Does Covid 19 even exist?

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Does Covid 19 even exist?

#1 Post by Marina » 6 months ago

What to do when confronted with a mandatory vaccination

Did this same doctor wear a mask or suggest you or the children he sees wear one? I bet he did because they all did, and they knew that they were lying, but they all kept lying anyway. I'd be skeptical that he's actually received anything. He's just showing its safe, so you'll take it.

Let me give you a little advice on how to handle anything the government says is required of you. Instead of saying no. Say yes but then provide the conditions you require as is your right. What you require is informed consent. Tell them you're concerned about the vaccines safety so you would like to see long term studies and animal tests. Ask them to explain "pathogenic priming" or whether ADE can really cause your own cells to produce viruses as they die? Ask to see the studies that prove that they've overcome this problem because all the trials for SARS-CoV-1 failed miserably and were deemed unsafe for humans.

Ask them for proof that they isolated the virus. Tell them you want to see the animal study where they were able to replicate the human symptoms in an infected animal. That's a prerequisite for them to be able to claim that virus A is responsible for the new cluster of symptoms B. If they've not done that (And I know they have not) then they can't even prove there's a Covid-19 virus at all.

As soon as they can't answer a single question all you have to say is "If you can't answer my question than this is not informed consent. Medical treatment without informed consent is a violation of the Nuremberg Laws and is a Crime Against Humanity"

So are you knowingly going to violate the Nuremberg Laws or are you going to put that frankenvax away and leave me alone?

Some of these people have drank the Kool-Aid and don't understand what they're doing is wrong. When you point out to them that they would be knowingly doing something that can land them with a life sentence, they'll back off. It's one thing to do something that causes harm to you, but they can't handle anything putting themselves in legal jeopardy.

I hope this knowledge empowers you to know how to resist and actually win.
The link will not work on a mobile you need to be on a computer :flowers:

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Re: Does Covid 19 even exist?

#2 Post by AmosAu3 » 6 months ago

Hi Marina,

This is another excellent find. Thanks for posting it here.

Regards, Amos.

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Re: Does Covid 19 even exist?

#3 Post by apollos0fAlexandria » 6 months ago

It's food for thought, but how much is rational and/or reasonable?

Yes, Covid-19 exists. On that I am as willing to hang my hat. I have family members who have had it and I have seen the effects. I have colleagues who have had family members test positive and then die. It would be very offensive to people who have been hurt by this horrible virus to suggest that it does not even exist. To my mind that would have equivalency with the hard-righters who claim school shootings are invented. How terrible that must be for the parents and others involved in these very real tragedies.

Do we deny that the Spanish Flu was a real pandemic that killed at least 20 million people? Was that a conspiracy? I would despair if someone were to claim such a thing with historical hindsight. But what is different now? Why do people have a beef with government over this? It's certainly true that the management of the situation exposes poor governance, but to deny that the pandemic is real goes several steps beyond that.

Everyone should be free to make adult decisions about this whole thing, and to do due diligence on behalf of themselves and their dependents. All I would request is that the potentially life saving facts around this current pandemic don't get attacked without evidence.

Looking at the quoted post in this thread, we generally don't see this kind of rhetoric in terms of cancer treatment, malaria treatment, ebola treatment, heart disease treatment, ... (and this list could go on for too long with much sadness and personal loss). But consider carefully what's being suggested here as a very simplistic way of challenging reality. Do we demand of doctors some special education when our lives are on the line? I would suggest that in general we request of doctors the information we need to a reasonable degree, rather than trying to become a fully qualified doctor ourselves. Doctors and nurses on the front line need to be given the respect they deserve. They are not perfect - none of us are. But they are, in general, putting in massive effort and personal risk to overcome the most challenging medical situation that most of us have experienced in our lifetimes. Making some sort of "personal stand" from the comfort of our own circumstances that is in opposition to the incredible acts of sacrifice that have hurt so many people does not sit well with me at all.

Why is this current pandemic being politicized as a conspiracy? I have further views on that, but I don't want to derail this thread into some argument around it.

In the meantime, my best hope is that everyone does what is right. Make sure you get the actual facts and not just ride a wave of public opinion that happens to coincide with what you would prefer to believe.

Lives are depending on this.


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Re: Does Covid 19 even exist?

#4 Post by menrov » 6 months ago

As with other viruses, I believe this COVID-19 also exist, though be aware this is not one virus. It is a family of coherent viruses as they change themselves. Same as the Flu or SARS. I guess the overall question is: do the measure that most government apply justify the risks related to this virus. Hard to tell. Yes, there are people who are seriously at risk and might die if they are infected. Though small group but still. Others will get ill and need attention in hospital. Still not huge group but still. So what to do as a government? Well, my observation is that most governments want to avoid the situation where hospitals cannot receive patients anymore and cannot even attend other illnesses. That would create chaos.

What I miss in all the rules of the government is a more custom approach. A policy based on WHAT IS POSSIBLE. And I believe there is a lot more possible that what is currently allowed. But a full lockdown is so much easier. Same as a company that needs to cut costs. Easiest is to fire staff.

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Re: Does Covid 19 even exist?

#5 Post by Dajo1 » 6 months ago

Covid-19 has presented some interesting conversations. I live in Australia and it can be emotionally charged topic. That depends on which state one lives in and of course we are all affected by our personal experience with it.
Fortunately I work in an industry that supplies medical and laboratory equipment so we are doing extremely well. On the other hand, down south in the state of Victoria covid has taken many lives - suicides, by desperate people and whole industries shut down.
It is a fact though, that many, many have died WITH Covid and not actually FROM Covid.

What is fascinating is the unity with which the whole world has "bought into the narrative". - The story of this thing and how it is presented. All of the governments are in lock step. Even the 8 men who live at No.1 Kings drive,Tuxedo NY are going along with the narrative. (Yes, that is where the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses live, 1 Kings Drive).

Here is a 30 minute video produced by an old bloke Michel Chossudovsky. He gives an overview - a world view of last year, 2020 and the effect this thing has had.

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Re: Does Covid 19 even exist?

#6 Post by Bobcat » 6 months ago

(Yes, that is where the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses live, 1 Kings Drive).
I wonder if they gave the name to that drive themselves? (1Co 4:8)

Look forward to checking out the video David.


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Re: Does Covid 19 even exist?

#7 Post by Phoebe » 5 months ago

Great post Apollos.

I live in Australia..grateful to have minimal Covid infection here.

And I’m appreciative of the hard, hard work done by our Doctors and Nurses.

Of course Covid exists! 🥴

And I’ll take the jab. If it helps protect others, I’ll happily take it.
Everything has a degree of unknown.
Women have taken the contraceptive pill and HRT for years....with some pretty nasty risks involved there.

The goal in Australia is to reach a place where Covid is pretty much treated like the flu.
We get our yearly jabs....we live with it.

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Re: Does Covid 19 even exist?

#8 Post by Bobcat » 5 months ago

Does Covid-19 exist? I've known this woman since she was first becoming a teenager. 40+ years I've known her, although I am not from her area. Always a wonderful soul to be around and associate with. A few weeks ago her school had an outbreak of Covid. She got it and went downhill fast. She passed last night (4/9/21).

Rest in peace Charley, and in God's memory. :flowers:

Bobcat 😭

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Re: Does Covid 19 even exist?

#9 Post by Stranger » 5 months ago

Very sorry to hear that Bobcat, it's a great loss for the school and her family and friends. I didn't know her but I'm sure she was a very fine lady.

With my deepest sympathy. 😢

Stranger, (2Sam 14:14)

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Re: Does Covid 19 even exist?

#10 Post by Marina » 5 months ago

Very sad. Life is precious. There is comfort in the hope of the resurrection.

(1 Thessalonians 4:13-14) Moreover, brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant concerning those who are sleeping [in death]; that you may not sorrow just as the rest also do who have no hope. 14 For if our faith is that Jesus died and rose again, so, too, those who have fallen asleep [in death] through Jesus God will bring with him. 
SPI-M-O: Summary of further modelling of easing restrictions – Roadmap Step 2
Date: 31st March 2021

32. The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age groups, such that immunisation failures account for more serious illness than unvaccinated individuals. This is discussed further in paragraphs 55 and 56. ... march-2021

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