Similarities Between Noah and Lot

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Similarities Between Noah and Lot

#1 Post by Bobcat » 1 year ago

Someone on another forum (Reddit AcademicBiblical) made a comment about how the story lines in Genesis regarding Noah and Lot follow a similar path or flow of events. So I Googled the idea and this blog was one of the results I got.

Here is the Google results page.

Here is the Reddit AcademicBiblical thread for possible included references and comments.

Nothing groundbreaking in all this. Just something I had never noticed before. Thus, this bucket (thread) to put whatever might be found regarding this thought. It also makes me think that this might coincide with the literary structure in Genesis somehow, but it's too late tonight to examine that. Maybe tomorrow. (Here for the cross-link to the Genesis chiastic structure thread.)

Here is a thread on Noah's curse upon Canaan. I'm cross-linking it due to possible related ideas or thoughts.


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