UK Financial report WT

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UK Financial report WT

#1 Post by menrov » 1 year ago

See here: ... 58051/more
Interesting information, in particular the Nature of Business.

Also, on page 20 of the financial report 2020, it state income on construction. Is there a financially skilled member here who can explain what this means? Is it the value of the work done by volunteers?

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Re: UK Financial report WT

#2 Post by apollos0fAlexandria » 1 year ago

Hi Menrov

Thanks for sharing this and the Canadian one.

I don't know about "income on construction" I'm afraid, but something that caught my eye was "Cash Generated from Operations". In 2019 it was £445,431 (so peanuts in WT terms), but in 2020 it was £43,595,840 (that's a lot of nuts).


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