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Re: Have You heard what the "Great Reset" stands for?

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2020 7:52 pm
by Kosonen
Stranger, thanks for bringing up those quotes. I am still confident in those expectation. But first some other prophecies in the Bible have to happen. One is that USA has to completely leave Syria. (Daniel11:29.30)
Then a 3 and half year period has to be and after that New York will fall being Babylon the Great.

Thanks also for mentioning the Yellow Vest protest movement. First I expected that the sword stroke in Revelaton 13 is about USA. But then these prolonged widespread protests erupted in France. So I thought the prophecy about the sword stroke was not about USA, but about France. But now because of the situation in USA, I have resumed my initial expectation that the sword stroke is in fact about USA. I expect things to get more serious in USA. There are many who foresee that in connection to the elections.