Save Long Posts Before Submitting

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Save Long Posts Before Submitting

#1 Post by apollos0fAlexandria » 8 years ago

If you are typing a long post there is always the risk that when you hit "Submit" any one of a number of things could happen that could cause your post to be lost. Your browser could crash. The site could blip. Your internet could be temporarily offline for any number of reasons.

Therefore to be safe you could do one of these two things:

1) Compose the entire thing elsewhere before you post e.g. an office document, a text editor, or some other application. If the post is particularly long you can even save it as you go for extra security against your own computer crashing or powering down.

2) Compose it online by typing into the text area as normal, but BEFORE you hit either "Preview" or "Submit" copy everything to the clipboard in case of disaster. The shortcut keys on Windows to do this are CTRL + A (to select everything) then CTRL + C to copy to clipboard. Your cursor needs to be in the edit window (where your text is) before you do this. If something goes wrong when you submit then you can always paste all of your text by using CTRL + V into the text box again.

I now tend to use method 1 for a very long post, and method 2 for a medium post of a paragraph or two, and I still tend to "wing it" for a sentence or two since that doesn't matter if it goes wrong.

If you have never lost a long post here or on other forum sites, there can be no question but that it will happen sooner or later if you don't have some additional means of preserving your precious thoughts. It is highly recommended that you follow some procedure to do just that. We all lose out when those thoughts get lost.

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