How long is "a little while"?

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Re: How long is "a little while"?

#11 Post by coccus ilicis » 10 months ago

Kerry Huish wrote: 10 months ago
coccus ilicis wrote: 10 months ago
The problem with the traditional view is that Daniel had the vision of the four beasts in the 1st year of Belshazzar, (Dan 7:1), the last king of Babylon see, Dan 5: 1-30. After receiving the vision of the four beasts, (Dan 7:1-14 ). Daniel asked for more information regarding the 4th beast and was told ... As for these huge beasts because there are four, there are four kings that will stand up from the earth. The next king after Babylon's fall was Darius and Cyrus of the Medo/Persians. So the count of the beasts starts with Medo/Persia, not Babylon.

Let's examine the text of Daniel 7:17.

Here is the literal translation: -

These great beasts, that [are] four, [are] four kings, they rise up from the earth;

Notice the word will is missing.

Let's examine the interlinear and see if the word will appears there: -

Mmmm, no word will in the interlinear either...

It seems you have favoured using the translations that have added the word will because they support your belief

Nicely spotted Kerry, the will is missing from Daniel's description. You are absolutely correct. Daniel describes what he sees and this is what he saw, (Dan 7:1-14). He knew what he had said concerning Nebuchadnezzar's dream image. Thank you Amos for writing it out in full. But this vision was something different and so he asked one of the heavenly ones standing nearby. And that one, made known to Daniel the very interpretation of matters, (Dan 7:16). He said: ... As for these huge beasts because there are four, four kings will/shall stand up from the earth, but the holy ones of the supreme One, shall/will receive the kingdom, (Dan 7:17,18). As you can see in the snip below the will/shall are imperfect Heb. verbs. The first is an ordinary imperfect verb and in verse 18 it is an intense imperfect verb. So in both cases, he indicates this is something that would happen in the future. So the count of the 4 beasts/kings/empires necessarily starts after Babylon's fall.
Check out the links on these snips to make sure. To see how different translations have rendered this verse, see


Daniel then asks for more information regarding the 4th beast which was different from all the rest, Dan 7:19-22. And the heavenly one tells him what would happen and Daniel saw that that very horn was making war against the holy ones and was prevailing against them, (Dan 7:21), saying that this little horn that grows great would humiliate three horns/kings/ruling entities. This has already happened (Dan 7:8,24). See Post 170 ,here, where I said
We have been accustomed to thinking of it as a horn or king and therefore misapplied Dan 7:8, 10, saying 10 horns minus 3 =7 plus the little horn = 8. But this was wrong. The little horn didn't replace the three horns, it made them fall and humiliated them, (Dan 7:8,20,24). For more on this see the disgusting thing post 150, here. The three horns it felled were. Christendom, Islam and Judaism - the 3 measures of flour in which the woman hid the leaven (Mt 13:33).
And he will speak words against the most high and he will harass continually the holy ones of the supreme One. And he will intend to change times and law. And they, [times and law], will be given into his hand for a time, times and half a time, (Dan 7:25). This is now in progress. If this forum and others like it are shut down, which is now on the cards, see post 179, here. And post 190, here, (Dan 7:21,25). Jehovah willing, I will explain what is being said and proposed at the UN in my next post at the Revelation - Where we are in the Stream of Time thread.

It is too late in the day to be dilly-dallying. If I am completely off the mark even as others have been before me, then hopefully I will be in a position to retract what I have said. But if this is right, on which side of the divide will we be standing?

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