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#1 Post by PoetryofProvidence » 6 years ago

For the last article (self control ) I read Meleti (insert real name here )
but as usual you are succinctly accurate in observations


Therein to link the world her seasons with our light disdain
made plain the movement through them let her darkness there remain
towards the call of fellowship whose mastery is True
transformation is Just beginning whose personality is made New

Your hand Oh Lord upon them and clothe them as your own
instruction unto diligence till they all be grown
you lead them to the Father and so by him be known
opened minds to understanding all that you have shown

Lord you are and Master of Law and universe
upon the heavens and fields of earth there do you traverse
to collect the sacrifices that to your God do give
those who will lay down their lives so that others therein live

For what is Love but sacrifice so another can have joy
this is the requirement that Jesus disciples do employ
for him they are in service as the God of Loves envoy
those who gain the mastery will be like Jesus a viceroy

They’ve named them gods through history whose power has been nil
but Jesus demonstrated energy that is never standing still
to gods of gold of wood of stone to truth they draw not near
the requirement of the Love thy neighbor they do not hold dear

Those who pretend at reverence and ritual do fool
who worship not in spirit and truth who are but adversaries tool
upon them bind a heavy burden and stray from shining light
there guide them into a pit and grave of eternal night

For you have finely numbered those who be your own
those whose number can’t be counted find the earth as home
and quoth the spirit against those that be gods named
who have fouled the Truth and the God of Heaven shamed

For God has changed from stone children to Abraham
the meek and the righteous ones to inherit the given land
like the rains of Truth from empyrean do fall
the seven spirits of the church have sent out the call

Jah did empty Heaven of the Bright and Morning Star
upon his wings did send the message to collect those near and far
For God himself did offer his own Son the sacrifice
to set us free from sin and guilt and embedded vice

For the fields are ripened and soon the sickle thrust
the angel who can read our hearts those corrupt or just
restless is the beast and his dominion over man
those who worship devils are marked in head and hand

For those you render service to him you are the slave
ones behavior demonstrates the road that he does pave
Gods book of instruction can only be but False or True
to learn how to Love is what he only asks of you

For Gold the Hall of Justice and Pearls are her Doors
her Walls built of Jasper and precious Gems are her Floors
her Windows are Transparent the Glory of God her Light
her Heart is always open the Lamb of Truth her sight

No unclean thing can enter or that which causes strife
anyone who works the lie or wields the adversaries knife
Rivers of pure Water beside her shores the trees of Life
She is the Holy City betrothed to Lamb as Wife

IIChronicles 33:1-7
Daniel 7 & 8
Matthew 20:25-28
Apocalypse 7 , 14, 19, 20, 21, 22

COPYRIGHT © 2010 C Michael Miller
Via Duboff Law Group LLC

I do read and consider your work (as exceedingly valuable)
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Psalm 13
5:5 But I trust in your unfailing love;
my heart rejoices in your salvation.
6 I will sing the Lord's praise,
for he has been good to me.

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#2 Post by John S » 5 years ago

Truly; golden words of divine wisdom and love. Thank you sister.

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