Dark Tide - Diseases

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Dark Tide - Diseases

#1 Post by Marina » 2 years ago

Bobcat - if you honestly think this is controversial stick it in the controversial. But the particular point people should note is the prostitution involved. When was prostitution ever associated with good health care? (see 1:44)

Further, Neil Oliver quotes the book of Matthew (Matthew 25:34-40) and asks how does the vaccine passport square with not being allowed in a church?

He also flags that the unvaccinated are fine to have as servants but not as customers. How is that even logical?

I post this video here because I feel strongly that Neil Oliver is making honest, truthful points which are based on Christian principles and sound common sense.

This site is called :dtt-sign: I believe Neil is making some truthful points.

My only concern is that he affords good intentions to other faiths - but maybe he views them in the same way Jesus did the Samaritan. Alternatively he is not realistic about other faiths (not gone through the JW experience). But given the quality of what he says, I am inclined to view his expressions about other faiths as a hope that individuals of other faiths will come to realize they must turn to Jesus Christ. (Luke 17:16-19) (John 4:9-42)

Whatever, Jesus Christ is the only Way out of this situation, the only way to navigate in these dark tides.

(John 14:6)Jesus said to him: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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Re: Dark Tide - Diseases

#2 Post by Bobcat » 2 years ago

Hi Marina,

I have no problem with this staying in the General section.

I can understand the man's frustration. But I can also see him getting even more frustrated in the future. As various problems (including health, climate, economic, political frictions between east and west, etc) become more and more acute, the powers that be are going to put their own survival first, and any personal freedoms second. That's just how they operate. That's how they have always operated.

Like you pointed out, God and Christ are not threatened by any of these problems. So when they start ruling completely we won't have to worry that they will be forced to choose between their own survival and ours.

IMO, it would be wise not to let those inevitable things side track us too much. Things, in general, are only going to get worse before they get better. And as Jesus told Saul, "You are hurting yourself by kicking against the goads." (Ac 26:14 NET)

Incidentally, your thread title reminded me of a US government exercise called "Dark Winter," that involved a biological attack on the US. I posted a link to it in this post.


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