Chiastic Structure in 2nd Samuel

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Chiastic Structure in 2nd Samuel

#1 Post by Bobcat » 9 months ago

As a first post for the book of 2nd Samuel I present the account of 2nd Samuel chapters 11 & 12. This is the passage that gives the account of David's sin with Bathsheba. The chiastic literary structure comes from Constable's Notes which was copied from another commentary on 2nd Samuel. Constable posits that, "these two chapters form a unit, as is clear from their chiastic structure."


A. David sends Joab to besiege Rabbah (2Sa 11:1).

. . . B. David sleeps with Bathsheba, who becomes pregnant (2Sa 11:2-5)

. . . . . . C. David has Uriah killed (2Sa 11:6-17)

. . . . . . . . . D. Joab sends David a message (2Sa 11:18-27a)

. . . . . . . . . . . . E. The Lord is displeased with David (2Sa 11:27b)

. . . . . . . . . D^ The Lord sends David a messenger (2Sa 12:1-14)

. . . . . . C^ The Lord strikes David’s infant son, who dies (2Sa 12:15-23)

. . . B^ David sleeps with Bathsheba, who becomes pregnant (2Sa 12:24-25)

A^ Joab sends for David to besiege and capture Rabbah (2Sa 12:26-31)

Sometimes David's sin and God's extension of mercy towards him is taken as proof of unfairness on God's part. I posted some thoughts about that in this post.


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