A Deleted Bill Gates Video

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A Deleted Bill Gates Video

#1 Post by Marina » 8 months ago

I've watched this and don't know what to make of it. It seems true and the pictures of Bill Gates rocking backwards and forwards look disturbing. I think that might have been to do with accusations of taking Netscape's code to build a browser or something.

Anyway the vaccine is controversial but the love of money is the root of all evil. So see what you think apparently this short documentary had been deleted (from somewhere) and is now revived.


Hmm - I just looked at the comments beneath the video. I don't like them. But the video does not have this tone, so I'll post because it raises some serious points and if anyone has helpful feedback it would be appreciated.

Get out of her
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Re: A Deleted Bill Gates Video

#2 Post by Get out of her » 4 months ago

I'd have to insist the last statement from Bill Gates tells us everything we need to know here.
Why does it appear so obvious that he knows way too much about a pathogen that the earth has not even experienced yet? And worse yet, why does he even go so far as to tip his hand with his obvious excitement over it? At the very least would this not confirm the reports that he even owns the patent on the covid-19 pathogen as well as the ones that insist it was genetically engineered in the lab and purposely released into the general population? It seems clear to me that this is not the intellect behind the Microsoft Corporation any more than Mark Zuckerberg represents that of Facebook. Much like the presidents of the United States of America for many decades now, I'm convinced that based largely on the families they come from (such as the Rockefeller one that Zucherberg is reportedly from) these are simply the faces that have been chosen to currently represent the TRUE powers that are behind them. Jesus spoke of such ones as "those who APPEAR to be ruling." (Mr 10:42)

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Re: A Deleted Bill Gates Video

#3 Post by AmosAU » 4 months ago

Hi Marina,

Thanks for posting this video I've just been able to watch it now. It has taken this long to get to it due to several events here that needed my attention.

Kind regards, Amos.

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