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Governing Body Admitting they are "losing insight"?

Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2021 9:58 pm
by Proselytiser of Jah
Most of the 'actual light' that JWs have as doctrine, were discovered long before the modern GB was on the scene, nothing really new or insightful has been taught for many many years. In fact the opposite is true...

Recently I noticed in the study book for the meetings, they admitted they no longer know what all the signs of the prophetic visions of Ezekiel even mean, which means God isn't giving them any insight. They have stated basically that all the understandings given to them by holy spirit (since that's what the FDS claims for all of its materials which cannot be questioned) was wrong.

Now I can give credit where it's due, at least they're not making new stuff up, but are admitting "we don't know", it's a step in a positive direction, and I agree that we shouldn't add antitypical meanings to scriptures where the Bible doesn't give indication, but at the same time it's telling. Why? It's telling that they no longer seem to be able to "see" or come to any conclusions at all about what the Bible is actually teaching. Rather than getting more and more insight, things seem to be getting more and more simplistic and dumbed down, to the point where they are saying "we don't even understand what we ourselves wrote years ago".

You'd think with ever increasing light, infomation wouldn't be dropped, but rather "expounded" upon, or increased, not lost...

I think the words in par 5
" When Paul discussed the tabernacle and the spiritual temple, he mentioned details of the tabernacle, such as the golden censer, the cover of the ark, and the golden jar that contained the manna. Did he then assign some prophetic meaning to those details? Evidently, the holy spirit did not move him to do so.Instead, Paul wrote: “Now is not the time to speak of these things in detail.” (Heb. 9:4, 5) Paul was willing to yield to the leading of the holy spirit and to wait humbly on Jehovah.​—Heb. 9:8.
Now it might be just me.. but, are they essentially inserting an idea into the scriptures (which isn't actually stated) that Paul didn't go into detail on what he said because he was clueless and the holy spirit didn't tell him everything he needed whilst he was writing about these things? As to excuse themselves for seemingly being "absent of the spirit" at this time even though they are the "FDS"? Paul said "it wasn't time" to speak of those things, but he didn't say it was because he didn't know... I mean maybe he didn't, but it seems to be a leap in logic for the GB to say "see, we're just like the apostles!" And then try to say these prophecies (which they say they don't understand) obviously is referring to the "establishment of pure worship" in 1914-1925.

Rolf made an interesting commentary on this new trend on his website, that these days they seem to only be able to make commentary on what things "remind them of", but not on what the actual account itself is saying.

I think it would be better to just say "we're not being guided by holy spirit and your guess is as good as ours". But I've noticed some insersions here and there which keeps hammering down on "wait on Jehovah" (aka "us"), which I assume is to address people who have issues with the GB's doctrines and want them to be changed, without considering that perhaps the people complaining to them are the ones guided by holy spirit and the scriptures...

Re: Governing Body Admitting they are "losing insight"?

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 10:01 pm
by investigate
Agreed. Simply acknowledging or addressing other viewpoints, would go a long way to credibility and avoiding extra-curricular investigation.

The Great Crowd being a separate class was based on an anti-type, which aren't used anymore. Actually studying the real anti-types or going in depth in scripture is what builds faith, at least for me, even if what's under investigation is not strictly along the lines of "How can we be more united/loving Christians?". Otherwise it's little more than spiritual milk. Seems like every chapter in the new worship book manages to tie something into 1919 or the GB, without actually going in depth.

Pursuit of the truth and true humility cause unity and fellowship, instead of forced unity. Even if there is "agreement to disagree".

Re: Governing Body Admitting they are "losing insight"?

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 3:07 pm
by Proselytiser of Jah
investigate wrote:
1 month ago

Pursuit of the truth and true humility cause unity and fellowship, instead of forced unity. Even if there is "agreement to disagree".
Exactly, unity is a "fruitage", right? If you have to "force unity" then those people are "not of our sort" as John would put it. Christian maturity involves accepting differences in view points. But it's been translated by the GB to mean "uniformity", and this extends to imposing upon people's personal life choices such as fashion (even if it's not immodest or actually against Bible prinicples, eg. hair colours, beards), etc.

The irony is, the WT put out articles which said "unity is not uniformity" and that "personal opinions and interpretations are not paramout", but they don't apply that reasoning to themselves but instead threaten to shun and declare a person who doesn't agree with their personal opinions as fit for Gehenna.