Chiastic Structure in Obadiah

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Chiastic Structure in Obadiah

#1 Post by Bobcat » 11 months ago

Being such a short book, the book of Obadiah has been seen to be arranged into a single chiastic or symmetrical literary structure. The structure below was taken from here.

Messenger of Yahweh (Obad 1:1-21)

A. Up! let us go to war against him! (Obad 1:1)

. . . B. All on Mount Esau are destroyed (Obad 1:2-9)

. . . . . . C. Gaze not upon the day of your brother, the day of his disaster (Obad 1:10-16)

. . . B^ None shall survive of the house of Esau (Obad 1:17-18)

A^ And saviors shall ascend Mount Zion to rule the mount of Esau (Obad 1:19-21)

Legend: A: War against Edom B: Esau are destroyed C: Disaster of the brother

You can read an introduction to the book of Obadiah here. Just look in the right pane and click on Constable's Notes.

Here is an introductory video presentation about the book (about 5 minutes) from the people at the Bible Project:

Don't often get to see Obadiah cited in a post. It's such a short book. Here is a post that does.


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