Maths Virus 1914

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Re: Maths Virus 1914

#61 Post by Marina » 1 month ago

Hi Johnamos2.0. If you go to my YouTube site and look up Maths Virus 3 you will see the video that fully addresses the 7 scriptures. No date needed.

If you want to work it all out yourself here's my website with the scriptures on.

It is abstract on the website - so I expect you'll find Math Virus 3 helpful.

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Re: Maths Virus 1914

#62 Post by johnamos2.0 » 1 month ago

Thank you. Amazingly done video. I wish I had the know how to do such.

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Re: Maths Virus 1914

#63 Post by Proselytiser of Jah » 2 weeks ago

Ok so, if anyone can help me out here. I'm trying to have a clarified picture on the whole 1914 ordeal, the relation to Miller, Russell and the pyramid of giza.

From what I understand, thanks to watching a recent video posted on this forum on the history of Adventists viewtopic.php?p=48939#p48939 that the date 1914 was calculated as a prophetic year through the Bible by changing Miller's start date to the "fall of Jerusalem", though I'm sure there was an error in calculation as nothing happened but WW1 (which some would attest is related to prophecy somehow), but it was certainly not Jesus' return. As shown by historical sources and Maria's videos, whether it is 607/606 or 587, it's still a false prophecy to claim that any of these calcuations lead to 1914.

What I'm trying to figure out is where the pyramid came into all this, and was it the chicken or the egg?

According to an exJW source on reddit:
1914 was always linked to 606 or 607. Jerusalem's destruction was the starting point of the 'seven times,' the 2,520 years.

The Great Pyramid was always understood to corroborate the so-called 'Bible's chronological scheme' - not be the source of it.

However, I am lead to believe that these measurements kept changing over time, either due to error, or as some believe, deception and attempting to "make the pyramid match the date 1914" as it was believed to be a "stone witness".

Now, my question is, does the pyramid actually have "anything" to do with Russel's calcuations? Did they (or anyhing else) originate from the pyramid, or was Russel being a con artist by trying to make it look like the pyramid corelated the Biblical 1914 date, due to the belief that it was a sign?

A couple of other posts state:
I cannot find a publication that derives 606/607 independently of 1914 and the 2520 years prophecy. There is nothing in Studies from the Scriptures or later. The reason is there is no Biblical chronology that can be used to indepentantly calculate 606 or 607. There should be. Where is it? The publishers of the Watchtower would love to write an article about it.

Russell was enamoured with pyramid chronology "The Bible in Stone" and simply reverse calculated 606 using the length of one of the pyramid's passages. The pyramid is THE source of 1914 and therefore 606/607. In Russell's time when cuniform had not yet been translated it was thought these dates were so remote no one would ever discover the actual date for the destruction of Jerusalem. 606 was unverifiable. They thought no one could prove them wrong.

Who said that the pyramid only "corroberated" 1914? I know. It was Jehovah's Witnesses trying to hide the truth.
You are right in saying that 607 and 606 BCE cannot independently be verified as the year of Jerusalem's destruction. This was the assertion of Barbour/Russell. Studies in the Scriptures and early WTs outline this. The Great Pyramid was thought to support that premise.

While the discoveries of first-hand, cuneiform records were new at the time, there had been a long tradition of relying on 'Ptolemy's Canon' and other classical sources. None of these suggested 606 BCE as Nebuchadnezzar's 18th year. If anything, 606 was his accession year (only out by a year). Barbour/Russell insisted otherwise due to their misunderstanding of Scripture.
As we can see, 607 was selected to be the "fall of Jerusalem", but the question we have to ask is "why". Which is the chicken and which is the egg?

If Russel said it was 1914 "before" he measured the pyramid, then we have to ask where he got that date from, which is of course "607 Jerusalem fall." However, we then have to ask, where did he get the idea that it was 607? Was this the date thought to be the fall of Jerusalem at the time secularly? Not according to those above posts. So... did Russel either:

1. Make up 607 as Jerusalem's fall to lead to 1914, and 'then' measured giza to try and confirm it as his "stone witness" (which is also questionable, since the measurements keep alternating in different sources).
2. Russel measured giza first, and 'then' believed that told him the fall of Jerusalem was in 607, in which he then attempted to calculate in the Bible to 1914
3. Russel measured giza first to attain "1914" (as opposed to 607), which then lead him to conclude Jerusalem fell in 607

Now, we know either way, 607 and 1914 are wrong, both biblically and historically, so I don't think anything in regard to 1914 can be seen as a special date in relation to "any" kind of prophecy, but what I'm after is... what lead to what in Russel's ideas of 607/1914.
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Re: Maths Virus 1914

#64 Post by Proselytiser of Jah » 2 weeks ago

(Continued, ran out of editing time)

The reason I find this important is because if it can be shown 1914/607 truly originated from a pyramid, and nothing else, then the WT prophecy is purely Babylonian, occultic of origin, which then the scriptures were warped by Russell to conform to. And that is very powerful ammunition to point at the WT with, tying her directly into the Paganised Harlot.

However some defend the WT, by saying the pyramid only "correlated" (but it still doesn't mean 1914 is biblically correct anyway, pyramid or no, so this form of apologetics is meaningless even if true).

If the 1914/607 date was attained "before" the pyramid was measured, and was based purely in scripture, then either 1. Russel misread/miscalcuated the Bible which created the math virus by mistake as a side effect (and possibly Russel just lied about the pyramid measurements to support his calculations) or 2. He knowingly lied and purposefuly twisted the scriptures and created this "math virus" Marina has exposed to support 607/1914 (and then also lied about the pyramid measurements to support the false prophecy created, because to this day it's unknown what the ""genuine" measurements are since different measurements were provided).

Which ever answer it is, I don't think we can say that the measurements of the pyramids was some "coincidence", clearly I think "some" sort of deception is involved, but the question is "where" does that deception lie? Babylon/occult, or just a man's lie/mistake?
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