Child Abuse Australia

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Child Abuse Australia

#1 Post by Marina » 11 months ago

As you know the Watchtower got hauled before the Australian Royal Commission in relation to accusations of child abuse and a member of the Governing Body was questioned.

But I'm hearing there are now new laws in some Australian states which prevent victims of rape and pedophilia speaking out against their predators. Anyone got any more info?

And look at this referring to a New York Times article from 2015

Tolerance: U.S. Soldiers Told To Ignore Rape of Boys Because It's "Afghan Culture"

Also if you wonder where some of my posts about Canada and Czech are disappearing to - you'll find them here.

Dear Rev Welby - Jews, Nazis and Typhus

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Re: Child Abuse Australia

#2 Post by Bobcat » 11 months ago

Here is an article on the Australian Gag Laws. Based on the article, there were unintended consequences to the gag laws that were introduced. Chalk it up to human good intentions, overridden by others who could see how to exploit those good intentions. That's why humanity needs a ruler who can see farther than humans can.

I can understand how US troops may have been told to leave the locals to their own customs, even considering how perverse those customs may be. If they interfere with the locals, they may find themselves facing both the enemy (the Taliban) and the people they were supposed to protect (the Afghans). I don't agree with child perversions, but the reality of war is messy like that. It's not clear cut like in the movies.

IMO, it's best not to involve oneself with any of that. It's why this age must eventually come to a violent end at God's hand.


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