Scientism - Religion without morality

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Re: Scientism - Religion without morality

#11 Post by Marina » 2 months ago

As I said Menrov - my point is to do with the brilliance of the arithmetic.

I did not point to the videos because of 1914, rather to give you an insight into the arithmetic as easily as I know how. WT messes with history, the way the Bible is written reveals WT to be false by arithmetic. And that's what I mean about an antivirus. As if God knew all along what would get done to misrepresent Him and He had it in hand.

True, as you say, 1914 the date is not in the Bible but it gets knocked down mathematically by Eze 40:1. But you do need to have 6 other scriptures in mind to do the arithmetic which shows 1914 is taken down by the 19th year of Nebuchadnezzar and the 14th year after it.

No, I did not mean that because a day has 24 hours the creation story in the Bible is true. You misunderstand me. Rather - when a baby is born, you cannot calculate it's age unless you know WHEN it was born.

Ask yourself this question - say a 9 year old child is born within a 1000 year period. When within the 1000 year period was the child 1 hour old? Year 1? Year 2? Year 890? Do you see the problem?

Ok you have doubts about the authenticity of the Bible. The reason I pointed to Tadua's article was only if it was of interest.

My view is that the surpassing arithmetic within the Bible is an excellent piece of evidence pointing to the fact that the Scriptures are inspired of God. The only book I have a doubt about is the book of Esther and that is because I have questions about the arithmetic relating to the book of Esther. Potentially it contradicts the arithmetic in the rest of the Bible but it is too much for me to go into at the moment.

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