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Re: Interesting Stuff

#331 Post by Stranger » 3 weeks ago

Bobcat wrote:
3 weeks ago
I think you've coined a new acronym: "1CGB"

Hi Bobcat,

The First of many I've been praying.
Stranger wrote:
3 weeks ago
someone who can communicate to the team the depths of this middle ground that's so Highly protected and so very well established to protect their Field General.

A couple of music video's I wanted to play last night, but then I decided to sleep on it, And after sleeping on it I still want to play them.

Watch this one first:

Then this one :

Stranger, (Rev 5:1)

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Re: Interesting Stuff - Worst Year to be Alive

#332 Post by Bobcat » 2 weeks ago

A few links to what has been called, the worst year to be alive. The year is 536 CE.

Of course, such a judgment about which year was the worst is a bit subjective. On a personal level, each one may have their own worst year and each generation might have their own worst year that they have experienced.

Here is a web page on the year 536 CE..

And below are a couple of YouTube videos on the topic:

By way of comparison, here is a thread on scriptural indications of when Satan is cast out of heaven. See also this post and down in the post where it discusses Trumpet 2 for additional on this. (Or, if you use Chrome, this link may take you directly to that part of the post.)


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Re: Interesting Stuff

#333 Post by menrov » 6 days ago

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Re: Interesting Stuff - Religion Losing Influence

#334 Post by Bobcat » 2 days ago

An article related to Rev 16:12 (when one understands Babylon the Great to be connected with religion): Here. (If you use Chrome as a browser, you might find this link interesting. Otherwise see here, the paragraph starting with, "The pouring out of the sixth bowl ...")


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