Jesuits behind the world scene

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Jesuits behind the world scene

#1 Post by Marina » 1 month ago

The Jesuits were the great Hegelians.
I have only heard the word 'parousia' used by Watchtower and Hegel.

This is a brilliant video.
Must Watch video to understand the rulers behind the scenes. This is the documentary of the history of the setting up of the American Colonies, and the influences of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit order in the Establishment of the Sovereign Constitutional Republican Nation States of America. Much of this information will be new to many people who received a classic Government provided education. The truth has been modified by the Society of Jesus and the people indoctrinated via their state controlled and mandated education system. Please Share. ... 677effda5c

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Re: Jesuits behind the world scene

#2 Post by lynchpin » 1 month ago

Marina, thank you for this video. I've bookmarked it on my pc. :)

The dark side of the Vatican/Pope control is hideous and has been so for centuries.

I think of Babylon the Great, the harlot embracing the world, her lover.

The current 'affair' for the Catholic church is the Great Reset to further enable her grip on the world. ... ower-grab/


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