Delays in Approving Posts

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Delays in Approving Posts

#1 Post by apollos0fAlexandria » 9 years ago

I have received a couple of queries about the time it takes to approve some posts.

This is a blanket apology for any long delays. The reality is that the site is growing and we don't have a strict schedule for moderators to check the queue. All the moderators are kindly running this site in their "spare" time, and that is a precious commodity for all of us. So sometimes there can be longer delays than one might desire for the approving of new posts.

Just to clarify though - the only posts that should require approval are your first three, or anything you post in the "controversial" forum.

When we grow some more we will try if possible to introduce new mods, and to work out a schedule so that this issue is alleviated.

In the meantime we appreciate your patience and understanding.


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