Free? Really?

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Re: Free? Really?

#11 Post by FriendlyDoggo » 1 month ago

Amazing Sol! Thanks to Jehovah for give you so much understanding! :clap: :clap: :clap:
My english isn't very good, sorry any inconvenience.

Get out of her
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Re: Free? Really?

#12 Post by Get out of her » 1 month ago

Really appreciated your encouraging words FD. Especially in view of how unpleasant and difficult it often is for me to convey scriptural messages like this to my dear brothers and sisters. I'm sure I would feel even much worse however if I failed to do so. (Jer 20:9) (Eze 3:17-21)

I'm certain you would agree that rather than being hurt or even taking offense, we should be focused on things like the fact that our God and creator is one who is always eager to forgive and restore all those who are humbly and repentantly willing to accept his correction and make the necessary adjustments. We want to focus on things like learning exactly what it means to obey commands such as found at Matthew 24:15, 16. It is precisely because he loves us that our creator is always so determined to tell us what we need to know or otherwise "give us our food at the proper time," regardless of how alarming or even upsetting it might be to hear at times. (Mt 24:45)

Agape love;

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