Transhuman 666?

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Re: Transhuman 666?

#31 Post by Marina » 1 month ago

This video is 6 years old.

The worker says she feels very 2015 after receiving her implant. Why would you feel very like a year?

Microchips implanted under the skin of office workers

They have parties when workers receive their implants. Did you ever hear of anyone having a party when the got their passport of a new bank card?

I know these implants are older than 2015 but with the developing situation, its role in holding health info could mean more people will adopt this technology.

Get out of her
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Re: Transhuman 666?

#32 Post by Get out of her » 1 month ago

Thought some might find this video rather interesting as well: ... d%20sm.mp4

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Re: Transhuman 666?

#33 Post by Marina » 2 weeks ago

Thanks Sol - yes that is interesting. Am I understanding correctly - like a painter Jehovah has signed our DNA with his name, his finger print/holy spirit and the powers-that-be are seeking to rub it out?

Bit like Carl Jung said of religion - it is hard coded into men. You cannot rub it out. So they seek to biologically rub it out. Is that the idea?

Well here's a video showing how a pill can send a signal indicating it has been taken. Also how a tattoo can be used for identification.

This is being sold by Facebook backed individual who sells is as 'your first superpower.'

I have said it before and I'll say it again. Incoming data is cubed (think deck of cards and each card has a table of rows and columns on it). This cubing is called normalising. A cube has 6 faces and 3 axis. If you were doing data security you could use that concept to confirm something when you get back a 666 result. And each of those 6s may or may not be numbers. Cause in computing you can have the number 6 or 6 as text.

I do not know if this is used by big computer companies but I know it is a possibility. I have heard that you can see 666 on bar codes. If so, the thinking behind the bar codes is like when a man aims his glass (like a telescope?) at a flame (like a star) and by getting back a rainbow with lines can tell from where the lines are in the rainbow what substances are being burnt in the flame.


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