WT org lauds Australia

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Re: WT org lauds Australia

#11 Post by Kosonen » 2 weeks ago

AmosAU wrote: 2 weeks ago
I'd like to add that it is possible for different areas in the countries where true believers are, will be gathered together in groups.

Due to globalism today, and the system we find ourselves in, it would be difficult to remove ourselves to a safe place that was secret.
Thanks Amos for your reply,
Yes, I agree with you on this. And I believe God will help to survive in different countries until the end. I don't believe God will allow governments everywhere to go and hunt down everyone who refuses to take a coming mark of the beast.

I think that all this Covid vaccination thing is to prepare the people of whole world to receive a coming mark of the beast.
Now the governments of the world have seen how much resistance they would get against that. Sadly the majority everywhere are willing to do whatever the government mandates. And that emboldens the governments to go forward.

Bill Gates and other figures high up in the world hierarchy have told that this Covid pandemic is not the end. They have instead warned about a coming Cyber pandemic.
And what could the response be to that?
I would not be surprised if they then mandated everyone to receive a mark of the beast, and that would somehow heal and save the world from a Cyber pandemic.

Then really people would not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast, literally as fortold in the Bible. Revelation 13.

That will be very difficult.

But I hope at least one country in the world would not at once implement such laws, so that those who wish could have somewhere to flee and settle down in. And stockpile medicine, food and necessary items.
Especially I hope that on the basis of Ezekiel 38.
Let's hope for the best.

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Re: WT org lauds Australia

#12 Post by Bobcat » 2 weeks ago

a Cyber pandemic

This reminded me of a small budget film called, Goodbye World.

I see they have it on YouTube.


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