Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy Theories

#1 Post by Marina » 1 year ago

Extract from article on Conspiracy Theories

Today, you have access to more information than ever, including the kind that can help you stay safe and healthy. But in your search, you need to beware of misinformation, such as: Misleading news. False reports. Conspiracy theories

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the secretary-general of the United Nations warned of a dangerous epidemic of misinformation. “Harmful health advice and snake-oil solutions are proliferating,” he stated. “Falsehoods are filling the airwaves. Wild conspiracy theories are infecting the Internet. Hatred is going viral, stigmatizing and vilifying people and groups.” ...

We can easily be deceived if we are not careful. Consider, for example, captioned images or brief videos that are widely spread online, especially through social media. Such items, commonly called memes, are often meant to be humorous. However, images and video clips can easily be altered or taken out of context. People can even create videos of real people doing or saying things they never did or said. ...

Before believing or forwarding a story, even one that is popular or repeated in the news, verify that it is true. How?

Evaluate the reliability of the source. ... Make sure that the content is current and accurate. Look for dates, verifiable facts, and strong evidence to support what is being said. Be especially cautious if complex information seems to be oversimplified or if the report is designed to evoke an emotional reaction.

“Fact-checking now is probably becoming as important as hand washing.”—Sridhar Dharmapuri, a Senior Food Safety and Nutrition Officer for the U.N.

We tend to trust information that confirms what we want to believe… However, what we like to hear is not always what we need to hear.

What the Bible says: “You must not spread a report that is not true.”—Exodus 23:1 ...

Ask yourself: ‘Am I sharing this information because I know it is true?’ ...
What is a conspiracy theory? A conspiracy theory is a claim that sinister and powerful groups have secretly plotted to cause a significant or tragic event. ...
Why are they dangerous? Conspiracy theories can undermine trust in legitimate sources of information, and some can cause people to reject health or safety advice. ...

How can the Bible help you to protect yourself from conspiracy theories? The Bible offers practical advice that can help us control worry during stressful times. It reveals what is really behind the problems that exist as well as how those problems will be solved. To learn more, watch the video Why Study the Bible?

Extract ends

Yes, you have just read Watchtower literature expressing the views of the UN regarding falsehoods and the need to fact-check in order to guard against conspiracy theories.
If you would like to read this full article in context please visit the official website and search for ‘conspiracy theories’

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

#2 Post by simplyme » 1 year ago

Watchtower and UN….one and the same

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

#3 Post by Bobcat » 1 year ago

It kind-of sounds like this is motivated by a resistance among some JWs towards the vaccines. But as beneficial as they have been (or appear to be), they haven't been that way to everyone. (See link in this post.)

So it does make sense to let individuals weigh matters out themselves.


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