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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#71 Post by Phoebe » 1 year ago

Hey Marina,
Just caught this....
You’ve captured elements that get to the heart of the matter.

Your personal creativity is something else 💐

I hope folk watching your hard worked presentations get the anguish, the calling out for help, the suffocation of being caught in a man made ‘religion’.

Surely that isn’t love whose source is our Living God?

We love the dear fellow Christians, but we don’t need no educa-shun.....we don’t need no thought control.

We just want care, respect for each other.
We want a journey in the Lord.
We want to be alive in the Lord.

We don’t want to be suffocated and have our conscience hurt and bent by deceitful language, there is a difference between being shepherded and being lorded over by men.

Your video expressed that ☀️

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Re: Wombaticus Orgiaticus

#72 Post by Marina » 1 year ago

Hi Phoebe

Your kind words and encouragement are much appreciated.

People really are trapped aren't they. I just found this video. Its not very long. Its someone reading form Crisis of Conscience - Ray Franz wrote that it wasn't even the leaders who were causing the trap, but the concept itself. They just are not capable of undoing the tangled mess they are in.


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