Unfaithful Jerusalem:A Warning Example

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John S
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Unfaithful Jerusalem:A Warning Example

#1 Post by John S » 3 weeks ago

On this point of the travesty and tragedy that befell Jerusalem and the people living in all the territory of Israel I will say a few things, just as a start, because I have recently re read the sad tale of the whole nation of Israel, and am finishing with Ezekiel and Daniel, the conclusive and summary of events of that time of the first destruction of Jerusalem.

But remember, that wasn’t the end of Jerusalem, as it went through another cycle of evil and disobedience in the centuries afterward, and was destroyed yet again by the Romans in 70 ce.

Was Jerusalem prophetic of all the lands of Christianity, like Europe, America’s, and the Philippines?

Well, it’s certainly an example of what happened in Jerusalem, but maybe not a true one on one prophecy, but it doesn’t matter does it?

“All this has happened to them as a warning, and it was written down to be a lesson for us who are living at the end of the age.” 1 Cor. 10:11

Like in Ezekiel’s day, he was appointed a prophet to declare Jerusalem would be destroyed and emptied for 70 years as retribution for evil things the populace had been doing for centuries, regardless of all the prophets God sent in there to attempt to warn about death and destruction awaiting the nation because of sinning heinously. ( Ezekiel 5)

Jeremiah, prophesying FROM JERUSALEM right to the very end, underwent suffering, as he was appointed a special voice from Yahweh, as Ezekiel was also, to declare the horrible events, siege, death, plague, and famine, and the walls and temple to be destroyed. ....and there is also an example for us.

Christ Jesus .

What did he do and say while on earth?

The same thing. Jerusalem was to be destroyed again, and burned down for its bloodguilt, murder of righteous men, and look what happened. He was killed at the hands of the religious leaders, and many of his Christian followers were brutally persecuted and murdered.

And guess what?

The end of this world as we know it is coming and we can see the storm clouds and feel the wind building as we see the prophesies of Revelation, and the Gospels whereby Christ warns US of a world judgment of evildoers, but a deliverance of poverty, crime, disease, and true knowledge and worship will be restored with power of Christ the King at his return.....the grand finale’ of this world is near.

“ The wicked may sprout as thick as weeds and every evildoer flourish, but only to be everlastingly destroyed, whereas you(God) are supreme forever.” ps. 92:7

Unlike the present world view that none of us should speak any bad about anyone religious belief or moral or immoral code of living....the Word of God not only CONDEMNS immorality, falsehood, and evil practices, but states unequivocally, these practices are deserving of a violent death.

Look at Revelation 20.

Satan and his followers in the universe above are ‘thrown into a lake of fire’ to be destroyed. That will hurt!

Look at what happened to those in Jerusalem who were evildoers: starvation, sickness, and at the end, the sword. King Zedekiah the last Judaean king tried to escape but on the plains of Jericho he and his extended family were captured by the Babylonian soldiers, brought to Nebuchadnezzar’s battle camp, and the sons were killed in front of their father, before his eyes were cut out. So the last thing he saw was that horror, before he was drug off to Babylon to die there in chains.

‘Oh !, God would never do such a thing!’ Some have said.

Sorry, he did that and more. And says he will do it again: Christ pulled no punches in delivering the judgment on a world of evildoers who refuse the ‘Grand Witness’ of ‘my two witnesses’, at the end of this world system we live in. (Rev.11)

The blood will flow ‘as high as the bridles of horses’ (Rev.14:20) at the destruction of evil . (See also Rev.19:11-21)

So the real amazing fulfillment on this world WE MAY LIVE TO SEE, is ahead of us, and LIKE Jerusalem, it will be violent, humanity will suffer, before and up to the destruction, but like Jerusalem, there will be some survivors.

Those who obey the prophets of God and the final warning whenever it gets here, like those who listened to Jeremiah and fled, or went off after the destruction into sanctuary, will survive.

Especially Christians who are staunch ‘Witnesses for Jesus’ will be caught up in the clouds before the destruction comes, Christ promises. That miracle will forever go down in the history books certainly. Matt.24:41 Mark 13:24-27

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Re: Unfaithful Jerusalem:A Warning Example

#2 Post by Stranger » 3 weeks ago

John S wrote:
3 weeks ago
The same thing. Jerusalem was to be destroyed again.

"urbi et orbi"

Stranger, (Eph 1:21)

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