Dress Code

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Dress Code

#1 Post by Amitaf » 4 years ago

Dress Code

Not tight tops or short skirts
No tight trousers or coloured shirts
No jackets and trousers, no boots
Only well tailored non linen suits.

No to a low neckline
That would be a crime
The brother giving the talk
Would surely take a walk.

No spiky short hair
Well that's a bit unfair
No to moustache and beard
Now that is really weird.

No to wearing a hat
Well that's a load of tat
Is this in the scriptures?
No, only watchtower pictures.

What about modest well arranged dress?
That means to not look a mess
And surely to be humble
So not to make anyone stumble.

Say "No" to human rules
They are just a load of fools
How should we really dress?
Let Scripture be the litmus test.

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Re: Dress Code

#2 Post by Kypeshyn » 4 years ago

I love this one :) Good work

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Re: Dress Code

#3 Post by Amitaf » 4 years ago

Thank you.
I am finding writing poetry very therapeutic. It's helping me to deal with all sorts of feelings since learning of all their lies and being treated badly by our so called shepherds.
More poems to follow.

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