Isaiah 9:6 LXX- Jesus an Angel?

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Re: Isaiah 9:6 LXX- Jesus an Angel?

#51 Post by Proselytiser of Jah » 1 year ago

Marina wrote: 1 year ago Thank you Maria and PoJ for your warm encouragement. It means a lot.
:flowers: :flowers: :sheep: :flowers: :flowers:

Incidentally - I have been through something which another described as my being subjected to the behaviour of a 'narcissist'. I hesitate to use that term because I can see it stems from Greek mythology and Narcissus, not the Bible. That said, it has acquired, through common usage, negative connotations which, at the moment are useful in Christian communications.

To give it a clearer definition though - the Bible speaks of Man's fallen nature, Man falling into sin through Adam. You can call that the duality in Man. The sinner repents and sticks to one set of values, those of Jesus Christ. But people like false religious teachers or others wanting to deceive live hypocritical lives. Two-faced. Jesus said we should let our yes mean yes and our no mean no. It's simple but not for someone being two-faced. They are like the one looking into a pool of water - there is the person and there is the reflection of the person. Metaphorically speaking a person living in two worlds, each world having radically different standards. Good and bad. Black and white. Right and left. Christ's and Anti-christ.

Now consider infallibility. You can challenge a person who makes a clear statement and is proved wrong. But if a person talks nonsense or 50% truth and 50% nonsense, how can you challenge that? Well, they were infallible weren't they. They were never wrong BUT THEY WERE NEVER RIGHT. How very like the Watchtower's tactics eh?

I just saw this post you made. Great minds think alike Marnia. Haha.
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Re: Isaiah 9:6 LXX- Jesus an Angel?

#52 Post by Stranger » 1 year ago

Proselytiser of Jah wrote: 1 year ago I have been granted insight, and it's for this reason I am not falling for your tricks
What's the trick in making my love stick? I'm using appropriate compression for my inappropriate confessions for someone I guess might need it more.

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Re: Isaiah 9:6 LXX- Jesus an Angel?

#53 Post by Marina » 1 year ago

Thanks PoJ.
I saw a video a while back - not sure I can find the link that easily but it was a few years old. Someone explaining how, when that wrongdoer is found out, the unrepentant one does not apologise but seeks to make the argument even bigger so as to draw all into it.

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