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Re: DTT Will Close to New Postings

#31 Post by goghtherefore » 2 months ago

“This is My Son, My Chosen One; listen to Him!”
Luke 9:35

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Re: DTT Will Close to New Postings

#32 Post by Stranger » 2 months ago

goghtherefore wrote: 2 months ago...Amen

Amen, Stan!

Looking at some of Stranger's notes that he left behind, I found some scriptures that he was most likely thinking about when he said this part of his prayer.
Stranger wrote: 2 months ago Thank You for staying with me through my adolescent stage of spiritual growth, the more mature I get the more my mind is at ease, and thank You for your patience, (God knows I needed it!).

Deeper truth for the Mature

(1Cor 2:5-7)

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