Would you like the Holy Spirit riding on your Shoulder through Life?

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Would you like the Holy Spirit riding on your Shoulder through Life?

#1 Post by John S » 3 months ago

In the previous essay I wrote how important Jesus says receiving the Spirit adoption to become sons of the kingdom of God is. (John 3)

Here, though now I would like to put a challenge to you:

Are you really that happy being a Jehovah’s Witness? Or...rather do you feel a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction, and are not just a little unfulfilled as a Christian, even though you attend over a hundred meetings a year and like I was once, very zealous in the public ministry, even Pioneering for years?

I was a Witness 35 years. Until I was in my early 50s. I saw much joy , but a lot of Witnesses left not only the religion, but God also...’Jehovah’.Especially after 1975 prophecies by WT, which they of course vehemently deny, fell flat. No...the Kingdom did not come in the fall of 1975 as thought, and as we taught others too.....it was coming ‘around that time’.

Of course, as Witnesses, we were taught that prayer for God’s Spirit was very important, and many experiences in my personal life were fulfillment’s of my prayer requests . Yes, Jehovah heard my prayers all along a, and answered them too.so, I am not saying here, that JW’s do not have His Spirit .......
.....but what I am stating as a fact is this:

Watchtower writers, and leadership do NOT want you receiving the Holy Spirit adoption into heavenly citizenship and resurrection . This is the teaching of Christ, and it is Father Yahweh’s started purpose: He is bringing sons from earth to heaven to become the ruling and priestly leaders, and protectors of the human race. This is the purpose of being adopted to heavenly life, and later after training, we are to come back to take charge of great events prophesied for humanity. It is called the New Earth, the Regeneration, the Judgment Day, and many other decisive and important details are given concerning the role of those called to Heaven.

But, there is another reason we are instructed to open our heart and mind to God and allow Him to select us for the great future work. What?


We must survive the tests that are coming upon Christians as foretold by Christ. The end game of Satan is laid out in Rev. 12:7-17. A final attack on all those who witness for Jesus......(not Jehovah, sorry).....is foretold.

No. Jehovahs witnesses are taught they are super special as a religion because THEY ALONE.....worship God.

Wrong. Millions of people all around the world pray to God and Jesus for help and receive his Spirit too. Their prayers re answered just as us Witnesses had our prayers answered. Its past time to put Witness cliches and propaganda to bed for good.

Their way os to repeat a nonsense theme of doctrine oveR and over again until it is imbedded in our psyche brain. It is called brainwashing. And is as old as mankind and Satan , really who told Eve the first lie...” God knows you won’t die...” from eating the fruit of knowledge.

The Holy Spirit was Jesus’ primary teaching for the success of maintaining truth and integrity despite the world’s evil all around us. The Holy Spirit is portrayed as oil in the lamps of the ten virgins : 5 foolish, 5 discreet.

Jesus calls the Spirit the Helper, the teacher, the Reminder, the Comforter. He really goes into details about the Spirit, as also do the Apostle Paul, and Peter.

Reading Gospel of John did the most for me as I started my personal investigation into what I had been experiencing as a JW, compared to what JESUS said I should experience after receiving the Spirit.

After reading and directing John, I started in Matthew and read through to Revelation, and I got the full picture. I compare the NWT Bible to its own translators’ reference in the Kingdom Interlinear Bible put out by WTBTS in the 60’s , and my eyes were opened even wider because I saw JW ‘translators’ who really weren’t knowledgeable on the Greek language and totally UNqualified to translate the Bible in any way shape or form, but they altered Wescott and Hort’s Master Text of the Greek Scriptures into a translation intent on hiding this one thing more than any other. What?

Instead of the Holy Spirit coming inside of Christians, and Jesus and Yahweh coming personally through that Spirit into our bodies.......they translated in almost every case..’in you’ .......as, “in Union with you”.

Unity or in union with you , denotes more than anything a mental agreement, not a bodily experience of habitation of God into our very hearts and minds, as the Spirit enters us.

Why does WT do this?

Well, who do you think does NOT want us Christians to have the Spirit birth? Who hates Jesus, and had him murdered and tortured? And who according to Revelation 12, hates Christians today?

Well then....there’s your answer.

More later. I suggest reading John all of it first. You will see how much help you can receive even now on a daily basis if you accept the implanting of the Spirit.

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