The book of Esther. Its symbolic spiritual meanings.

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The book of Esther. Its symbolic spiritual meanings.

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"The kingdom of the heavens is like"---(Mt 13:31)

Among the reasons I will be able to demonstrate with this discussion that the book of Esther is just another of seemingly countless ways in which Jehovah has illustrated or symbolically represented the things that are involved with another foretold "rebirth" of his holy nation on the earth and it's commensurate true worship, is because that is precisely what this book is. (Jer 15:9) (Ga 4:24) It would be very fitting and even helpful therefore for us to think in terms of the above words that Jesus often used to preface another parable or illustration of his before reading it. As I have already stated as well as demonstrated many times over the years, what we are basically or primarily considering in the holy writings is MANY different ways of illustrating or symbolically "typifying" what are by comparison really just a few key messages from Jehovah. (He 8:5) Each of these variations in the manner in which this is done is designed to focus more on and further clarify specific facets of this phenomenon that other symbolic dramas might only touch very lightly on if at all. If anything the question here would be --WHY would Jehovah choose to do things in this manner? And if we could be helped to better appreciate these reasons, might this in turn help us to ..."pay more than the usual attention"... to this divine information itself? (He 2:1)

The rather extreme repetitiveness of these scriptural messages alone should first of all drive home just how important they are for the anointed ones to comprehend. Yes the reason the holy writings are very difficult to understand is not merely because they are generally misrepresented by false religious leaders. The fact is they were ALWAYS directed more specifically to the anointed ones. But if these divine messages are at times …"hard to understand" even in a setting in which Jehovah GRANTS the "wisdom" needed to fully grasp these things to even ALL his anointed ones, (namely the setting of a renewed and inaugurated kingdom covenant) (2 Pe 3:16), then we would do well to consider the following question:

Could we perhaps already be considering yet another reason for the rather cryptic manner in which God's word was written? Yes we all could likely appreciate the fact that the holy writings are obviously available for EVERYONE to read and consider while Jehovah at the same time does not …."give what is holy to dogs nor throw pearls before swine." (Mt 7:6) But since in a setting of a BROKEN holy covenant Jehovah has only EVER granted this "wisdom" or understanding of his written word (at least initially) to merely one or two individuals, then would it not seem somewhat obvious that this rather mysterious manner of communication was also intended to help the anointed "virgins" and "widows" of a BROKEN holy marriage covenant identify his true prophets in these post-apostasy/pre-kingdom settings?

As I have demonstrated many times before, the more we would research and cross reference symbolic scriptural terms such as the command found at Matthew 24:15, 16 for these spiritually "sleeping virgins" and "widows" (even what is now a kind of "barren woman") to …"flee to the mountains" upon "catching sight" of the fact that they have indeed found themselves yet again in such a setting, the more we will come to appreciate that this is actually a command to begin searching for a genuine prophet of Jehovah. (Mt 25:1, 2, 5) (La 1:1, 4) (Isa 54:1-4) With that in mind, would it not be the case that empowering someone to truly demonstrate an accurate knowledge of his word would be the very BEST way for Jehovah to help them identify what is also described as a "faithful and discreet steward" in these settings? After all, in the settings of a national "apostasy" or otherwise the very situation which REQUIRES another of the foretold "births of the (figurative/spiritual) barren woman" or …"presence of our Lord Jesus Christ," the scriptures make it clear that when it comes to OTHER "powerful works," if anything they are to be recognized generally speaking as among the identifying marks of FALSE ministers. (2 Th 2:1-11) (Mt 12:39 16:4) However particularly due to the fact that in such a setting even Jehovah's true prophets qualify as merely a kind of spiritual "corpse" or "carcass" that figurative "loathsome eagles" must feed upon to be furnished with the spiritual "food" and even "clothing" they ALL once again desperately need, (Mt 24:28, 45, 25:34-40) (Re 11:8 12:14) (Le 11:13) let's not lose sight of the following fact:

ESPECIALLY in a setting in which even Jehovah's true prophets can at best only strive to be recognized by him as nothing more than repentant members of a kind of "great" spiritual "harlot" until the moment that the holy covenant is once again renewed and inaugurated, ultimately it is ONLY the divine messages themselves coming from their mouths that really amount to anything at all. (1 Cor 6:15) (Re 17:1,2) (Isa 54:1-4) By all means then, beginning with my next post let's begin focusing our attention on exactly that as we consider the book of Esther in a manner that we undoubtedly never have before in our entire lifetime.

Agape love;

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Re: The book of Esther. Its symbolic spiritual meanings.

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In order to save space I will simply be citing the specific verses of Esther that I will subsequently be commenting on. I certainly encourage my brothers and sisters to place the cursor over the cited verses and read them before moving on to the commentary. Also please try to appreciate that while the dialogue here will likely seem relatively lengthy or wordy by the time we get to the end of the book, the reality is that this will prove a VERY abbreviated consideration of what is actually being conveyed in the symbolic spiritual language of this prophetic/symbolic drama.

(Es 1:1-9)

Undoubtedly the first thing we would do well to understand here is that the setting we are initially considering here in Esther is precisely the one that existed in reality at the time. In other words while the book of Esther is indeed a prophetic/symbolic drama that is absolutely saturated with a rather astonishing volume of symbolic spiritual meanings, the events being relayed to us are not only historical or otherwise very real, but they occurred in a setting or time frame in which Jehovah's nation and its commensurate true worship actually existed on the earth. More specifically the setting here was well into the reign of the Medo-Persian world power roughly five centuries before our common era.

As we should be able to discern from accounts like Isaiah 44:28 45:1, the time frame we are dealing with here is what the scriptures would ultimately identify as the SECOND of the "seven births of the barren woman" or otherwise the second of the "seven kings" foretold to rise to world dominance during the time span identified with terms such as the "seven times" or "appointed times of the nations." (Re 17:10) (Lu 21:24) (Da 4:23, 32) Basically these manifestations of genuine theocratic authority and power on the earth would occur as a result of world rulers at least INITIALLY qualifying as what we read of here in Isaiah as well as scriptures like Jeremiah 25:9 or Philippians 4:22. Compare (Jer 15:9) This is precisely what accounts for all the feasting and rejoicing being pictured here in the opening verses of Esther, which Jehovah is actually using to represent the SPIRITUAL feasting that these "comings of the kingdom" always produce. (Col 1:13) Yes the further we delve into this book of the Bible the more we will come to appreciate that (as was often the case) Jehovah is actually manipulating real historical events to serve as a prophetic/symbolic drama of the things involved with both a forfeiture of and subsequent restoration of his authority and power on the earth along with its commensurate true worship.

Once again, just as will be the case also with the Millennial Reign that is increasingly upon us, there is ALWAYS a rise of a new world power when a ministry of Jehovah's true prophets results in a renewed and inaugurated kingdom covenant with one or more "repentant" and "discreet"/"wise" members of the anointed or what is also often translated as the Christ. (Strong's #5547) (1 Cor 12:12) (Ro 12:4, 5) (Mt 3:1, 2 4:17 25:1, 2) This particular "coming of the Christ," "son of man" or "kingdom" connected with the Medo-Persian world power was accomplished with the ministry of the prophets or "two witnesses" by the name Haggai and Zechariah. (Eze 2:1) (Ezr 5:1) (Ha 1:13) (Re 11:3) Until the moment this holy law covenant or what is represented even also as a divine MARRIAGE contract is violated with a kind of spiritual unfaithfulness or adultery, this spiritual feast along with all its related blessings continues, and ultimately for the benefit or "good" of ALL" the "jurisdictional districts" of this world power. (Es 1:1 10:3) (Da 4:20-22)

It is precisely for the reason that this foretold time frame of the "seven kings" or "seven times" that Jeremiah pinpointed as beginning with the reign of ancient "King Jehoiakim" is being pointed to THROUGHOUT the holy writings that we will continue finding the number "seven" being highlighted also in this drama. (Es 1:5, 10) (Da 4:23, 32) (Re 17:10) (1Sa 2:5) REGARDLESS however of what particular manifestation of Jehovah's authority and power on the earth we are dealing with, it is when we get to verse 10 of the first chapter of Esther that we begin considering a symbolic representation of what would always put an END to this spiritual feasting and rejoicing during this 2,520 year time span that Jeremiah pinpointed as beginning with the apostasy of ancient King Jehoiakim. (Jer 1:3)

(Es 1:10-22)

We suddenly find ourselves considering a rather conspicuous and alarming absence of a wifely and even queenly counterpart of the theocratic authority being represented in this drama. In this instance the apostasy or broken holy marriage covenant spoken of in accounts like Daniel 11:30-32 is pictured with flagrant disrespect and even disobedience on the part of Queen Vashti. More often this disobedience is represented in the scriptures as betrayal or even an act of spiritual adultery committed against the heavenly "bridegroom" that King Darius is ultimately representing here. And of course it is only the sin of adultery or fornication (even spiritual "harlotry") that Jehovah truly accepts as meriting the divorce that we now begin to consider in this symbolic drama. (Jer 3:8) Isa 50:1) (Mt 19:9 25:10) (Re 17:1 21:2, 9) (Eze 23:1-4)

Yes it is ultimately the "apostasy" spoken of in accounts like 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 that we are considering here in this symbolic spiritual language of Esther, which passages like Daniel 11:30 -32 in turn identify more specifically as an adulterous violation of the "holy covenant." The existence of this holy law covenant ALWAYS establishes even the very EXISTENCE of this figurative/spiritual "bride" or "wife" of the "Lamb." (Mt 25:1, 2, 10) The moment that what is actually the "moon" portion or EARTHLY "camp" of this "woman"/"Shulammite" suddenly becomes absent like Queen Vashti here in Esther, any anointings of Holy Spirit that subsequently come from JEHOVAH at least initially qualify people merely as POTENTIAL "brides of the Lamb." (Song 6:13) (Re 12:1, 2) This is precisely why they are ALWAYS now represented not only as figurative/spiritual "widows" of this spiritual death, but also as the mere "maidens" or even "virgins" that we also now begin to consider here in Esther. (La 1:1, 4) (Isa 54:1-4) At this point in time it is ALWAYS now all about sorting or sifting through all these prospects until at least ONE can be selected to experience the renewed marriage contract represented in accounts like Matthew 22:11-14 25:1, 2, 10, Revelation 11:11, 12 and 21:2.

Rest assured it is no coincidence we now find this very same thing being pictured, "illustrated" or "typified" here in the symbolic spiritual language of Esther. Beginning with my next post, let's by all means begin a serious and careful analysis of how Jehovah chooses to represent this phenomenon in this particular drama. (Mt 13:34) (He 8:5) Meanwhile, since what Vashti is being used to symbolize here is actually represented throughout the scriptures as a duel entity in some manner (whether in a "standing" or "fallen" spiritual condition), I would like to encourage my brothers and sisters to keep an eye out for SECONDARY ways she is pictured also here in the book of Esther. (Da 7:4) (Re 18:2)

Agape love;

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Re: The book of Esther. Its symbolic spiritual meanings.

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(Es 2:1-8)

As we consider this collecting together of "beautiful virgins" here for the purpose of ultimately selecting a new bride for the king, there are a few details mentioned that we would we would do well to grasp or appreciate. Among the reasons for this is that NONE of them are by any means a coincidence. As is ALWAYS the case with the holy writings, they are absolutely inundated with symbolic spiritual meanings.

First of all, aside from the more obvious fact that it is a queenly entity being sought after here in the book of Esther, we may have noticed at least two additional things that should direct our attention more specifically to the shepherding facet of Jehovah's holy nation. In other words in a setting in which a rebellion or "apostasy" at the highest level of Jehovah's nation results in the complete loss of theocratic authority and power on the earth and by extension the holy nation itself, the reestablishment of this legal authority ALWAYS begins with the Judean facet of Israel which IN THIS SETTING is also referred to with terms such as the following:

…"the LOST sheep of the HOUSE of Israel. (Mt 10:5, 6)

…"those in JUDEA"… (Mt 24:15, 16)

"orphans and widows" (La 5:3) (Isa 54:1-4) (Jas 1:27)

"exiles" and "captives." (Jer 1:3) (Lu 21:24) (Ez 8:35)

Figurative/spiritual adulterers or "harlots" (Isa 1:21) (Eze 23:1-4) (Re 17:1)

Spiritual "lepers," "corpses" or "carcasses," along with the figurative "loathsome eagles" that must feed on them if they would wish to be cleansed of this spiritual "leprosy." (2 Ki 4:1, 10, 14 5:26, 27 15:5) (Re 11:8 12:14) (Mt 24:28) (Le 11:13)

Once again each and every one of the illustrations found in the Bible narrow in on at least a few of these facets of the spiritual death and uncleanness that ALWAYS results from a broken holy marriage covenant between Jehovah and mankind. We can be certain therefore we will find at least a few of these things being represented in at least some manner also here in this prophetic drama found in Esther. And sure enough, we discover first of all that both Esther and Mordecai are from the tribal lineage of Benjamin, or otherwise one of the two tribes that comprised ancient Judea. (Precisely what the term –Jew is based on) (Es 2:5) Yes just in case we failed altogether to discern at some point that these two tribes were singled out to symbolize the shepherding facet of Jehovah's kingdom, we can confirm this symbolism by considering accounts like Zechariah Chapter 11, and particularly verses 14-17. (Zec 11:14-17) Rest assured however it is also no coincidence that Esther is represented not only as unmarried or otherwise as a "virgin," (thus obviously also childless or "barren" in some sense), but also as having been orphaned as well as "deported" or "exiled" at some point. (Es 2:6, 7)

Is it becoming more apparent to us why a "coming of the kingdom" or "birth of the barren woman" always begins not only with a ministry of Jehovah's true prophets that is designed specifically for the spirit anointed "virgins," but also one that stresses humble "repentance" on their part? (Mt 3:1, 2 4:17 10:5, 6) You see Jehovah always assigns a community responsibility to ALL of the anointed ones when his holy kingdom or marriage covenant is violated with spiritual adultery or "harlotry." (Le 4:3) (Da 9:3-5) Since it is precisely the holy covenant that QUALIFIES Israel as such, the "apostasy" on the part of the appointed theocratic shepherds that breaks this holy covenant means first of all that Israel no longer exists, and by extension Israelites. And this is regardless of whether we are speaking of fleshly OR spiritual Israel. (Also referred to with terms like- true Christianity) If the holy nation still existed, there would of course be no need for another foretold "birth of the barren woman" or "coming of the kingdom."

You see it is the spiritual death of the holy nation that accounts for this scriptural term –"widows."
It is the forfeiture of spiritual relations with the heavenly "bridegroom" that these acts of spiritual adultery always result in that accounts for the scriptural term- "virgins."
It is precisely for the reason that a breaking of the holy kingdom covenant amounts to a rejection of Jehovah as our father that we now qualify as figurative/spiritual "orphans."
Since the very EXISTENCE of Israel is based on this holy covenant remaining in good standing with Jehovah, a BROKEN covenant AUTOMATICALLY means that we are now figurative/spiritual "EXILES." Worse yet, whether we are prepared to humbly and repentantly accept responsibility for it or not, until the moment a holy covenant is again renewed and inaugurated with at least one or more repentant ones among the anointed, we remain spiritual "captives" of SATAN!
What even the anointed ones in these post-apostasy/pre-kingdom settings ACTUALLY qualify as a kind of spiritually "leprous" or even "loathsome eagle" that must now begin feeding (in a spiritual sense of course) on a true prophet of Jehovah. (Joh 6:54) Yes even a genuine prophet qualifies in these settings as nothing more than a kind of spiritual "corpse" or "carcass" that these figurative "eagles" must absolutely begin feeding on if they would hope to again be recognized by Jehovah as actually being "fed" and even "clothed" in a spiritual sense. (Mt 24:28, 45 25:34-40) (Re 11:8 12:14) The "clothing" in question is the figurative "marriage garment" that is absolutely required if these spiritual "virgins" would hope to attend the next foretold "wedding feast" with their prospective heavenly "bridegroom." (Mt 22:11-14 25:1, 2, 5, 10) (Re 21:2, 9)

Quite tragically there are very few among the anointed "virgins" and "widows" who succeed in humbly and repentantly coming to terms with all these rather sobering realities in these prophetic time frames, and this is precisely what is being addressed in accounts like Matthew 22:14. Nonetheless it is exclusively on what is also represented symbolically by the "HOUSE of Israel" that Jehovah's true prophets are always focused on in these time frames immediately prior to a "coming of the kingdom." (Mt 10:5, 6 23:38) And in the case of this particular prophetic drama here in Esther, this royal house is represented with "Shushan the CASTLE." (Es 2:3) We would do well to understand not only that the "house" we are considering here is precisely what is mentioned in accounts like 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17, but more specifically an "abandoned" as well as a "DESTROYED" house or "temple" due to this "apostasy" spoken of in accounts like Daniel 11:30-32 or 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8. Compare (1 Cor 6:15-17)

The ministry to the anointed ones in these post-apostasy/pre-kingdom settings is designed to REBUILD this "destroyed temple" which is the very foundation of the kingdom or holy nation. This is ALWAYS accomplished with a renewed and inaugurated kingdom covenant as we can confirm with scriptures like Hebrews 9:16-18, 26-28 and Revelation 11:3, 7, 11, 12. Compare (Lu 22:28, 29) This reconstruction or rebuilding amounts essentially to a reconstruction of an ARK of Jehovah's salvation (basically the very definition of the name- Jesus) and it is precisely because this reconstruction is based on a renewed holy covenant that we often find the term –"ark of the COVENANT" in the holy scriptures! Yes this figurative "ark" needs to be constructed in our time as well for the advent of the millennial reign, and this is among the reasons that Jesus himself stated what he did at Matthew 24:37-39.

However since the account of Esther is among only a few of the scriptural illustrations that zero in on this aspect of being fatherless and motherless ("without genealogy" or "orphaned" in some sense) in these settings of a spiritual demise of Jehovah's nation, we would undoubtedly do well to delve a bit deeper into this particular facet of a spiritual death for at least a moment. (He 7:3) Among the reasons for this is because doing so should go a long way in helping us grasp what is being conveyed in scriptural passages like Hebrews 7:1-3:

"For this Melchizedeck, king of Salem, priest of the most high God who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him 2 and to whom Abraham apportioned a tenth of all things, is first of all by translation, "King of Righteousness," and is then also king of Salem, that is, "King of Peace." 3 In being fatherless, motherless, without geneology, having neither a beginning of days nor an end of life, but having been made like the Son of God, he remains a priest perpetually." (He 7:1-3)

Beginning with my next post let us by all means invest some time into considering how being orphaned in a spiritual sense during these periods of a broken holy covenant ties in to scriptures such as this.

Agape love;

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Re: The book of Esther. Its symbolic spiritual meanings.

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This brings us back first of all to this duel nature of the Vashti phenomenon that I have already referred to; namely that which was primarily represented in the scriptures with the two tribes of ancient Judea and which we want to bear in mind is also representing the shepherding facet of Jehovah's nation, whether in a "standing" or "fallen" spiritual condition. (Da 7:4) (Re 14:8) (Isa 1:21) In the case of Hebrews 7:1-3, this duality is being pictured with the interactions between both Abraham and Melchizedeck, which likewise ultimately represent the exact same entity and more specifically in the prophetic time frames in which this earthy or "moon" facet of Jehovah's "woman" is in the process of experiencing a spiritual renewal or restoration. (Re 12:1) In the book of Esther this same phenomenon is actually illustrated in two different ways, namely with Esther and Mordecai representing what is ultimately "TWO camps" of this "Shulammite" entity (once the earthly facet is restored by means of exactly what is being pictured in this drama) while at the same time Vashti and (as we will soon discover) "HAMAN" is used here in Esther to picture the duality of this entity in a spiritually "FALLEN" condition. (Song 6:13) (Song of Solomon) (Re 17:10 18:2) (Es 8:2)

Yes a duality remains with this entity also in a "fallen" spiritual condition. This is because the REPLACEMENT anointing or otherwise what is now "put in place" of the Christ or "continual sacrifice" in Jehovah's "temple" or holy "sanctuary" (the precise definition of the "ANTIchrist as opposed to the Christ) (Strong's # 473) as a result of this broken "holy covenant" ALSO incorporates a spiritual counterpart. Unfortunately in a setting of national "apostasy" this counterpart is comprised of satan and the demons or even more specifically an anointing (christ) from them. (Da 11:30-32) (2 Th 2:1-4) (1 Joh 2:18)

You see just as accounts like 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 make perfectly clear, regardless of how many times false religious leaders lead us to believe that the antichrist is some very foreboding thing we are still expecting to arrive, the fact is that this demonic entity and its commensurate replacement anointing (antichrist) is something that immediately appears on the earth the moment a "holy covenant" between Jehovah and mankind is violated with spiritual adultery ("apostasy") on the part of Jehovah's appointed earthly shepherds. Regardless of how well intentioned some of these people might be, this replacement anointing quickly transforms what WERE the "body of many members of the Christ" into what is now many "members of a HARLOT" or even (as the Apostle John words it) "MANY ANTICHRISTS." (1 Cor 6:15, 16) (1 Joh 2:18) By extension this means that every time we openly acknowledge we are eagerly anticipating another foretold (as Paul words it) "coming of our Lord Jesus Christ" and its commensurate "day of Jehovah," we ourselves are insisting that the antichrist is already here as well as the fact that true Christianity no longer exists on the earth. Yes a "coming of the kingdom" or "birth of the barren woman" is ALWAYS precisely what RESTORES true worship and by extension true Christians to the earth. (Jer 15:9) (Isa 54:1-4)

In the case of Hebrews 7:1-3, Melchezideck is more predominantly being used to represent the heavenly "camp" of the Messianic kingdom while Abraham on the other hand is more focused on its earthly facet. The interactions between the two however are simply another way of representing what is ALWAYS involved in restoring family and even marital relations (even "genealogical" relations) between Jehovah and repentant mankind after a spiritually adulterous violation of the holy marriage covenant. Basically what Abraham is being used to represent in this prophetic picture actually BECOMES what is represented in turn by Melchezideck when their interaction is completed, and for that reason even Melchezideck is pictured as "fatherless, motherless, without genealogy" or otherwise (like Esther) as a spiritual "orphan" until such time. (Es 2:7) (La 5:3)

It would be good to understand however that in this interim period when the tiny repentant portion of this "great harlot" is in the PROCESS of experiencing a spiritual revival or restoration, what for the moment remains as merely a POTENTIAL "bride of the Lamb" (a mere "maiden" or "virgin") is represented with scriptural terms like the "ShuNAmmite" as opposed to the "ShuLAmmite." (1 Ki 1:1-4) (2 Ki 4:8-13) Compare (Song 6:13) Once again it is specifically this period of spiritual healing and restoration of the earthly facet of the Messianic kingdom that we are currently considering here both in Hebrews 7:1-3 as well as in the book of Esther. Since this particular setting is BY FAR the most important one for the anointed ones to grasp however, it is in fact what is being addressed in the vast majority of the illustrations or prophetic dramas found in the Bible.

Yes regardless of whether it be an illustration, a parable, a prophetic drama, or even simply the events that have been recorded for us in connection with yet another of the foretold "births of the barren woman," what we are considering here in Hebrews 7:1-3 along with its surrounding events and circumstances is actually a very condensed representation of what is being presented to us THROUGHOUT the Bible. The book of Esther is simply another example of ways in which Jehovah has continually expanded and elaborated on these very same messages to his anointed ones. As we continue our consideration of it I will be referring back to this scripture in Hebrews to continue demonstrating this fact as well as elaborating on the accompanying symbolic spiritual meanings being conveyed.

Absolutely NONE of this divine activity being pictured in ANY of these scriptural accounts INCLUDING Hebrews 7:1-3 will ever really make any sense to us at all however as long as we continue giving more consideration to "teachings and commands of MEN as doctrine" than to the holy writings themselves. (Mt 15:9) (Isa 8:20) (Mt 16:6) Whether we realize it or not this is precisely what we have been conditioned or programmed to do for our entire lives, which in fact proves to be the case in ANY post-apostasy/pre-kingdom setting. But how exactly is this currently preventing basically all of us from truly grasping accounts like Hebrews 7:1-3 or for that matter the book of Esther? To demonstrate the confusion that this relentless false programming at the hands of satan and the demons has instilled in basically all of us, let's by all means consider the following in connection with Hebrews 7:1-3:

For the moment at least, let's simply continue to understand or recognize the Christ in the manner we have always been conditioned to, namely as strictly a person or an individual. In view of what scriptures like Proverbs 8:22 or Colossians 1:15-18 have to say, do we not seem to be considering a direct contradiction to this information here in Hebrews 7:3? Obviously it is the Christ and its atoning value that is being represented yet again here in Hebrews, which in turn is a direct reference to what we initially find being symbolized at Genesis 14:18-20. So the question is- how do we reconcile the concept of the Christ or even Christ Jesus (an entity that is actually very distinct from the Christ in some manner or otherwise basically what comprises the "ShuLAmmite" entity as opposed to merely the "ShuNAmmite" one) simultaneously qualifying as an entity that HAS a "beginning" while at the same time has NO "beginning"? Yes it would seem that Satan and the demons have one to tremendous lengths to conceal some very key scriptural truths from us.

The answer to this question is actually found right here also in the very same symbolisms we are considering in these accounts, and it is EXTREMELY important for us to comprehend. First of all, unlike the "head of the corner" or "foundation cornerstone" of this spiritual "temple," not only has the Christ (often simply translated as –anointed or anointed one since this is literally what the word means) or even "son of man" NEVER been represented in the scriptures strictly as a person or individual, but basically the entire purpose of the spiritual healing and restoration of this …"body of MANY members of the Christ" that we are considering in both Esther AND here in Hebrews is all about restoring a "ONENESS" with the entity that is ultimately responsible for ANY AND ALL genuine "salvation" at the hands of the anointed. (Eze 2:1) (Joh 17:11) (Ro 12:4, 5) (1 Cor 12:12) (1 Pe 2:6, 7) Ultimately this is all about JEHOVAH'S salvation which in fact is the precise definition of the name –Jesus. When we are considering the scriptural term –Christ JESUS as opposed to simply the Christ, we are now more specifically considering the concept of Jehovah's anointed means of SALVATION as opposed to merely the notion of an anointed one. Bear in mind scriptures like Matthew 22:14 make it very clear that even the vast majority of this …"body of many members of the Christ" will ultimately never amount to more than "foolish virgins." (Mt 25:1, 2)

Have we overlooked the fact that a marriage (which is of course being pictured also here in Esther) is ALL ABOUT creating a kind of "oneness." (Ge 2:24) (Mt 25:10) (Re 21:2, 9) The moment this priestly interaction between BOTH "camps" of Jehovah's nation being illustrated also here at Hebrews 7:1-3 is completed in connection with ANY of the foretold "births of the barren woman," the Christ or anointed ones involved in it become "ONE" with what is of course the ULTIMATE source of salvation, namely Jehovah himself. (Jer 15:9) (1 Sa 2:5) By extension since "immortality" is among the things these resurrected members of the anointed ones (Christ) are now blessed with, they have become "one" with an entity that has both NO beginning as well as no end. (1 Cor 15:51-53) In the meantime however, even the more "discreet" ones among this "body of many members of the Christ" qualify not only as merely a kind of "ShuNAmmite maiden" or even repentant "prostitute" in desperate hopes of experiencing the divine "marriage" being addressed in accounts like Matthew 22:11-14 and 25:10, but even as a kind of spiritual "carcass" that their fellow anointed ones must begin feeding on if THEY in turn would hope for the same. (Mt 24:28) (Re 11:8) (Joh 6:53) (Eze 2:1) (Isa 1:21) (Eze 23:1-4) (Jos 2:1) (1 Cor 3:16, 17) Compare (1 Cor 6:15-17)

Once again, are we beginning to better appreciate why humble "repentance" on our part is ALWAYS stressed in the ministries that immediately precede another foretold "coming of the kingdom" and it's corresponding restoring of true worship to the earth? (Mt 3:1, 2 4:17) Whether we possess the level of humility required to come to terms with such sobering realities or not in these prophetic time frames, the fact is among other things a broken holy marriage covenant means we are well described not only as things like a mere spiritual "widow" or "virgin," but even as a kind of "orphan" or otherwise as "without genealogy" as is being "typified" also here with the ancient Esther. (Es 2:7) (He 7:1-3 8:5) Since even the very EXISTENCE of Israel (whether fleshly or spiritual) is contingent on a holy marriage covenant remaining in good standing with Jehovah, we have no SPIRITUAL "genealogy" to Israel OR Jehovah it until it is again restored to the earth with a renewed and inaugurated kingdom covenant. No Israel means- no Israelites OR Jews (the shepherding facet of Israel) until this occurs. And the very reason we have all been well conditioned to not understand this rather simple and self-evident truth is precisely so that we WOULD NOT ever "repent." (Mt 3:1, 2)

The fact is whether we realize it or not, every time we admit we are once again anticipating another foretold "coming of the kingdom," we ourselves are openly acknowledging that once again there are no TRUE Christians on the earth! We as anointed ones can only HOPE we manage at some point to humbly and repentantly accept the fact that we are once again "barren women" (childless like Esther) or otherwise have once again been BEREAVED of spiritual "children" (basically a representation of the NON anointed "flock" we are always assigned over in a setting of a RENEWED kingdom covenant), since it is ONLY EVER a kind of "BARREN woman" that "gives birth" to another foretold manifestation of Jehovah's holy nation on the earth. (Jer 15:9) (1 Sa 2:5) (Zec 11:14-17) (Isa 54:1-4 55:7, 8)

Are we currently involved in a PUBLIC ministry or otherwise one that is NOT focused exclusively on furnishing spiritual food and clothing for our fellow anointed brothers and sisters? (Mt 25:34-40) On the other hand if we are in fact endeavoring to minister to the anointed ones (Christ) or "brothers" of Jesus, have we taken the steps required to actually do so? Have we received the necessary authority and power for this from a genuine prophet of Jehovah or otherwise someone who has been divinely "appointed" to extend this to others, thus allowing Jehovah to be "with you" in this endeavor, granting you even power and authority over the demons? (Mt 24:45) (Hag 1:12, 13) (Lu 10:17) (Mr 3:14, 15) If the answer to these questions is no, we will only continue to qualify as among the "FOOLISH virgins" until if or when we make the needed adjustments. (Mt 10:5, 6 25:1, 2 34-40)

So with that said, let us by all means continue our consideration of the book of Esther commencing with my next post.

Agape love;

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Re: The book of Esther. Its symbolic spiritual meanings.

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Are we perhaps a bit taken aback to suddenly discover these many symbolisms that seem to have already been jam packed in only just a few verses of the holy writings here in the first two chapters of Esther alone? Namely ones which while in some manner have indeed been "hidden" or even "carefully concealed," have at the same time proved to essentially be right before our eyes the entire time, waiting to be revealed by means of Jehovah's holy spirit in his due time? (Mt 11:25) (Col 2:3) (Pr 2:4) Well the reality is that not only are we touching rather lightly on merely the ones we have encountered thus far, but there remain some very critical ones to cover even in the verses we have already read in Chapter 2 alone; namely verses 1-8.

First of all, while we have already considered what is being "typified" by Esther being represented as "fatherless," are we beginning to grasp what is being symbolized more specifically by her also being "motherless"? (Es 2:7) (He 8:5) We have actually touched on this already when I spoke of how a violation of the holy covenant amounts to a rejection of Jehovah as our father. But when it comes to this figurative/spiritual "MOTHER" on the other hand, the question is -did we already make the connections in our minds to scriptures like Galatians 4:26, Revelation 12:1, 2 and Jeremiah 3:8 when I reminded my brothers and sisters that this profaning of the holy covenant also results in a forfeiture of "genealogy" to Israel, whether fleshly or spiritual? Yes as the scriptures make rather clear, when we actually POSSESS a spiritual "mother," she is identified with names like "Israel" or even "Jerusalem above." In the foretold periods of time when her earthly facet or "camp" would "fall" into spiritual adultery or even "harlotry" by violating Jehovah's holy covenant, the fact is all that remains on the earth now qualifies as what is described in accounts like Isaiah 1:21, Ezekiel 23:1-4 or 1 Corinthians 6:15, 16. (Song 6:13) So in view of the setting being represented here in this prophetic drama at the moment, there is at least one rather pertinent question that should have already occurred to us:

Particularly since Esther and Mordecai are ultimately representing basically the very same thing in this prophetic drama, why was Mordecai (in stark contrast to Esther) immediately introduced to us as a Jew or otherwise as HAVING "genealogy" and thus also "father and mother" in a spiritual sense? (Es 2:5) (He 7:1-3)

The answer to this question has actually been furnished to us already not only right here in the very same symbolic spiritual language we have already covered thus far, but it is confirmed by simply taking into account the PRECISE setting or prophetic time frame we are considering in this drama at the moment. This actually brings us to another way in which the shepherding facet of Jehovah's holy nation would be better described as a duel entity in specific time frames or settings even here on the earth alone.

We would do well to appreciate that the precise setting we are considering here at the moment is more specifically what is ALWAYS the FIRST STAGE of a "coming of the kingdom" or "birth of the barren woman." (Jer 15:9) This is actually the moment in which the "kingdom of the heavens has (merely) DRAWN NEAR." (Mt 3:1, 2) This moment in time is actually more directly associated with a "coming of the CHRIST" or "son of man," which in turn is always immediately FOLLOWED with a "day of Jehovah" or FULL restoration of genuine theocratic power and authority on the earth. (2 Th 2:1-4) (Eze 2:1) Just as was already demonstrated for us several times throughout the millenniums, in the initial stage of one of these foretold "comings" or "births" of Israel, Jehovah himself directly "appoints" at least one person AMONG the anointed "virgins" to serve as a genuine prophet for the purpose of accomplishing precisely what is spoken of in accounts like Matthew 24:45, Hebrews 9:27, 28 or Revelation 11:3, 7, 11, 12. Compare (Am 3:7) (Mt 24:37)

With this in mind, do we imagine it is merely a coincidence that here at Esther 2:7 Mordecai is represented as becoming the "caretaker" of Esther after she is orphaned, someone who began to look after her as if she was his "daughter" and in fact continued to do so even AFTER she too experienced an appointing of her own? (Es 2:11, 16, 17 4:6-14) Compare (Mt 28:20) If we would blindly insist this is the case, we would also need to completely overlook the manner in which this very same phenomenon is represented in some form or other in this setting of a broken kingdom covenant throughout the entire Bible in MANY different illustrations or prophetic dramas. In fact this aspect of a "birth of the (figurative/spiritual) barren woman" is also recorded outright among the ministries of Jehovah's prophets that would lead to or "prepare the way" for the actual fulfillments of these foretold "births of the barren woman." (Jer 1:4, 5 15:9) (Eze 2:1-5) (Mt 3:3) (1 Sa 2:5) (Isa 54:1-4 66:7, 8) We will continue to cover examples of this throughout this discussion of Esther. It actually brings us however to the SCRIPTURAL definition of a Jew, which once again is sometimes identified also as a Christian (another scriptural term for a SPIRITUAL Jew as opposed to simply a spiritual Israelite) in the New Testament.

So with that said, did we happen to notice something that likely seemed rather contradictory to us in the above scriptures here; in view of the way we have long been misled by false religious leaders? When it came time for Jehovah to "appoint" or send both Jeremiah and Ezekiel (namely the "two witnesses" or even "son of man" involved in the ministry or "prophesying" that would result in the FIRST of the "seven" foretold "births of the barren woman" that would occur in the time frame distinguished as the "gentile times" or "appointed times of the nations") to minister to the "sons of Israel," Jehovah not only assigns two different descriptions or identities to these people, but at least on the surface these identities seem to stand out in stark contrast to each other. While he at some point identifies them as the "sons of Israel," he also immediately describes them with terms like- "the nations," but even "REBELIOUS nations." (Eze 2:3) Should we not have already been prompted to ask the following question at this point?

In this setting of "exile and captivity" or otherwise that of a broken holy covenant, why is it that Jehovah ultimately identifies these "sons of Israel" simultaneously as not only "the nations" AS OPPOSED to Israel, but also even as "REBELLIOUS nations?" (Jer 1:4, 5) (Eze 2:3) Once again we would do very well to take into account not only the setting or prophetic time frame we are considering, but also even the specific STAGE of this setting, which in fact is a TRANSITORY one. Once again this is FIRST STAGE of a "coming of the kingdom," and this is all about a ministry in which one or two genuine prophets of Jehovah is assisting Jehovah with TRANSITIONING repentant ones BACK INTO genuine Israelites and even more specifically JEWS in this case. Why is the focus entirely on Jews more specifically at this point in time?

It should actually be rather self-evident that these restorations of true worship on the earth ALWAYS begin with a rebirth of the holy nation itself, or otherwise the re-establishment of the legal authority that COMPRISES IT'S VERY EXISTENCE! In turn it is precisely for the reason that this legal authority exists specifically with the kings, priests, prophets and judges of this or in fact basically ANY nation that a "coming of the kingdom" always begins with a ministry designed to SELECT people for this very purpose! Yes a "coming" more specifically of the "CHRIST" (anointed) or "SON OF MAN" is all about a ministry directed specifically towards all the ones Jehovah recognizes as POTENTIAL shepherds of his holy nation. It is as if they were "maidens" or "virgins" eagerly anticipating the prospect of soon becoming "brides" of a "king" or even a kind of heavenly "bridegroom." (Ez 2:1) (Es 2:2) (Mt 22:11-14 25:1, 2, 10) (Re 21:2, 9) For this reason, the ministry and "prophesying" of this "son of man" or divinely "appointed slave" is focused exclusively on the anointed ones which (once again) is also often translated simply as the Christ or even with terms like Christ's domestics," Jesus' "brothers," or even the …"LITTLE flock that the father has approved of giving the kingdom." (Re 11:3, 7, 11, 12) (Mt 24:45 25:40) (Lu 12:32)

This is in stark contrast to the "GREAT CROWD" of repentant NON anointed ones which are "NOT OF this (shepherding) fold." As Jesus himself states here in this same account at John 10:16,…"these ALSO" (immediately afterwards) will be brought aboard the "..ark of the COVENANT" that is ALWAYS being reconstructed by means of these ministries directed towards what in these transitional periods are better described as the …"LOST sheep of the HOUSE of Israel." (Mt 10:5, 6) This is because the "house" Jesus speaks of is the very "temple" or holy "sanctuary" itself spoken of in accounts like 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17 (Compare 1 Cor 6:15 and Isa 1:21) that is ALWAYS "destroyed" by these "apostasies" or broken "holy covenants." This in turn always precisely what creates the NEED for another foretold birth of the holy nation and its commensurate true worship. (Joh 10:16) (Re 9:7-14) (Da 11:30-32)

You see just as the prophet Daniel made perfectly clear, an "apostasy" that involves a …"leaving of the holy covenant" (also identified with terms like a LAW covenant, KINGDOM covenant or even holy MARRIAGE covenant) results in what is now better described with terms such as a figurative/spiritual "man of lawLESSness" or otherwise an entity that has completely FORFEITED any and all legal THEOCRATIC authority by "profaning" the very law covenant it is always based on. (Ps 55:20) (Da 11:30-32) (2 Th 2:1-4) As accounts like Exodus 19:5 point out, the very EXISTENCE of Israel and its commensurate true worship is not simply a matter of it being formed with a renewed and inaugurated "holy covenant." It is also a matter of its constituents now "KEEPING" this covenant!

Yes the fact is EACH AND EVERY TIME this holy marriage covenant would be violated with spiritual adultery on the part of Jehovah's appointed shepherds, it would at some point need to be renewed and inaugurated yet again with a ministry and subsequent priestly offering on the part of genuine prophets. This would occur "seven times" with "seven kings" in the time frame designated as the …"appointed times of the nations" ALONE, and this is REGARDLESS of whether we are dealing with the Mosaic Law Covenant or the "NEW covenant" ("law of LOVE") that was eventually formed in connection with SPIRITUAL Israel in the first century. (Da 4:23, 32) (Re 17:10) (Lu 21:24 22:28, 29) (Ro 13:10) Every indication in fact is that the reason there were exactly FOUR occasions in which the "copy of the reality" or "typical representation" of FLESHLY Israel would experience a renewed and inaugurated holy covenant with a ministry of the "son of man" or "prophet to the NATIONS," is because this is precisely the number of times such spiritual deaths and subsequent rebirths of the holy nation would occur in connection with SPIRITUAL Israel. (He 9:23, 24) (Eze 2:1) (Jer 1:5) The legitimate existence really of ANY nation is contingent on its attainment of genuine legal authority, and this is the case even if Jehovah for a time allows this to be granted by the "DRAGON." (Re 13:2) (Lu 4:6)

Yes the reason we find Mordecai being represented as a "Jew" even here in the OPENING chapters of Esther is because he in this particular prophetic drama is being used more specifically to represent the one or two individuals among the anointed "virgins" who are ALWAYS "appointed" directly by Jehovah to begin "feeding" their fellow anointed brothers and sisters in a spiritual manner in these INITIAL stages of a "coming of the kingdom." (Mt 24:45 25:34-40) As we can confirm also here in Matthew 25, this ultimately involves even "clothing" them with the covering or atoning value of priestly blood that is ALWAYS associated with another manifestation of Jehovah's kingdom on the earth and its commensurate true worship. (Lu 22:28, 29) (He 9:16-18, 27, 28) (Re 11:3, 7, 11, 12 12:5 14:14-16)

It is precisely for this reason that these "appointed slaves" are also distinguished with scriptural terms like-a spiritual "carcass" or "corpse" that their fellow spiritual "virgins" must feed on in these time frames if they are to be recognized by Jehovah as "DISCREET virgins." (Mt 24:28 25:1, 2) (Re 11:8) The "few" among these ones who ultimately begin doing so are identified by contrast as figurative/spiritual "eagles" as opposed to "carcasses" or "corpses," and it is due to the spiritual death and uncleanness associated with a broken holy covenant that accounts for such descriptions of the anointed ones (Christ, or even "body of many members" thereof) in any and ALL such post-apostasy/pre-kingdom settings. (Mt 22:11-14) (Re 12:14) (1 Cor 12:12) Compare (Joh 6:52-58) (Col 1:13) Yes in these prophetic time frames of a complete national "apostasy," even genuine prophets of Jehovah must in fact TAKE THE LEAD in humbly and repentantly accepting even FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the spiritual death and uncleanness that is ALWAYS incurred upon what now WAS Israel at a communal level. This is precisely why the priestly sacrifice that will mark the END of this initial ministry is identified also as a "COMMUNION sacrifice." (Le 4:3, 10)

You see as we can discern from accounts like John 6:52-58 or Isaiah Chapter 53, even Jesus himself was compelled to take on this extremely humiliated identity expressed with terms like a figurative /spiritual "carcass" or "corpse" if he would succeed in assisting Jehovah with yet again removing this spiritual death and uncleanness from mankind with a subsequent priestly sacrifice even of his literal flesh and blood. This is as well as the fact that these spiritual deaths and rebirths of the holy nation (much like "baptisms") would continue to occur all the way to the Millennial reign is precisely what accounts for illustrations such as the one we encounter at 2 Kings Chapter 5. Compare (Mt 3:11) In stark contrast to Mordecai, Esther here in this particular prophetic drama is more specifically serving as a symbolic representation of the "few" among this "body of many members of the Christ" who ultimately attain to the humble "repentance" involved with becoming genuine "disciples" of Jehovah's true prophets in these prophetic time frames, and this is the reason she (at least initially) was NOT identified as a Jew. (Mt 22:11-14) (1 Cor 12:12)

As was demonstrated for us also in this exact same setting of a broken kingdom covenant in the early part of the first century, this "repentance" (openly accepting RESPONSIBILITY for the spiritual adultery that is ALWAYS associated with a broken holy covenant by humbly and repentantly accepting an assignment by Jehovah's prophets to JOIN with them in their ministry) allowed Jesus to actually extend the divine "appointing" he had ALREADY received to at least a "few" of his disciples. (Mt 3:1, 2 4:17 22:14) (Mr 3:14, 15) It is precisely for this reason that by the time we get to the situation we encounter at John 4:22, Jesus could actually identify both himself AND what were actually now "APOSTLES" (since they had ALSO now been appointed to the very same ministry as Jesus and John the Baptist) as "Jews." As is confirmed in accounts like Romans 2:28, 29, it is actually a "circumcision (a spiritual cleansing) of the HEART by SPIRIT" that qualifies one as a Jew," which at least by now we should recognize as a genuine theocratic shepherd as opposed to the "flock" or "sheep" of this sanctified leader. (Zec 11:14-17) But since it should be exceedingly clear to us that it is always ultimately a priestly offering of the very BLOOD of these "appointed slaves" after their ministry is completed that actually accomplishes this cleansing or atonement for sin, are we beginning to better appreciate why Jehovah himself must PERSONALLY intercede with additional anointings of his holy spirit when it comes to adopting humans as his actual "sons" and by extension Jews in the time frames of this ministry to the anointed "virgins"? (Mt 3:16, 17)

Are we grasping the fact that what actually qualifies as SECONDARY anointing that is ALWAYS associated more particularly with an actual "APPOINTING" of the anointed "virgins" is precisely what we are considering in accounts like Haggai 1:12, 13 and Mark 3:13-15. This very thing is in fact illustrated in the symbolic spiritual language we find in accounts like Matthew 25:1-10 where among other things we discover this secondary anointing being represented as much like these anointed "virgins" at some point receiving a receptacle of "oil" (which the scriptures have ALWAYS associated with an anointing of holy spirit) in addition to that which was already in their figurative "lamps." We will soon be finding this very same phenomenon being illustrated also here in the Esther account in some form or other.

We would be remiss however if we failed to realize that the divine "appointing" of Jesus himself (who was obviously ALREADY anointed) we encounter in accounts like Matthew 3:16, 17 is accompanied with a scriptural quote that is actually found in passages like Deuteronomy 26:17-19 and Psalms 2:7, which actually read somewhat differently in a VERY key manner.

"Let me refer to the decree of Jehovah. He has said to me: "You are my son. I TODAY have become your father."" (Ps 2:7)

"THIS DAY Jehovah your God is commanding you to carry out his regulations and judicial decisions and you must observe and carry them out with all your heart and all your soul. 17 Jehovah you have induced to say TODAY that he will become your God while you walk in his ways and observe his regulations and his commandments and his judicial decisions and listen to his voice. 18 As for Jehovah, he has induced you to say TODAY that you will become his people, a special property just as he has promised you, and that you will observe all his commandments, 19 and that he will put you high above all other nations that he has made, resulting in praise and reputation and beauty, while you prove yourselves a people holy to Jehovah your God, just as he has promised." (De 26:17-19)

Yes the fact is that in a setting of a broken holy covenant, EVEN a legitimate prophet of Jehovah INCLUDING Jesus himself technically ceases to be "fatherless and motherless" and by extension with "without genealogy" to Israel ONLY at the moment they experience a SECONDARY anointing that now officially authorizes and empowers them for a ministry directed exclusively towards their fellow anointed ones. (Mt 10:5, 6) The authority and power necessary for a PUBLIC ministry actually comes with a THIRD anointing which ONLY EVER occurs after a kingdom covenant has been restored to repentant mankind with a ministry and subsequent heavenly resurrection of true prophets that results in precisely that. (Lu 22:28, 29) (Joh 20:22) (Mt 28:18-20) This is precisely the reason we find this very same thing being represented in prophetic dramas such as with what was INITIALLY represented with merely a shepherd BOY by the name of David which was of course yet another way of representing not only a "VIRGIN," but more specifically an "ANOINTED virgin." (1 Sa 16:13) (2 Sa 2:4 5:3) Do we imagine it was merely a coincidence that these three anointings of David occurred in a setting that was at least REPRESENTED as one of a national apostasy? Yes we might recall this all occurred after King Saul himself had become unfaithful to Jehovah.

But did we happen to notice here in all the scriptures I just covered that the SCRIPTURAL definition of a GENUINE Jew is precisely the same as a genuine Christian? Moreover since a spiritual cleansing or …"circumcision of the heart by SPIRIT" (Ro 2:28, 29) is ultimately accomplished by means of these ongoing priestly offerings and their subsequent heavenly resurrections spoken of in accounts like Hebrews 9:27, 28 and Revelation 11:3, 7, 11, 12 which occur only at the CONCLUSION of these ministries to the anointed ones or Christ, have we not just once again irrefutably established the following?

With the exception of the "few" among the anointed "virgins" who manage to experience a secondary anointing during the ministries to "Christ's domestics," TRUE Christians simply DO NOT EXIST on the earth until their nation once again does, just as a Chinese person would of course be nonexistent if there were no nation of China. (Mt 22:14 24:45)

Since I believe we at this point have at least done some measure of justice to the symbolisms presented to us in the first eight verses of Esther Chapter 2, Jehovah willing let's by all means pick up the discussion with verse 9 beginning with my next post.

Agape love;

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