Apologies for Outage - Responses

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Re: Apologies for Outage - Responses

#11 Post by Get out of her » 1 month ago

Weird! It just now came out several digits shorter than the one I just copied and pasted in my last post.

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Re: Apologies for Outage - Responses

#12 Post by Marina » 1 month ago

No route found for "GET /posting.php" (from "posting.php?f=2&mode=reply&t=5724&sid=5 ... 0eec633422")

Ha ha ha - I cannot post this message - had to amend it!!!!!!

Having to post in bits!

In PHP when you post or hit the 'submit' button the sending page triggers another page (or even itself) to receive the posted info. That posted info is run by the receiving page. If the receiving page is looking for info in the URL it will contain a GET request. A get request looks like this.

AHHHH - I tried posting GET code here and then got the error message - so dollar, equals sign, double question marks, semi colon. That's tripping security - guessing no url encoding on this page? That right Bobcat/Apollos?

That error message is saying there is no route found for GET/posting.php. So has something happened to the path of the receiving page? Ie everything before the question mark posting.php?f=2&mode=reply&t=5724&sid=5 ... 0eec633422 - not after it which are the GET values.

I looked up the error message and found that it could be to do with security issues - mods trying to block spam with particular links or other terms/phrases but the security is not letting harmless things go through.

Solution - until Bobcat and Apollos have figured out what exactly is wrong. Try posting just a bit of your post and see if it is received in 'preview'. Keep adding bits until you get the GET /posting.php message. Then you know what characters are tripping the security.

And that is what I had to do with the post - had to post in bits to see which part of message triggered the error.

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Re: Apologies for Outage - Responses

#13 Post by FriendlyDoggo » 1 month ago

I'm the only which is having problems now? I can't access the forum on Wifi, and when I do a long post I have the GET message.
My english isn't very good, sorry any inconvenience.

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Re: Apologies for Outage - Responses

#14 Post by Get out of her » 1 month ago

Hello again FD. I just noticed that nobody seems to have gotten back to you on your question last week.

I think basically everyone is still having great difficulty with the website at the moment and just yesterday Bobcat was kind enough to update us with the information that Apollos and perhaps others are still hard at work endeavoring to overcome the problems with it. For some reason specific platforms here appear to be plagued with issues much more than others at least for now. Very much looking forward to the problems being resolved just as I'm sure you are as well.

Agape love;

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