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Bible Study Resources

#1 Post by apollos0fAlexandria » 6 years ago

On another thread Bobcat pointed me to this excellent study resource: ... 8/pd/82909

It got me thinking about comparing notes on Bible study tools that people have found useful. They can be online or hard copy. Perhaps make some comments for each as to why it is particularly useful.

Let's keep this thread about "study/reference tools", and I'll start another one later for any other books that you've found helpful for Christian living.

Here is a quick shortlist that comes to mind for me:


I expect everybody knows this one anyway. This one enables a rapid display of many Bible translations for a single verse. Google usually gives you this resource at or near the top of its results if you just search a verse.

Provides selected commentaries when searching also.


I use this for the fast concordance in order to reference and cross-reference Strong's.

3) William Barclay's "New Testament Words". (

Great in-depth study on selected NT words. It really helped me to see the true meaning of "parousia".

4) E.W. Bullinger's "The Companion Bible" ( ... 0825422035)

An amazing piece of work. Bullinger would have been a contemoparary of C.T. Russell. Some of his ideas are just as wild, but he sure gets you thinking. He was not a man who was afraid to think outside of the traditional views of his day. Incredibly detailed footnotes on the entire KJV, plus many interesting Appendices.

I'm not sure if this online "condensed" version contains everything in the full hard copy. The name would imply that it doesn't. But at least you can access it online.

5) ESword Software (

Application software providing extensive lookup of translations, definitions, commentaries and more.


That's a start anyway.

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Re: Bible Study Resources - Chronological Related

#2 Post by Bobcat » 6 years ago

Good thread Apollos!

Here are some resources devoted to chronology (read 607/587):

The Gentile Times Reconsidered (4th edition), Carl Olaf Jonsson, see here. As many may know, Jonsson states he is a DFed JW and that the WT sacked him for refusing to recant on the information he presents in his book. He compiled a huge amount of historical and archaeological evidence supporting the fact that Jerusalem was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BCE as opposed to 607. It is hard to see how anyone could raise an argument against the massive amount of evidence that he put together on the subject.

The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings, Edwin R. Thiele, 253 pages, see here. This was a 30 year effort by Thiele to categorize the dates of the Hebrew Kings (both 2 tribe and 10 tribe). It can be a tough read since the subject may not appeal to some. What made it most interesting to me was the fact that he approaches the subject from a different perspective than Jonsson. Thiele attempts to pin down dates for each Hebrew King, tying his chronology to known ancient events. Using this method he arrives at 586/7 for the date of Jerusalem's destruction. His main concern, in contrast to Jonsson, is not the dating of the destruction of Jerusalem, yet he arrives at the same date. Thiele's book and Jonsson's, together, sealed my faith in the 587 dating of Jerusalem's fall.


Jeffro's 607 Website. Issues involving the 607 dating scheme. See here. See comprehensive PDF Hebrew timeline here.

Google listing here.


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Re: Bible Study Resources - Greek/Hebrew Related

#3 Post by Bobcat » 6 years ago

My preferences for Greek/Hebrew language tools are (besides the McReynolds Interlinear mentioned earlier):

The AMG line of dictionaries. See here. Except I would replace the Word-Study NT (here) with the McReynolds Interlinear. This group of references have the advantage of being fairly inexpensive (that's relative, of course). They can also be bought individually. And they are all keyed to Strong's so as to make them fairly easy to use.

If you want a top-of-the-line Lexicon, BDAG is the only way to go (here). But it will make your wallet sigh. Also, you will have to learn to read a little Greek as it is not keyed to Strong's. Well, mine is. I took about two weeks worth of lunch breaks after I got mine and, using the Greek concordance in the back of my McReynolds Interlinear, I keyed my BDAG to Strong's. I got mine when the price was about $125. That was breathtaking. The price now . . .

If you make the plunge for this, don't accidentally get BAGD. BAGD is the 1979 edition of Bauer's Lexicon. BDAG is the 2001 revision which is worlds better in quality and definitions presented.

A cheap alternative is Strong's Expanded Dictionary of Bible Words (here). Keyed to Strong's and has much better definitions that the original Strong's dictionary. It incorporates some of the Vine's dictionary.

Vine's dictionary used to be a go to reference for me. But I have found the ones above much better and consequently have used them in place of Vine's.

Academic commentaries also have a wealth of lexical information in them. The NICNT, NICOT, BECNT, NAC, and NIGTC series are tops for me. Yet within each series there are some better than others.

The New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament (here) has also been useful to me.

The NIDOTTE and TDNT are expensive but sometimes useful for extended study of particular words. The McReynolds Interlinear Greek concordance has page number links to these references which makes the information in them more accessible. There are abridged versions of each. The down side of the abridged versions is that the page number links in McReynolds don't work.

TWOT is my expanded go to Hebrew reference. If you get one, get the one volume edition keyed to Strong's (the one in the link is). There is a two volume edition that isn't.

TDOT, HALOT are on my Hebrew wish list. But I have to eat first.

All of these (or at least most of these) can also be gotten in electronic versions that work with the Libronix program.

None of this should be understood as an urging to get any of these. Some people have to know how things works. Others are just fine knowing that they do work.


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Re: Bible Study Resources - Bible Apps

#4 Post by menrov » 6 years ago

I use on my laptop, besides biblehub this site: - rather user friendly site

On my tablet (ANDROID)
use the app from Bible Discovery ( The basic app is free but the better functions are to be purchased. Many translations available, most free / shareware but some need to be purchased. I did pay for functions and most translations I wanted. The app is very good and stable.

Also on table, Scripture DIrect. Purchase. A Greek Interlinear Bible App.

And also (, allows listening to bible and they use various voices (a female voice when a woman is talking in the bible etc) and background sounds. You can choose from various drama and non-drama versions and translations, also listen to radio stations etc. Quite a lot available.

That's about it.

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Re: Bible Study Resources - Bible Radio Station

#5 Post by menrov » 6 years ago

In addition to, just tested one of the radio stations:

Very enjoying to listen: various voices, environmental sounds iike the sea etc.

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Re: Bible Study Resources

#7 Post by apollos0fAlexandria » 6 years ago

GodsWordIsTruth wrote:
52 years ago
How about 8-)

I like this little jewel that MichaelM gave me yesterday

I love this thread btw!
Yes, WOL is a great resource too. They did a nice job with that.

Just be aware of the possible implications of linking to WOL from other sites on the web though. I outlined a note of caution here:

Caution on Sharing Documents, and Linking to WOL

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Re: Bible Study Resources - Bible Discovery Web Site

#8 Post by menrov » 6 years ago

If anuone is able to read Greek, here is something you migjt like.
There is also the LXX in Greek.

I use the Bible Discover app and win version and bought the extra functionality. Very handy.

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Re: Bible Study Resources

#9 Post by leaving_quietly » 6 years ago

Thought I'd add this to the mix:

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Re: Bible Study Resources

#10 Post by jo-el » 6 years ago

There have been others - but recently, I have been learning a lot from watching seminars of Chuck Missler on youtube

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