Shoplifting a career choice?

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Shoplifting a career choice?

#1 Post by Marina » 5 months ago

It is legal to shoplift up to up to $950 in San Francisco. :shock:

Guess what? Due to this shops are closing. :roll: ... 175755.php


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Re: Shoplifting a career choice?

#2 Post by AmosAu3 » 5 months ago

Hi Marina,

Thanks for posting the article. Problem we have in AU is that we must subscribe to the newspaper to get access to any of the articles.

Regards, Amos.

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Re: Shoplifting a career choice?

#3 Post by Bobcat » 5 months ago

Hi Marina,

I not sure if the problem I am having is the same as Amos, but the web page for the article on shoplifting prevents me from reading the article. I think they want you to subscribe to the page or newspaper before they allow you to read the whole thing. I get 2 or 3 paragraphs into the article and then the subscribe window opens and it wants either a subscription or you go back to a home page.

At any rate, here is an article on the same thing. And a Google search results on it here.

It's too bad for the people who use these stores.


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Re: Shoplifting a career choice?

#4 Post by Stranger » 5 months ago

Here's what I've been dealing with the last several months. ... converters

I've had to replace at least fifty of them so far for one of our clients and still have over twenty to do still, with more being added to the list everyday.

It's a good thing this particular client has it's own insurance company, otherwise I think they would be out of business by now. They (the client) are a nationwide outfit and also in Canada, I can only imagine what they are paying to keep their fleet going.

Stranger, (Ex 20:15)

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