Anointed Ones and True Teachings

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Re: Anointed Ones and True Teachings

#11 Post by apollos0fAlexandria » 2 months ago

I'm still a bit confused by the question tbh.

Can genuine Christians believe wrong things? Clearly yes. We still see things through a hazy mirror, until that time when we will know fully per 1 Cor 13:12 (even though some would argue otherwise)

Perhaps a better question is what do the actions of those claiming to be Christian lead to? What are the fruits?

If I hold a wrong thought, that's on me. But if I insist that you also hold that wrong thought, or I'll shun you or punish you in some other way, then the difference is pretty clear.

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Re: Anointed Ones and True Teachings

#12 Post by ctron » 2 months ago

Thanks to all for replying.

I should have asked a different question. According to this scripture, when would someone really be cursed? I've seen this scripture being mentioned many times but it's not that clear to me when someone would be cursed. I used anointed ones as an example because they can't have been cursed at the time Jehovah has chosen them even though they also teach wrong things as I mentioned in one of my previous posts.

I should have used a better subject. Maybe someone can change it?


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Re: Anointed Ones and True Teachings

#13 Post by ilBereano » 2 months ago

ctron wrote: 2 months ago I take Galatians 1:6-9 very serious. I've been thinking about the many anointed ones in the organization. It looks like Jehovah chooses many who believe and teach things which go beyond what the Bible says. What should I think of it? Am I missing something?

It happens that that verses are true for the "called ones and anointed",
as also these ones from the Old T. are referring also to the "spiritual" Israel
see my older post

and a longer list here ... 3540587058

It seems that it takes time until the anointed will reach the final requirement written in Ephesians 4:13,15

Get out of her
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Re: Anointed Ones and True Teachings

#14 Post by Get out of her » 2 months ago

ctron wrote:
I take Galatians 1:6-9 very serious. I've been thinking about the many anointed ones in the organization. It looks like Jehovah chooses many who believe and teach things which go beyond what the Bible says. What should I think of it? Am I missing something?

For example going along with the 1914 and 1919 teachings, the "this fold" teaching etc. and distributing material like everyone else does in the organization. And then become anointed.
Once again we want to develop the habit of paying much closer attention to the setting or prophetic time frame we are considering in any given scriptural account if we would hope to even BEGIN grasping what is being conveyed to us by it.

The letter to the Galatians was evidently written somewhere between the year 50-52 CE or otherwise in a setting in which Jehovah's nation or kingdom (and true worship by extension) actually existed on the earth with yet another renewed and inaugurated kingdom covenant. (Col 1:13) (Lu 22:28, 29) (He 9:16-18) What the Apostle Paul was conveying to the Thessalonians congregation around that very same time there in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 was that it would be rather ridiculous for any of them to be yearning for another "coming of the Christ" or "day of Jehovah" due to the fact that they were already EXPERIENCING one of the foretold manifestations of the kingdom at that very moment and that to yearn for yet ANOTHER of them would amount to yearning for the "apostasy" that always creates the NEED for another of the foretold "births" of the figurative "barren woman." (Jer 15:9) (1 Sa 2:5) This unfortunately was the very same "apostasy" that was "already at work among them" even by that time and the same one that the Apostle John made perfectly clear had once again completely manifested itself by around the year 98 or so CE. (1 Joh 2:18) It was precisely BECAUSE this "apostasy" was "already at work among" Jehovah's nation as EARLY as 50 or so CE that ones among the Galatian congregation were experiencing a strong reprimand from Paul regarding their "turning to a different gospel."

Now in OUR time period or setting in which we are clearly not witnessing or experiencing anything even REMOTELY resembling the first century Christian congregation with all its Apostles and whatnot, it would of course be entirely FITTING for us to yearn and even "PRAY" for the return of true worship, and ALL THE MORE SO since in this case it is foretold to manifest itself in the form of the Millennial Reign. (Mt 6:9, 10) It is by no means a MATTER of the anointed ones among the Watchtower organization or ANY organized religion turning "AWAY" from or "DISTORTING the gospel of the Christ." In a setting in which we are even PRAYING for the return of God's kingdom, the only issue or question is WHO among the anointed will begin turning to the TRUE gospel of the Christ, or otherwise prove themselves as "discreet" rather than "foolish." (Mt 25:1, 2, 5, 10)

The fact is that the "few" among the anointed "virgins" and "widows" of a BROKEN holy marriage covenant who will finally manage to STOP "distorting the gospel of the Christ" in these settings will do so in the same manner that has been demonstrated for us time and again in these settings of national "apostasy" throughout the ENTIRE HISTORY of Jehovah's nation, regardless of whether we are considering SPIRITUAL Israel or the fleshly manifestation that prophetically pictured and illustrated it. (Mt 22:14) (He 8:5) Just as was demonstrated for us also with a "few" of the disciples of John the Baptist and Jesus in the early part of the first century, these were ones among the anointed who at some point finally managed to completely REMOVE themselves from what in these periods is NOTHING BUT false teachings and worship, and begin focusing STRICTLY on things like prayer, the Holy Scriptures THEMSELVES, and what Jehovah's TRUE prophets had to say about them. (Mt 16:6)

We would all do very well to understand that when we are considering prophetic commands such as found in Matthew 24: 15, 16, 2 Corinthians 6:17 or Revelation 18:2, we are essentially considering the very same command found there in Matthew 16:6. This is a divine command that is ALWAYS issued to the anointed ones in ANY setting in which we ABSOLUTELY SHOULD be eagerly anticipating another genuine expression of theocratic power and authority on the earth. Moreover Jehovah's nation or kingdom is ALWAYS what RESTORES true worship to the earth, just as it did also in the early part of the first century with the renewing and inaugurating of yet another kingdom covenant with a "few" of the anointed who chose a course of humble "repentance" over all the spiritual sickness and death that always comes with the adulterous violation of the PREVIOUS one. (Mt 3:1, 2 20:28 22:14) (Eze 3:1) (Lu 22:28 29)

What we very much need to understand or appreciate about teachings in connection with the "appointed times of the nations" prophecy or the two "folds" of sheep that ones like Jesus spoke of in accounts like John 10:16 is that we should ONLY be concerning ourselves with what the SCRIPTURES have to say on them as well as the "two" prophets ("witnesses") or "APPOINTED slaves" among the anointed that Jehovah ALWAYS commissions to begin teaching and leading them in these time periods immediately prior to another foretold "coming of the kingdom." (Re 11:3, 7, 11, 12) (Mt 24:45) (Am 3:7) Otherwise what we are dealing with is simply two examples of how genuine SCRIPTURAL teachings have become completely corrupted and twisted by the figurative "leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees." (Mt 16:6)

Agape love;

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