Hello all!

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Hello all!

#1 Post by investigate » 1 month ago

Hello all,

Just wanted to say hello officially (thank you Bobcat and Sol already). Finding this forum was absolutely refreshing. I was "born in", but I guess always had some internal doubts (Jesus' "other sheep", why is the slave pronounced "happy" when the master comes and finding him doing so, if he was already the "channel", etc.) and just kind of glossed over them, or just kept them to myself. Love(d) the preaching work but always preferred to use only the Bible instead of the magazines. I (before knowing any better) never really talked about "the faithful slave" or "the governing body", maybe because subconsciously I thought it was off :D I always was a big believer in proving one's faith, and always tried to make sure my FSG knew why we believed 1914, or Daniel's prophecies, because if we don't have a strong foundation for our faith there really is nothing to differentiate us between any other religion. As a JW you know the big ones people have problems with like blood, John 1:1, and I was always able to prove those to myself as well, even going to "extra" sources like Jason BeDuhn's summaries.

My first real thought that something might be off was when the new translation was received - I was extremely excited to get my hands on it, but after a few years it was more a disappointment than anything. Read a bit online to get some other opinions and pretty much confirmed what I suspected about it. Similar feelings with Ezekiel's book - I was waiting for years on an Ezekiel commentary, and there's hardly anything of substance. Didn't really do anything further, though. As I got more and more "privileges" (elder, some others I won't mention...), it troubled me to see that the higher "up" you got, the more of a jerk you became, for lack of a better adjective. Fast forward to a year or two ago when Rolf Furuli's book came out and it was an eye opener. I knew he was basically the one who held up 607 in its entirety, and reading that he was not attacking the JW religion itself, I gave myself a pass to read it. Very enlightening. As more and more things happened within the org I started feeling more uncomfortable, especially when I was the one that needed to promote these. "Where did Jesus tell us to build Kingdom Halls?" was a big one I had been wrestling with for years. I also struggled with the idea that we (I) who have absolutely no desire of living in heaven forever, but still love Jehovah, could not be ones "led by spirit". At the same time I was convinced there was no where else to go, because of the clear promises of the Earth made into a paradise, and, although I know some here will disagree, the main focus of JW was the preaching work, and I feel/felt that that was exactly what Jesus told us to do in his parting words.

I could say I was having a serious crisis of faith, I could not accept that the prophecies of Jesus about the last days, social conditions, and a future paradise Earth were all false, but something was definitely off. I landed, as I suppose most people do, onto a certain reddit forum, which didn't do much to help this crisis of faith. I am not really sure how I ended up here but when I read these comments, and especially Tadua's articles on the hope, it was mind-blowing, to make an understatement. Absolutely refreshing waters. I couldn't get enough of all this information. Even though I don't agree with everything said here, it was (is) amazing to see the respect (mostly) shown for differing viewpoints. I delayed in responding because I wanted to see if I could prove a lot of this to myself, and so undertook several weeks of going through the scriptures from a top-down approach, seeing if any of this made sense, reading huge passages in single sittings, praying about it, and drawing conclusions.

I shared some, if not a lot, of these points with my wife, who definitely is not questioning things at the moment but is not a hard core follower of men either, and so didn't call up the COBE right away :lol: . Definitely appreciated my viewpoints but also I am thankful encourages me to stay humble and patient, which is very true.

It got me thinking, say you were a Jew in the early 1st century. The Jewish society was obviously apostate, even though they did many things right. Jehovah certainly does not bless rebellion, and I would never want to cause a division on my own. At the same time the Jews as individuals had to recognize what was right, and wrong, and then take action when Jehovah clearly showed the way. I hope to do the same (if it's not right now), and help my family to do the same, even if it is during the campaign of the two witnesses, or if things continue downhill. I am currently serving in several capacities, though as I mentioned above not sure how much longer I can continue to promote things like the Governing Body being God's channel (which wasn't in the Teach book but is now in the new book). As far as it depends on me I hope to continue to build others' faith, because if things keep going the way they are, more and more will need strong faith to avoid rejecting truth completely. I also realized during this process support is needed - although one could internalize all of this, as many faithful servants of God have done in the years past, it is so much easier and encouraging to be able to discuss things openly. Again, THANK YOU ALL, and I hope to contribute in some meaningful way.

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Re: Hello all!

#2 Post by Bobcat » 1 month ago

Hi investigate,

I appreciate the background and wish you the best going forward.

I used to be an elder & PO (I'm giving my age away :whistle: ). Still in but am basically nothing as far as the KH is concerned. In a way I am glad for that. I can pursue my spirituality apart from the GB's agenda.

The new Ezekiel book: Yuk! They sure seem to be going down hill lately.


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Re: Hello all!

#3 Post by simplyme » 1 month ago

Hello back at you Investigate :)

Welcome. Born in also but happily pomo !!!

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Re: Hello all!

#4 Post by FriendlyDoggo » 1 month ago

Hello! You passed through a lot don't? I'm new here too but I wish you welcome! :)
My english isn't very good, sorry any inconvenience.

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Re: Hello all!

#5 Post by Get out of her » 1 month ago

It's often not easy to genuinely open up to others and "bear our souls" so to speak. I for one really appreciated the way you shared exactly where you are coming from here brother investigate. You are currently at the crossroads I found myself at around 10 years ago, one that can be very scary for someone who genuinely believed they were already in the right place spiritually or religiously perhaps even for their entire lives initially. More than anything else I would strongly encourage you to focus primarily on prayer first and then of course strictly the holy writings themselves. We never want to put our trust in our own miserable selves alone. (Pr 3:5) I'll insist I was soon greatly rewarded for doing exactly that with a level of scriptural understanding I never even imagined I would possess.

What you are experiencing at the moment is the spiritual awakening that is spoken of in the symbolic spiritual language found in accounts like Matthew 24:15, 16. This is in connection with an outpouring of Jehovah's holy spirit that ALWAYS occurs in the foretold time frames AFTER the tragic events spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 and Daniel 11:30-32 and PRIOR to another manifestation or "coming" of God's nation. We very much need to understand this is actually another way of saying –a return of TRUE Christianity. (Ac 2:17, 18)

This awakening you are experiencing is a very strong indication that you have become anointed. I realize that you never had any interest whatsoever in a heavenly hope, but neither did I. In my case I gradually began to realize that this desire was being increasingly cultivated in me over the last decade or so. I'll insist however that this does not necessarily mean we are compelled to accept this heavenly invitation. Happy to go over some scriptures with you at some point on this if you like.

Welcome again brother investigate.

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Re: Hello all!

#6 Post by apollos0fAlexandria » 1 month ago

Hi investigate

Welcome. Thanks for sharing all of that.

One thing that you mentioned was that "Jehovah does not bless rebellion". It is a mantra that's been handed down to us and reinforces certain behavior.

I believe that the statement is conditionally true. Why would Jehovah bless rebellion? After all, a rebellion against Him is the thing that apparently got all of us into a hot mess. But the mantra as used is missing that important clause - "against Him".

However, if we miss that clause of "against Him", then anything can pass for authority from a human standpoint.

To take it to the extreme, if a Satanist rebels against Satan would Jehovah bless it? He blesses things that are in line with His purpose does he not?

I know that's not what we're dealing with here, but by "reductio ad absurdum" we can obviously see that it's not a blanket law in the way that some of us accepted it.


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Re: Hello all!

#7 Post by investigate » 1 month ago

Very good points. I do believe we're on the same page. We have no issue telling others to leave their religion, because it's false/etc, and don't view it at all as rebellion. The same would apply for the Jews who got baptized after Peter's talk.(amazing how one could get baptized after a talk but it takes us 6 mo-1 year now, but this is a different topic) Especially when salvation is at stake, one cannot ignore what the scriptures say. It definitely takes a lot of courage to stand up for what one knows is right.

I realize I probably went too much into detail with everything, but thanks again for letting me vent!

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Re: Hello all!

#8 Post by Orchid61 » 1 month ago

Hello to you too 🙂

I hope you will learn, teach and....... enjoy your time at :dtt-sign:

Maria 🌷

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Re: Hello all!

#9 Post by Phoebe » 1 month ago

Welcome 💐

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