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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#71 Post by Phoebe » 4 years ago

Hey Marina,
Just caught this....
You’ve captured elements that get to the heart of the matter.

Your personal creativity is something else 💐

I hope folk watching your hard worked presentations get the anguish, the calling out for help, the suffocation of being caught in a man made ‘religion’.

Surely that isn’t love whose source is our Living God?

We love the dear fellow Christians, but we don’t need no educa-shun.....we don’t need no thought control.

We just want care, respect for each other.
We want a journey in the Lord.
We want to be alive in the Lord.

We don’t want to be suffocated and have our conscience hurt and bent by deceitful language, there is a difference between being shepherded and being lorded over by men.

Your video expressed that ☀️

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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#72 Post by Marina » 4 years ago

Hi Phoebe

Your kind words and encouragement are much appreciated.

People really are trapped aren't they. I just found this video. Its not very long. Its someone reading form Crisis of Conscience - Ray Franz wrote that it wasn't even the leaders who were causing the trap, but the concept itself. They just are not capable of undoing the tangled mess they are in.


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The pickings are Good.

#73 Post by Stranger » 2 years ago

I just started working on a song but for now it's just a poem, let me know what you think please! It sounds better if you sing it.

"My Heart's feeling heavy
singing all these beats...
cause I'm more than just ready
I'm gonna destroy all her streets.

Step right on up and I'll be taking you Home
Just like I did when St Paul was in Rome.

You won't smell no fragrance of some designer's cologne
What your whiffing now is me working all alone.

I've been to the bottom and back up on top
get to know the season and you can pick the Lord's Crop.


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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#74 Post by Marina » 2 years ago

I'm a bit surprised at what I'm seeing written about Tesla Towers. We all know about Watchtower - but are they really getting out the Pylon?
This is what I wrote here x2 years ago!

#19 Post by Marina » 2 years ago

:flowers: For Phoebe, Amos and everyone who likes this - here's some more. It's a bit longer than usual so I have cut it up into three chunks. :flowers:


It was 3am in the morning. Wearing their new hi-vis vests (bought specially for the trip to Chelmsford) the family were ready to set off. But they were delayed because Kevin had lost the car keys.

Kiera and the children were waiting in the car. She called out to Kevin, ‘the keys are on the coffee table.’ ‘No they are not,’ replied Kevin. He had looked everywhere.
Rahab, strapped in her child-seat, was giggling with Josh. They were in the back of the car. She tapped her candy pink, hi-vis, baby vest. It made a jingling sound and she giggled. ‘I got da keys.’

‘Rahab!’ Said Kiera, ‘that is naughty. You are always hiding things. Give Mummy the keys.’ Rahab cried as the keys were taken from her. Kevin got into the car. ‘Don’t cry Rahab,’ he said. ‘Look, Mummy’s got some chocolate for you.’ Rahab’s face lit up, both she and Josh were given some chocolate.

After a 6 hour drive, they arrived in Chelmsford at 9am. Rahab’s vest was sticky with melted chocolate. Kiera rummaged for something to clean her with. ‘Oh Kevin, I haven’t brought a towel.' ‘Use the towel we bought for Josh the other day, it’s still in the car.’ Said Kevin.

Kiera got Rahab out of the car and put her in the pram. To save carrying it, she put Josh’s towel on Rahab’s lap. Together the family set off to find a mother and babies room. There was lots to see on the way. Exhibits, mini diggers, videos.

‘Lovely the way it’s laid out,’ said Kiera. ‘You feel so safe here. There’s no need to keep an eye on the children all the time.’ Kevin nodded, ‘it’s impressive,’ he agreed. ‘What do you think Josh?’

There was no answer.

‘Josh? Josh? Where are you?’

The family were quite near the viewing platform and could see a vast pit dug for the foundations of the Pylon. Cement was about to be poured when an overseer, one of the robotic supersillyotics halted activities. An intensive search was started, they were looking for someone. But only little Rahab could see the person they were looking for. He was the same age as her brother and looked similar. Trembling, covered in dirt (as if he had dug himself out of somewhere) the little boy was trying to hide beside her pram. She dropped Joshua’s towel over him, no one could see him now.

Meanwhile Joshua had gone onto the viewing platform. He had seen a boy-sized tunnel and hopped off the platform, into the dirt to investigate. At that point, while his father was distracted by a video about paint drying, Josh was grabbed from behind. A big hand was place over his mouth and, unable to call for help he was abducted. He struggled with all his might but to onlookers, Josh simply looked like a naughty boy being disciplined.

‘He’s been found’ said a voice in the ear-piece of a robotic, ‘and we are taking him to Mars.’ It was a dreadful case of mistaken identity but at this point no one realised. So, the robotic signalled for work to continue and cement started to be poured into the pit.

Josh was carried past the sign that said ‘welcome to Mars’ and into the pyramid. He was taken down vast corridors. Eventually he stopped struggling. Then his abductor set him infront of a door which opened to a huge white-walled room, like an art gallery without pictures. In the middle of the gallery stood Batman, a clown in fancy dress, holding a big club.

‘Who are you?’ Asked Josh, as he was ushered before him.

‘I am your leader,’ replied Batman. ‘You have tried to escape. Now, to prevent others from getting ideas, I will make an example of you. You think there is somewhere to run to. But I tell you, wombaticus orgiaticus, there is nowhere else to go!’ Batman raised his club ready to strike the child. Joshua, in imminent danger was surprisingly confident. Resolute, he pulled out his plastic hand brush.

Meantime, Kevin had not been idle. The instant Joshua made no reply, he reconstructed his last known movements. He knew Joshua would wander onto the viewing platform. He knew the way Joshua would peer around, then Kevin, saw the boy-sized hole. Like Josh he jumped off the platform into the dirt.’ A voice called out ‘hey, you are not supposed to leave the platform!’ But Kevin ignored the voice because he had already found both his son’s footprints and the footprints of the abductor. A wombaticii wearing a hard hat approached but before he could challenge, Kevin said, ‘my son has gone missing, have you seen him? He was wearing a hi-vis vest like mine.’

‘Oh yes,’ said the wombaticii, puzzled. ‘I thought he had been naughty. I saw him being taken to Mars.’

‘What!’ Exclaimed Kevin. ‘How do I get to Mars?’

‘Go up the path there, past the sign to ‘mother and babies’ and it’s first left.’ Replied the helpful wombaticii.

Tall, athletic and muscular, Kevin charged off like a mighty rugby player to retrieve his son from the Martian pyramid. Anyone preventing him was tossed aside. He was unusually able bodied, so much so that his first name was really Gabriel. He had been nicknamed The Able Gabriel, but didn’t feel comfortable being called Gabriel, so he asked people to call him, Kevin. Kevin was really his second name.

Within seconds he was outside the door looking in to where his son was about to be flattened by Batman. Kevin flew into the room, he saw Joshua’s toy hand brush held up ready for action but knew that at this moment Josh needed a real man’s hand-brush. So, he flipped his out of his pouch and threw it to Joshua who, catching it, now had two hand-brushes. Dad grabbed him by his collar launching him into the air. This allowed Joshua to raise both his dirty feet at Batman and perform a spectacular double brush, mud going straight in his would-be killer’s face. It was an awesome four-paw gesture followed by an earthquaking expression of disassociation. ‘Phrrwhrraaaath’ growled Josh. ‘Apostate!’ Thundered Kevin. Then, like the wind, they disappeared out the door. But their words remained, echoing round the art gallery as Batman crumpled to the floor.

‘You have made an exhibition of yourself Batman,’ said the Joker, grinning. ‘What shall we call it? The Fall of Superman?’ or ‘Opposing Love?’

In mental torment, Batman reached into his bat-belt for tranquilisers. He had been seen for what he was. A murder, a bully and an apostate.

‘That was the wrong boy,’ hissed Batman.

‘How do you know?’ Asked the Joker.

‘Because that was his father who rescued him. My victim was an orphan, there should have been no helper for him! Now I’ll have to deal with those two, as well as the one who escaped.’ Then Batman gulped down his tablets.


Kevin and Josh made it safely to mother and babies. There they found Kiera who had no idea what had just happened. She had cleaned up Rahab but couldn’t find Josh’s towel to dry her with.

‘Kiera, we’ve got to leave here now! Joshua was abducted and nearly killed!’

Kiera forgot about Josh’s towel and flung Rahab into her pram. Kevin took control of the pram and powered it up towards the car at a speed Rahab had never known. ‘Wheeeeeee.’ She giggled as the whole family made their escape.

Once at the car, the pram was dismantled, fast. Then Kiera saw the towel. It was on the lower shelf of the pram. She hadn’t realised as she’d gone into mother and babies that Rahab had pushed the boy she’d hidden and said, ‘get under da pram.’ So, the refugee had climbed into the lower shelf and stayed hidden under the towel. Now at the car, Kiera lifted the towel to find a frightened, trembling little boy covered in dirt. Kevin remembered the boy-sized tunnel and guessed what had happened. Keeping him covered, he said nothing, lifted him up and put him in the car between Josh and Rahab. Then the family left Chelmsford with the escaped prisoner under a towel.

Once they were far enough away, Kevin stopped at a motorway services. Kevin, Kiera and Josh got out of the car but refugee was nervous and cowered on the back seat. Kevin went to the door beside him, coopied down and held out his arms. The refugee saw the kindness in Kevin’s eyes and drew closer. Kevin stroked his cheek. ‘What’s your name son?’ He asked gently. ‘My name is Hassan,’ said the little boy ‘and no one has ever called me their son before.’

‘Have you no parents?’ Asked Kevin.

‘I don’t know who my father is,’ he answered, ‘and my mother gave me away.’


‘Because she didn’t like boys.’ Replied Hassan sadly, with big tears welling in his eyes. Josh gasped and clung to his mother, imploring as if to say, ‘oh mum, never give me away.’ Kiera hugged him and reassured him, ‘I would never give you away Josh or let anyone hurt you.’

From her baby-seat Rahab offered her teddybear to Hassan, ‘your mummy was naughty,’ she said.

Then Kevin picked Hassan up. The boy was bruised and muddy. ‘Come on,’ he said, ‘let’s clean you up.’ Then they all went into the motorway services.


Meanwhile, back at the Martian pyramid, Batman was struggling to his feet. ‘They will regret this.’ He said. ‘I will make them pay for making an exhibition of me.’

‘How?’ asked the Joker.

‘Firstly, I am issuing you with new direction to give to the Cyber Body. From now on all wombaticii must shave their brushes.’

‘What all of them?’

‘Yes, Joker, every single brush.’

‘Even their long-handled window cleaning brushes?’


‘They’ll find excuses.’

‘Joker, one of our most effective methods of control has been the use of sanctions, such as limiting their privileges. If someone refuses to shave their brush, they will not be allowed on the platform.’

The Joker shook his head. ‘Ach, they’ll never take it, Batman.’ He said with a slight Scottish twang.

‘Yes they will. Remember their song about the invisible star-ship ‘Keep your Eyes on the Enterprize’. I am the invisible star-ship which, through you and the Cyber Body, they follow without knowing.’

‘And you take them on trips.’ Said the Joker.

‘Exactly. I am an adventure in a vehicle, a fire chariot, even a chariot of fire. I am celebrity, gazed at like a hard-rock statue, stood upon a plinth. I am like the sun. I hold the attention of all faces, Joker. Even yours. For, although I am Batman, I am also Superman. I am the essence of super and they all want to be at one with me. Super, with it, trendy. Yes I am the ‘It’ they want to be with. It is all about me, Joker, not you or the Cyber Body, it’s all about me.’

‘And by the Pylon you will enter.’

‘Yes, and my presence will be their prize. I will enter as the Star, Elvis, the ultimate celebrity. They will get to see the Starman. And there will be a performance of that great, hard-rock classic, Bubblon.

‘Would you remind me how it goes?’ asked the Joker.

Obligingly Batman broke into song –

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire

I will not cease from mental fight
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Until I have built Bubblon
In Chelmsford’s green and pleasant land.

‘I tell you Batman, they’ll never take it. The wombaticii know that Bubblon will never be rebuilt. The E-Manual says so.'

‘Then I shall use the name of another city. I will disguise its identity.’ Said Batman.

‘Do you wish me to brief the Cyber Body about this and get ready for your come-back concert?’

‘Oh no Joker. It is not I who will perform. I will not lift a finger, I will just set the frequency. They are the ones who will perform. I will performance manage them, so that they go faster and faster and faster until their feet burn. Until they turn to molechules.’


‘Yes Joker. The Yules of Molech. It’ll be a new kind of Christmas, especially for the wombaticii.

‘But the wombaticii don’t celebrate Christmas.’

‘No but they will celebrate Molech Yuletide at the Pylon. We’ll call it Present Day.’ Said Batman. He paused and thought for a minute, then continued, ‘their present will be a ticket to ride. I’ll charge them and they should be in eternity within an hour. They will shine brightly as illuminators, like torches on their way to Mount Olympus. As Olympic torches they will be unable to bristle ever again. They will have no further need for their brushes, or even their hi-vis vests.’

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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#75 Post by AmosAu3 » 2 years ago

Hi Marina,

I've just seen your latest update on the Wambaticii. Excellent progress, need I say in a downward spiral. :D (that's not your writing, but for the orgiaticus, Bubblon and Mars)

Those of us in Australia have had great difficulty accessing the site for close to a week. This is the first time I've been able to get straight in.

Regards, Amos.

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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#76 Post by Marina » 2 years ago

Hi Amos - glad you enjoyed Wombaticii. Glad to see your post too.

Yes there are problems with the site's SSL certificate. Bobcat is on it, I understand - so waiting to see if he and Apollos can sort it out.

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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#77 Post by Bobcat » 2 years ago

On the certificate problem, Apollos told me that he thought the site was on an auto renewal status/agreement. But for whatever reason it wasn't. But he is on it (and with many thanks to Apollos for this site :clap: ). In fact, my Chromebook doesn't give me anymore security alerts for this site. So I was under the impression that the matter had been fixed.

Sorry for the off-thread post. But since the subject was brought up I thought I would mention what I know about it.

So with that said, we take you back to our regularly scheduled programming . . . :D

Yours truly,

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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#78 Post by AmosAu3 » 2 years ago

Hi Bobcat,

Thanks for getting the forum running good again. I still have the "Not secure" sign at the top of the forum.

Regards, Amos.

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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#79 Post by Bobcat » 2 years ago

Hi Amos,

Mine says "not secure" also. I didn't notice that before. My last communication with Apollos he said he was still working on it. I thought he had fixed it. But after my last post on it in this thread my Chromebook told me I had chosen to accept the security threat the site posed. I don't remember choosing that. But it said I did. Anyways, I have never won an argument with my computer.

So there we are. But Apollos will have it taken care of shortly.

Bobcaticus Confusedicus (My name on this thread :crazy: )

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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#80 Post by Bobcat » 2 years ago

As far as security certificates go, it looks like "the dust has returned to the earth just as it happened to be" so-to-speak. "And the certificate has returned to the true site which gave it."

Or to put it another way: "It is done!" (Rev 21:6)

In honor of this sacred occasion we shall have a reading from the holy book of armaments:

Bobcaticus ItAppearsToBeFixedicus

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