Vacc Passports or Health Records?

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Vacc Passports or Health Records?

#1 Post by Marina » 2 years ago

Meanwhile down at the restaurant

We’d like a table for 4 please.
Sure, what’s your name?
Great. Amy, do you and your guests have vaccination cards?
Sure. Say, whose is going to be serving our dinner tonight?
Err, it looks like Hugo is your waiter tonight.
Great. I would like to see Hugo’s vaccination card.
Err… um.
Also I need assurances that Hugo is not a carrier of Hepatitis A or B, a carrier or HIV or any other communicable disease.
Also, we would prefer not to be served by a person who uses recreational drugs such as meth, fentanyl, marijuana, cocaine etc. So if you would provide us with Hugo’s most recent toxicology screen, that would be great.
Err… um… let me get the manager for you Amy.
That would be great thanks.

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