fact that if at least SOME of the anointed "virgins" in these post-apostasy/pre-kingdom time frames actually understood what it is they would be conducting themselves in a very different manner than they otherwise WOULD be, namely one that would UNQUESTIONABLY put an end to the death-grip the demons always have on mankind in these periods?

First of all it might come as a complete shock to many of us that it is EXTREMELY easy to prove scripturally that Jesus here is directing our attention to something MUCH BIGGER than simply himself, and this is even ASIDE from the fact that the Christ he refers to in this same account is actually identified a "body" comprised of "MANY members" and that even by its very DEFINITION points directly to the anointed ones and thus the very same thing that ALL THREE of these verses here in Matthew are actually directing our attention to with the word- "ONE." (Ro 12:4, 5) (1 Cor 12:12) This would of course be not ONLY the Holy Spirit, but also by extension the SOURCE of this spirit, which the anointed "VIRGINS" and "WIDOWS" in these time frames desperately need to become "one" WITH. (De 6:4) (Joh 17:21) In fact unless it were actually true that Jesus contradicts himself, the fact that he is NOT directing our attention only to himself here in Matthew 23:8-10 can be established by MERELY this next scripture alone:

"But the helper, the HOLY SPIRIT which the father will send in my name, THAT ONE will TEACH YOU all things, and bring back to your minds all the things I have told you. (Joh 14:26)

Seems to me we just keep running into this word-"one" here. But wait a minute! I thought Jesus had just made it clear that the CHRIST was our teacher? You see by informing his disciples that "ONE is their LEADER," or even "ONE is their TEACHER, the Christ," Jesus is actually telling his followers the very SAME THING that he says here in the book of John, and this is because the word Christ by its very definition basically MEANS the Holy Spirit! It's important not to forget that even Jesus HIMSELF was "led by the Holy Spirit" just as ALL Jehovah's prophets were and always WOULD be. (Lu 4:1) (2 Pe 1:20) But even if at some point we somehow became convinced that ANY AND ALL genuine/ordained scriptural or spiritual teaching would only ever come from merely one of the two prophets Jehovah sent to the earth in the early part of the first century, then we have just come full circle yet again. This is because Jesus HIMSELF directed our attention not only to the Holy Spirit as what would ultimately comprise our teacher, but also OTHER prophets INCLUDING John the Baptist. (Mt 11:8-11 12:39 15:7 24:15 27:9) (Lu 4:17) But then again we can be absolutely certain that ALL these prophets would be taught AND led by the Holy Spirit just as JESUS was!

Are we beginning to better appreciate why Jesus kept pointing to "ONE" common thread connected with all of this and how it in turn would compel us to recognize that there is much more involved with genuine scriptural teaching and understanding than simply one prophet of Jehovah that existed on the earth for a few years in the early part of the first century? You see not only does this same Holy Spirit obviously encompass also its very SOURCE, but once again even this Christ that it anoints is ultimately identified as a "body of MANY members!" (1 Cor 12:12) But did this very same "veil" we are currently considering just now cause us to fail also in seeing the tremendous implications of something ELSE we have ALREADY touched on here that would be EXTREMELY threatening to the demons in ANY time frame that would require a "coming of the Christ"?

Bear in mind Jesus is actually speaking to his fellow anointed brothers here in Matthew AND John, which in turn means he is actually speaking to the CHRIST! What is more, since he obviously recognized these PARTICULAR anointed "virgins" as "discreet" or "faithful and wise" as opposed to "foolish" or even "wicked and sluggish" and even to the extent of appointing them as Apostles or otherwise granting them the power and authority to JOIN him in his earthly ministry and subsequently even renewing the broken kingdom COVENANT with them, then obviously in at least SOME sense he ALREADY recognized them as in "UNION with him" or as "ONE with him." (Joh 17:21, 22) In fact not long beforehand we find Jesus commanding them to "REMAIN in union with him"! (Joh 15:4) So WHY then do we later find him praying to his father here in John 17 for a FUTURE time in which they would be as "one" with both him AND his father? If the reverence, devotion, love and faithfulness of these men could allow Jesus to go so far as to even renew the kingdom covenant with them, then WHY would he be praying for something ELSE that would ALSO make them as "one" or in "union" with him and his father? Could this "oneness" perhaps have something to do with what is involved in the "discreet" ones among these "virgins" at some point standing on a HEAVENLY Mount Zion as fellow HEAVENLY kings of Jesus, with the very NAME Jesus and EVEN that of Jehovah on their foreheads? (Re 5:10 14:1)

It should be clear to us already at this point that this was PRECISELY what Jesus was speaking of. But what exactly would this entail and why would the Satan and the demons go to so much trouble to try and blind the anointed "virgins" and "widows" to such scriptural truths or teachings?

While it should already be very clear to us that even simply the very IDENTITY of the Christ has long been "veiled" from us, what we are now considering is not its identity, but rather its divine PURPOSE. What we are actually considering here in ALL these accounts and in fact seemingly COUNTLESS others is JESUS Christ AND his father communicating TO the Christ and FOR the Christ with the ultimate purpose or goal of eventually transforming at least a "FEW" of this "body of MANY members" into something ASTONISHINGLY more significant than SIMPLY the Christ or even MERELY anointed "virgins" and "widows." (Mt 22:14) (1 Cor 12:12) This would clearly be an entity that could be referred to now not ONLY as JESUS Christ as opposed to SIMPLY the Christ, or otherwise Jehovah's anointed means of SALVATION as opposed to merely anointed, but obviously it at SOME point would even bear the name of JEHOVAH in a manner in which NO human being on earth could ever possibly have even IMAGINED before reading or otherwise having RECEIVED the divine revelations recorded for us here! (Re 14:1)

Accounts such as Revelation 5:10 6:11 and 11:3, 7, 11, 12 of course clue us in on exactly HOW the more "discreet" ones among the anointed in ANY of the foretold settings in which a broken marriage covenant would reduce them into spiritual "widows" and "virgins" will be transformed into this unimaginably majestic heavenly entity. But among the things we would do very well to understand here is that the rather staggering implications involved in all of this actually go WELL BEYOND Jehovah's "reply" to at least one or more of Satan's "taunts" or false accusations that he launched against Jehovah shortly after the creation of Adam and Eve, whether it was by his words, his actions, or both. In other words there is even SIGNIFICANTLY more involved in this than Jehovah irrefutably demonstrating before all his children throughout all his creation that he would have been more than happy to grant the additional power and authority Satan and the demons made clear by their actions they were YEARNING for and in fact even BEYOND that if they had only approached all this in the proper MANNER, and with the proper MOTIVES. (Pr 27:11) As Jehovah himself strongly recommends in Psalms 2:8, they could have at least "ASKED" for these things, just as the CHRIST is now being commanded to do here in this account!

What this is all leading up to here Strazh is the fact that as long as we keep allowing ourselves to be blinded to incredibly key scriptural truths or teachings which in reality have ALWAYS been right in front of our eyes, we will only CONTINUE feeling compelled to overlook ones that make it perfectly clear that true prophets of Jehovah would be appearing on the earth all the way up to and even well BEYOND the Millennial Reign! (Am 3:7) (Re 10:7 11:3, 18) Assuming we are not personally ONE of them, the only real question here is- would we ever even be moved at some point to bother seeking them out in the first place, and if so WHEN, WHERE, HOW, and for that matter exactly WHY? Rest assured the scriptures answer ALL of the questions! The problem here is that they as are so well "veiled" by the "antichrist" that is ALWAYS present in these foretold post-apostasy/pre-kingdom time frames that very few people on the earth can muster up the strength or will to so much as even truly ASK questions such as this? (Mt 7:7, 8) In other words even the extremely desperate NEED for us to ask or prayerfully ponder such questions has experienced this "veiling."

So what do you think then (Strazh) about the idea of actually POSING these questions for an open discussion and prayerful consideration? Would they perhaps be something that you or at least SOMEONE here would like to talk about?

Agape love;

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