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Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:58 pm
by TheWay
Some things can only really be captured in poetry.
Dedicated to all those out there who may, at some point, have experienced the same feelings.


by “Follower of The Way”

Adam was alone
his wife failed him
she became deceit
and so she cheated on him
Adam was alone again

I have become, humanly, an orphan
spiritually let down
by everyone
even by my own parents
the Parenthood they did not mirror
in parenthood failed

by the ‘elders’ — fine ‘shepherds’
who deny the noble Shepherd J.C.
obstinately heading in another direction
following the wolves

by the congregation
where is the wisdom of the crowd?
behaving like under fives has become the norm
I wish they were indeed babies

there are many talking snakes in this world, smooth,
even entering the Garden, the sanctuary
corruption to the bone
and there are many little Eves

I have become an orphan
to become a Child of God
an orphan
yet not entirely orphaned


Re: Orphan

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:31 pm
by Amitaf
I feel your pain
Very let down by so called friends and family .

Rest assured you are very precious in Jehovah's eyes - you are his precious child. Never forget that.

And of course on this site and Bereoan Pickets there are many dear sincere people who love our Heavenly Father and Jesus and are trying to live how a Christian should.

This is where your refuge is now - not a KH or with the G. Or Elders etc.

Re: Orphan

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:15 pm
by TheWay
Hi Amitaf

Thanks for your concern. Thankfully, I'm doing well spiritually, in fact better than ever before.

We have not just God's love in general, but His Father-Child love. When you experience His Father-Child love, this is what keeps you going and makes you rise above it all. This is what enables us to endure despite it all. Even if we have good reasons for sighing and groaning about the lamentable things going on in the world but also in the Organization.

I do feel spiritually very close to you all here, and find it encouraging to see a growing number of people who are conscious of their spiritual need of Sonship and become increasingly united with the New Adam, the Son, the Beloved One, and with each other. Love to all of you, beloved ones of Father God.