I have dilemma.

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Re: I have dilemma.

#11 Post by Marina » 6 months ago

That's a nice illustration Maria

Jehovah runs the defrag, re-indexes us all so we run fast on the right values. :)

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Re: I have dilemma.

#12 Post by Orchid61 » 6 months ago

Yes, we can refine ourselves, and ask ourselves, would Jesus do this(The issues we are coping with) or not. How would he react?

A difficult but rewording process.

Love to all, Maria

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Re: I have dilemma.

#13 Post by Phoebe » 6 months ago

Thats what happened with the vases the expert of the Repair Shop is doing.
From all the pieces she gets, making a gorgeous vase again.

Thats what Jesus is doing with us brokenhearted humans, making us whole again,so we can be vessels for honorable use.

❤️ That’s lovely Maria.

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Re: I have dilemma.

#14 Post by Phoebe » 6 months ago

There’s is a book/novel by Susan Howatch called Absolute Truths.

In it, a sculptor explains her work....

“Every step I take—every bit of clay I ever touch—they’re all there in the final work. If they hadn’t happened, then this”—she gestured to the sculpture—“wouldn’t exist. In fact they had to happen for the work to emerge as it is. So in the end every major disaster, every tiny error, every wrong turning, every fragment of discarded clay, all the blood, sweat and tears—everything has meaning. I reuse, reshape, recast all that goes wrong so that in the end nothing is wasted and nothing is without significance and nothing ceases to be precious to me.”

I first read that Some years ago when I was a still in The Watchtower Org.....it’s something we can relate to regarding our very lives and broken creation....in the hands of our Lord.🙂

And David, back to the issues in Social Dilemma, so glad someone else has watched it!
I’m going to watch it again, so much to take in.

“There are only two industries that call their customers 'users':
illegal drugs and software”
Edward Tufte


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Re: I have dilemma.

#15 Post by menrov » 6 months ago

at my age (...no, not telling yet ... just guess :D ) I have realized that it is not good to remain exposed to things / people that make you feel insecure, afraid, useless, not worthy or unhappy. As we cannot control many of the events that happen in our live, it helps to just accept that and avoid (over) analysing the event. A focus on what you can control and while doing that, find joy, satisfaction, self-respect etc is very rewarding.
As in this case, if I use social media, I have to accept that not everything that comes with it, is nice or something you would support or agree with. But I cannot change that. But, I can take some measures to minimize my exposure and by doing that, enjoy using social media.

I cannot influence COVID-19 but can take my measures to minimize risk to be exposed to the virus. And while doing that, finding peace with the situation. If too much news about this will make me feel bad, I minimize exposure to that news, just enough to be informed.

If reading analyses of WT study articles or other communications from the WT make me feel upset (etc..... :x ) I minimize exposure to that material and comments. Until I feel comfortable enough again to increase exposure.

My point is, there are many things one can do to minimize exposure to things or people that have a negative impact on you. I hope this helps.

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Re: I have dilemma.

#16 Post by Marina » 6 months ago

Phoebe - that quote about users.

In my local library, the religion section was/is next to the computer section. Philosophy, computing and religion are all related. Jesus/Hegel/SQL with HTML for Dummies.

But if you are a drug dealer and you want people to have your stuff, they've got to need it. They don't need your opiate if they get comfort from Christianity. So you have to bump out the opposition. If you remove the comfort that comes from Christianity you potentially have more customers/users. More market share.

Karl Marx said - religion is the opiate of the people. But he was only identifying the opposition.

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